We must not reject…

Queer Theory is the academic tradition (both terms used loosely) that underpins identity politics and gender identity extremism. It is grounded in the pursuit of smashing social and personal boundaries. This is Gayle Rubin Author of Thinking Sex, the founding document of Queer Theory. In a very lofty academic sense, she has a point. Surely, […]

For 500 points … who is the Queer Theorist that has spoken out strongly against paedophilia?

Who is no one? Why is this important? The moral basis of Gender Ideology and transsexualism is ‘to relieve psychological suffering’. The intellectual basis of Gender Ideology lies in Queer Theory. A theory arising out of Post Modernism, that questions material reality. Queer Theory deconstructs reality, identifies binary power relationships and aims to “queer” or […]