How ACON Captured the Australian Government

This is my talk from IWD Brisbane Meanjin earlier this year.

This is the introduction they have used, and I think it is apt.

Have you ever wondered why the ABC and SBS constantly promote gender identity ideology and never allow feminist spokespeople to present the alternative perspective?

Kit Kowalski has researched how ACON, using its Australian Workplace Equality Index, has captured Australian agencies. This is Kit’s presentation from the annual Brisbane feminist conference.

IWD Brisbane Meanjin

If you’re in Australia, I strongly suggest you

Trans Research is Produced by Trans Activists

I recently released a post about the The 2018 Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey. The post ended with a question asking who may have been behind this work. It is time to answer this question.

The citation for this study includes 10 names. Some are academics. Some are transgender activists. The study’s website shows photographs of the researches. Can you tell which ones are the activists?

Trans Gender Diversity Sexual Health Researchers. Can you tell which ones are the researchers and which ones are the activists?

The Activists

Jeremy Wiggins: Creator of GRUNT, Executive Officer at Transcend.

The study started as the masters thesis of one Jeremy Wiggins. She is one of the creators of GRUNT. That’s the website enabling women to invade gay male spaces.

GRUNT primes women to invade gay male private space.
It is hosted by Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

Jeremy is highly placed at Transcend. This charity is run by Rebekah Robertson (mother) and Georgie Stone (trans-identified son). Together they successfully challenged the high court to remove legal protections for trans identified children. Now doctors can prescribe puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones without the protection of court orders.

Creators of GRUNT

Teddy Cook: ACON’s director of Trans Health Equity. Creator of GRUNT, creator of TransHub, VP of AUSPATH (Australian ProfessionaL ASSOC for Transgender Health).

TransHub is a one-stop-shop for transgender health and advocacy. It mixes medical information with legal and social advice. You can find a gender-friendly doctor, bolster your convictions that you have the right to play whatever sport you want to, get advice about blocking puberty (but not the side effects of Goserelin) and find advice about the best packers and tuckers a single disposable income can buy.

The TransHub page on gatekeeping by doctors warns that “Any discussion of ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’” or discussion of regret rates is gatekeeping. TransHub is anti-science, anti-doctor and downright dangerous.

Liz Duck-Chong is a trans woman & writer, Creator of TransHub

Works at ACON with Teddy Cook. Together they concocted the TransHub website. Among his writing credits, check out “Let’s Talk About Girl Dick” written for a 15+ audience. Or the invective piece ‘Rapid-onset gender dysphoria’ is a poisonous lie used to discredit trans people.

Liz hosts a podcast called “Let’s Do It” where he proclaims himself a writer and “sexual health nerd”. This seems to be the sum total of his quals in sexual health. (The linked episode features Teddy Cook and demonstrates of the difference between vocal patterns in women, trans men and trans women).

Although he lists about 10 trades, occupations and professions on his website, Liz doesn’t proclaim any qualifications in public health. By virtue of being transgender and highly opinionated, Liz has taken an opportunity to shape public health policy in Australia.

Shoshana Rosenberg: an academic steeped in Queer Theory, employed by ACON

Currently employed at ACON, Rosenberg’s bio begins: I am a queer, butch, Jewish academic researcher, multi-instrumentalist, and composer….research interests include gender and sexuality, Queer Theory, Jewish Studies, and musicology.

Despite being a non-binary Mx “a-gender trans woman”, Shoshana believes it’s perfectly fine to participate in a podcast named Let Women Talk. Perhaps he could eff off and let women actually talk.

Mish Pony is a trans woman sex worker and elected representative at the Scarlett Alliance & Founder of LGBTQ youth camp

He is also employed in a managerial role by Twenty10, a youth crisis service with clientele aged 12-25. In this interview from 2014, Mish talks about getting roped into sex work “as a guy” through university. Later graduating literally to sex work plus advocacy.

He talks about having issues with his body, feeling out of control. Although he doesn’t connect this lack of control to his activities in either sex work or medical transitioning. He began taking hormones (control), but didn’t like all the side effects (out of control). While he was overseas he simply ran out of estrogen (out of control) and stopped medicating (control). But now Mish is the quintessential trans woman: a man with a long hair, breasts and a fully-functional penis for hire.

Not to clutch at my pearls too much, but how on Earth is this an appropriate adult to be guiding vulnerable children?

Mish sits on the board of The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO).

Mish Pony: works with children and is a prominent sex worker

Bios on both Twenty10 and Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations state that Mish Pony is a founder of Camp Out. Camp Out is A away-from home camp for 13-17 year old LGBTIQ children where they are taught to reject compulsory heterosexualty.

DIY guide to peaking [reblog]

This is a reblog from Twitter. Follow @_crymiariver for more wisdom.

“My guide to peaking the wokest of the woke
I immigrated to Canada 10 yrs ago, and every friend I made upon arrival was woke. After voicing my support for JK last year, most of my friendships were hanging in the balance; therefore, it was a case of peak them or lose them all./1
So I met with each friend in person & talked it through. I always follow the same steps:
1. A detailed description of autogynephilia. This is hugely successful by itself. They must understand that approx 80% of TW are heterosexual men aroused by the idea of themselves as women/2
I have an AGP folder on my phone for this purpose. After I’ve described the the fetish in detail, I show them the evidence because I know they are still imagining an effeminate, post-op, passing transwoman. No progress can be made if they’re picturing Hayley Cropper./3
Then I ask them if they really believe a man who has spent decades masturbating while wearing women’s clothing is really a woman, the same as their own mother. And should he really be as entitled to access women’s spaces as their mother/grandmother? The answer is always no. /4
2. Next comes the concept of the male lesbian. All decent people are disgusted by this. Remember, they support trans rights because they think it’s the next gay rights. You have to show them how wrong they are. You must show them how deeply homophobic the trans movement is./5
Again, I have a male lesbian folder, and I show them the most ridiculous examples. Remind them these are heterosexual men with a fetish who believe themselves to be lesbians. I also point out that lesbians are being banned from lesbian dating apps for stating females only./6
3. Then I follow up with explaining rapid-onset gender dysphoria, the social contagion and the role the internet plays in it, and the recklessness of the medical community. I have visuals like these of the spike in numbers saved on my phone to whip out at this point./7
If they’re parents, I tell them to imagine their child suddenly announcing they’re trans. To imagine being forbidden to use their daughter’s name, to imagine watching as she sacrifices her fertility and body parts, knowing it’s wrong for her but being powerless to stop it./8
I’ve usually peaked them by now, but an explanation about the harm of self-ID is worth it. How male criminals are identifying as women and being moved to women’s prisons. How women and girls no longer have the privacy and safety of female-only changing rooms./9
Then shelters. I make sure to speak the language of the woke: point out their “privilege”. How they’ll never find themselves in a shelter, so it’s understandable that from their comfortable position they haven’t thought about vulnerable women forced to share spaces with men./10
With this approach, I have a 100% success rate. I’ve peaked people who had pronouns in the bio, who were always chanting transwomen are women, and who thought TERFs were evil. I firmly believe anyone can be peaked if you can just get them to listen./end”

Gender Identity is not Maori Culture

Next time you hear “but Maori have a 3rd gender” think about the assumptions being made about Maori culture as primitive, primal, less sophisticated. Think about how it is being used as a prop to justify a harmful ideology and an excuse to pretend man and woman don’t exist.

Then ask a Maori about it.

This channel is Mana Wahine Korero, meaning (literally from Google) Women’s Rights Speak.

This heartfelt video talks about Maori culture and gender identity.

Mana Wahine Korero

Why are some Maori claiming that our culture is the same as, or similar to gender identity ideology when there is no evidence to support such claims? Why are iwi seemingly going along with proposed legislation that will force children to undergo experimental medication and surgery, while adults will not be required to? I forgot to mention that MEN are not forced to be referred to as penis havers or scrotum wearers…wonder why that is ??

ALSO, weaponising Indigenous children against Indigenous people has *always* been a coloniser’s tool.

What on earth is going ON whanau and why are so many either complicit or silent on this issue?!……

Sign this Petition: Save Women’s Sports

Don’t let this be the future of women’s sports

Pictured here, Laurel Hubbard's touching gesture came after she failed to complete a successful lift.

Sign this petition


Petition Reason

Many Australians are alarmed at the sports policies implemented by Sport Australia, AHRC and Australian sporting organisations allowing men and boys to compete in the female sports category. We call on the Australian parliament to protect the female sports for biological females. Fair competition, player safety and welfare, and inclusion are the foundational principles of sports competition, but when men and boys are allowed to compete in the female category, women and girls lose out. Males have an observable performance advantage in strength, stamina, size and speed that puts females at a disadvantage and results in elevated risk of injury in contact, collision and combat sports. Bodies play sports, not identities, girls and women are being excluded when men and boys are included in their category. Save Women’s Sport Australasia.

Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to amend the Sex Discrimination Act 1984: • Definitions of man and woman reinserted; • Definitions for female, male, sex and gender inserted; • “Gender identity” and “intersex status” be removed from s 42; • “Competitive” and “where strength, stamina and physique are relevant” to be removed from s 42; • s 42 unequivocally express that the female sports category is for biological females only; • For a provision to unequivocally express that “sex” is the paramount protected characteristic in the SDA, and that it cannot be displaced by, or conflated with “gender identity”. Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion Policy published by AHRC and Sport Australia be withdrawn, and a proper, transparent consultation process be undertaken incorporating all stakeholders and considering all available evidence.

That link again…

Tweet #NoExtraBalls on 2 August 2021 to protest Laurel Hubbard’s Olympic lift

Laurel Hubbard is scheduled for 7:50pm Tokyo time (8:50pm Sydney, 9:50pm Wellington)

Check the time – 19:50pm in Tokyo –


Laurel Hubbard is the first openly (oh please!) transgender Olympic athlete. He is set to compete in women’s weightlifting on 2 August 2021.

News outlets focus on the stories and feelings of male athletes invading women’s sports and ignore the experiences of the females they are knocking off podiums. Active athletes won’t come out and criticise a competitor, and this makes it seem like they are fine with the situation.

Do this: Tweet on 2 August 2021

Why? Together we can demonstrate that this is an issue we have coordinated around. We are not just lone voices.

Don’t stay silent. Gaslighting can’t continue when we point out the Emperor has no clothes!


ABC articles

Too many to list. But they all focus on male feelings, male inclusion, gaslighting women and positioning the terven as the bad witches e.g.

What to tweet

  • See sample tweets added below
  • Fairness in competition
  • Women knocked off podium
  • women are not a hormone level
  • Doesn’t matter if Hubbard wins or loses – he shouldn’t be there
  • ABC / news should cover the debate
  • ABC / news silenced women
  • The world is up in arms about bikini uniforms… but not males in our sports
  • If Hubbard has a penis he’s a man! If Hubbard cut off his penis, he’s a man!
  • Don’t leave it to SkyNews to cover the debate


Use the hashtags #SaveWomensSports #NoExtraBalls #OlympicsErasingWomen #OlympicsRoadshowProtest #SaveWomensSports #LaurelHubbard

Don’t forget to CC @Olympics

Australians, direct tweets at …

  • @ABCaustralia (national news outlet)
  • @AustralianLabor (the major leftwing party)
  • @unionsaustralia (the peak union body)
  • @sportaustralia (peak sporting body)
  • @smh (major daily newspaper)
  • @7Olympics (olympics broadcaster)
  • @TraceyLeeHolmes

Don't forget to loop in #GC_AUS (gender critical australia)

New Zealanders, direct tweets toward…

  • @SportNZ (peak sporting body)
  • @1NewsNZ (national broadcaster news)
  • @TVNZ (national broadcaster)
  • @nzherald (major daily newspaper)

See also

  • Hubbard, who transitioned in 2011
  • Chelsea Wolfe (freestyle BMX for the USA) – not yet scheduled to compete
  • Stephanie Barrett (archery for Canada) – 1/32nd eliminations on 27 July 2021
  • Valentina Petrillo (Italian Paralympic sprinter)

UPDATE: ABC News Articles since 2018

Featuring ‘Laurel Hubbard’


  • 19 articles – 17 are completely pro-Hubbard, 1 mildly criticises men in women’s sports
  • 1 mentions a ‘UK pressure group’ that oppose men in women’s sports
  • 1 features 20 sec of a Samoan coach urging caution
  • 1 article reports 5 false ‘facts’ about men in women’s sport

Laurel Hubbard will make Olympic history on Monday before winning a medal despite the naysayers

Tongan weightlifter will be in Tokyo to compete against NZ’s Laurel Hubbard

Transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard’s Tokyo Olympics selection backed by Australian weightlifting rival

Transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard named in New Zealand’s women’s weightlifting team for Tokyo Olympics

Transgender athletes controversy swirls after Laurel Hubbard wins gold at Pacific Games

More weightlifting gold for Samoa after hot favourite Laurel Hubbard pulls out

Commonwealth Games: Samoa wins gold after transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard withdraws because of injury

Laurel Hubbard: five myths about transgender athletes debunked

Commonwealth Games: Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard withdraws after suffering injury

Laurel Hubbard withdraws

Commonwealth Games: Split in Pacific ranks over transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard

Samoa: Weightlifting coach unhappy about IOC decision makers

Transgender weightlifter withdraws from Games

The Signal Preview: Being trans at the Tokyo Olympics

Being trans at the Tokyo Olympics

Pressure group wants ban on transgender athletes in women’s sport

Mentions a UK pressure group but not the concern of Save Women’s Sports Australasia * 5 minute broadcast from 2019. Text from blurb: > The controversy that erupted over New Zealand’s transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, when she won gold at the Pacific Games in Samoa, is reverberating around the world. >A UK pressure group representing women in sport is calling on the International Olympic Committee to suspend its rules that allow male to female athletes to take part in women’s competitions. >And in the US, a transgender athlete and scientist who advises the IOC is calling for existing testosterone limits to be halved. But even that move is unlikely to diminish the sense of injustice that’s felt by many in the Pacific. >Duration: 5min 39sec >Broadcast: Mon 29 Jul 2019, 6:00am

Pacific Beat: Monday

Her participation caused controversy at the Pacific Games, and now the case of NZ transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is part of a wider global debate, with calls for the International Olympic Committee to shelve its rules until more research is carried out;

Openly trans athletes make their Olympic debut, but the rules could change very soon

Commonwealth Games: 10 lasting memories from Gold Coast 2018

Trans-gender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard also talked about feeling welcome amid cheers from the crowd during the women’s 90kg+ weightlifting final, while South Africa’s Caster Semenya received warm welcomes from the Carrara Stadium stands as she completed a historic 800m-1500m golden double.

Largest Tasmanian weightlifting contingent to compete in Commonwealth and Oceania championships

But gold was awarded to transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard. The New Zealander bettered her closest rival by 19 kilograms.