How ACON Captured the Australian Government

This is my talk from IWD Brisbane Meanjin earlier this year.

This is the introduction they have used, and I think it is apt.

Have you ever wondered why the ABC and SBS constantly promote gender identity ideology and never allow feminist spokespeople to present the alternative perspective?

Kit Kowalski has researched how ACON, using its Australian Workplace Equality Index, has captured Australian agencies. This is Kit’s presentation from the annual Brisbane feminist conference.

IWD Brisbane Meanjin

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ACON’s Relationship Manager Advises ABC on How to Define “Family” (and Promote Trans Narratives for Points)

The Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) is a voluntary leaderboard scheme run by ACON’s Pride in Diversity. It is open to all organisations in Australia. The template is 45 pages long. Organisations answer detailed questions and submit their answers for marking. They receive a ranking score out of 200.

The ABC’s 2021 AWEI score was 177 out of 200 and they were ranked as a gold tier employer.

Managing the Relationship

This this an accident? No, Pride in Diversity employ a number of relationship managers to assist organisations to complete the AWEI and participate in Pride in Diversity activities.

Chris Nelson is one such person.

Why is the ABC relying on a lobby group to define “family”?

Chris is available for advice and questions. Such as helping ABC grapple with interpretation of the word family. This email was sent by an ABC staffer to Chris. Note the definition of family explicitly disregards gender.

Source: FOI –

Chris responds helpfully with an attachment holding this definition which again explicitly disregards gender gender:

An immediate family member is a:
Spouse or former spouse (regardless of gender)
De facto partner or former de facto partner (regardless of gender)
Spouse or de facto partner’s child, parent, grandchild, grandparent or sibling
This definition includes step-relations and adoptive relations.
A household member is any person who lives with the employee.


Where did Chris obtain his definition and how is it more correct than any other? It doesn’t include in-laws, even if living in the same house. Or people one is close to on their life’s journey – “you’re like family” or “we’re sisters”.

Helpful hints

Some other examples of Chris Nelson, on behalf of Pride in Diversity, influencing the programming and content produced by the ABC.

“This is AWEI worthy”

Please note that through all the politess, he totally MISGENDERS Ed Ayres by calling her “her”.

“There are AWEI points in it too”

This gamifies the adding of suicide helplines to the bottom of every story. It is not difficult to imagine a future where every slightly upsetting story carries mental health warnings and impressionable young people begin to associate these dire warnings with feeling slightly challenged by media content.

“it would be good to use this as extra work in the AWEI. It is normalising trans experience”

Note importing the language: “affirmed his gender”.

What about the stories of women who regretted medical transition?

There is no praise for journalistic integrity, for tough investigation or unbiased reports. Chris praises the feel-good stories, and grooms ABC to further promote these. He actively instructs ABC to “normalise” taking drugs to alter your body and lying about your sex.

Proof it works?

Have you checked out ABCQueer lately? Full of feel-good stories about affirming gender, new buzzwords and new interpretations of old words such as “woman”.

Sources of information:

ABC submission to the 2021 AWEI scheme was obtained under FOI and are freely available for you to download.

Please get in touch confidentially via twitter or email if you’d like to discuss these or similar documents.