What Motivated Alex Greenwich’s Dummy Spit to LNP?

Alex Greenwich MP, independent member for Sydney, had a dummy spit earlier this week when Premier Dominic Perottet said:

…he believed it was a matter of physiology that “girls should play sport against girls” and that people should be able to raise issues “without being cancelled”.

21 ApRil 2022 Source SMH

Greenwich, shocked and appalled at Perottet’s mild position, issued an ultimatum:

“I’ve maintained a very cooperative working relationship with the Perrottet minority government, but it would be impossible for that to continue if trans youth continue to be picked on by the Premier,” Greenwich said.

21 ApRil 2022 Source SMH

“Picked on” is fairly far from the truth of what has happened. The premier didn’t even mention trans youth – only girls and boys, which he failed to provide a definition for. It’s an extreme reaction to a very mild statement. Greenwich must feel threatened.

He even took his message to instagram

So what has Greenwich’s boxer shorts all in a bunch?

Greenwich senses that Perottet won’t honour the deal he had with Berejiklian

Independent MP for Sydney, Alex Greenwich has admitted that he had a deal with the Berejiklian government. Greenwich will support the Liberal Party for as long as the Liberal Party supports the LGBTQ community.

The impact of the “boys should play boys, girls should play girls” statement has affirmed my strong commitment to the LGBTQ community and the expectation I set with premiers Berejiklian and Perrottet that if the government comes for them my support and cooperative relationship with the government will end. I welcome the Premier’s agreement to meet with me, trans advocates, and sporting representatives, and hope we can repair the damage done.

Source SMH, Archive link

I think our voters would like to know more about “the expectation [Greenwich] set with premiers Berejiklian and Perrottet”.

What “support” has Greenwich given to those premiers? Moveover, which support has the government given Alex Greenwich?

What support has the NSW Liberal Government given to Alex Greenwich?

Alex Greenwich and Brad Hazzard have spent a fair bit of money together recently.

LGBTQ Strategy and Maple Leaf House

On 16 March 2022, Alex Greenwich was alongside Minister for Health Brad Hazzard to announce a new LGBTQ Health Strategy.

Brad Hazzard notes in the video that Alex Greenwich was “up in the Hunter a few months ago when we opened Maple Leaf House“. This is a gender clinic in Newcastle modelled off the RCH clinic in Melbourne. Their guidelines for treatment are actually the RCH guidelines hosted on their site.

Hazzard says transing kids “is not a health issue”.

The new LGBTQ strategy promises $12 million:

  • $4.2m to ACON to establish a new LGBTIQ+ health centre to deliver primary care and GP, mental health, sexual health and cancer screening services;
  • $3.4m annually for NSW Health’s Specialist Trans and Gender Diverse Health Service to support trans youth and adults;
  • $2.65m to support NSW Health workforce education and training, and to kickstart local initiatives delivered jointly with LGBTIQ+ organisations;
  • $1.78m to ACON and Twenty10 for mental health and suicide prevention initiatives.

That’s an ADDITIONAL $6 million to ACON on top of the $13 million in NSW Health funding + $4 million “other grants” they receive annually.

The LGBTQ strategy embeds concepts such as Intersectionality into government strategy.

Alex Greenwich has been furthering ACON’s aims for some time

Alex Greenwich is the LGBTQ candidate for Sydney. He is Clover Moore’s endorsed candidate in the seat and proudly declares himself “Team Clover”.

Alex actively campaigns for transgender rights. Note he says he is consulting only with transgender organisations, not with the wider community.

Source: instagram

In 2014, Alex Greenwich introduced introduced the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment (Change of Sex) Bill – legislation that gives a person the right to change the sex recorded on their birth certificate without changing their married status.

In 2019, while working to decriminalise abortion in NSW, Alex Greenwich produced abortion legislation where the word “woman” is completely missing. The 2019 act talks about “a person who is pregnant”.

21 November 2021 – Alex Greenwich has read out a statement in parliament praising ACON’s TransHub.

Alex Greenwich is ACON’s pick to lead the charge on conversion therapy in NSW

In Victoria and Queensland, we have seen these bills use the horror of gay conversion therapy to:

  • replace the definition of legal sex with “gender identity”
  • outlaw any form of talking or exploratory therapy for gender-confused individuals
  • mandate gender affirmation, usually meaning medical interventions

He says this is an “omnibus bill will include long overdue reforms to ban LGBT conversion practices, allow people to affirm their gender without surgery, end unnecessary surgery for people with intersex variations performed without consent, and remove exemptions allowing schools to discriminate against LGBTIQ+ staff and students.”

Source: announcement on Facebook
  • Ban LGBT conversion practices” – this will mandate medicalising confused children
  • “allow people to affirm their gender without surgery” – this will allow any male to simply register as female and gain access to any spaces reserved for women.
  • end unnecessary surgery for people with intersex variations” – awesome!
  • remove exemptions allowing schools to discriminate against LGBTIQ+ staff and students” – this will remove the right of schools to provide single-sex education.

Alex Greenwich needs government support to smooth the way for ACON’s Equality Bill.

Alex Greenwich needs government support to smooth the way for ACON’s Equality Bill. This bill is going to steamroll over women’s rights and child safeguarding in NSW. It is a bill that benefits only doctors, pharmaceutical companies and professional activists.

As an aside

While researching this article, I came across a 2GB post headlined “MP Alex Greenwich ‘blames’ 2GB for crackdown on climate activists disrupting traffic” from 3 weeks ago.

Independent MP Alex Greenwich opposes the law, saying, “Tonight is the Parliament at its worst. It’s when 2GB and the Daily Telegraph form our policy.”

MP Alex Greenwich ‘blames’ 2GB for crackdown on climate activists disrupting traffic

It seems like Greenwich has form for testerical announcements to the press as a method for getting his way.

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  1. Tr@ns health care is going to be a huge ‘scam’. First we tr@ns kids onto a lifetime of strong cross-sex hormones and surgeries, and then they need health services to deal with the side effects and complications, which will be labelled Tr@ns Health Care.

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