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  • We Need to Talk About ACON
    I was very pleased to give a talk to the Women’s Declaration International Sydney chapter on 24th September 2022.
  • Linocuts, Zine-making and Sex Work
    Queerspace Youth is an outreach service for “queer” youth aged 16-25. It project of The Drum Youth Services aka Drummond Street Services. Queerspace Youth Runs Wholesome Activities Linocut workshops, cupcake decorating, zine-making workshops and visits to the video arcade. Queerspace Youth Promotes Sex Work to 16-25 Year Olds On 17 August 2022, they advertised roles […]
  • AusPATH’s Advice on Treating Trans and Gender-Diverse Children
    I accessed an online training endorsed by AusPATH to see what information they are providing about the treatment of gender-confused children. AusPATH is the Australian Professional Association for Transgender Health. They describe themselves as “Australia’s peak body for professionals involved in the health, rights and well-being of all trans people – binary and non-binary”, and […]
  • Australia Votes
  • Did ACON Cook the Books On Sport Inclusion Guidelines?
    All organisations involved in drafting the Guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in sport are members of ACON’s Pride in Sport. The guidelines discourage clubs from exercising their right to provide single-sex sports for fairness, safety and enjoyment.
  • What Motivated Alex Greenwich’s Dummy Spit to LNP?
    Alex Greenwhich MP needs government support to smooth the way for ACON’s Equality Bill.
  • #RespectMySex Officially Launches is Australia
    I’m trying to get the hashtag #RespectMySexOzStyle trending. Help a sister out!
  • #RespectMySex
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it.. Print or draw up a poster with “Respect My Sex”. Take a photo of the poster in front of a local landmark. Post to Twitter with the tag #RespectMySex Then for good measure…. Print these on sticker paper, cut em out, and stick em up in appropriate […]
  • Australian Media’s Pro Bono Work for ACON Pride in Diversity Leaderboard Scheme – Part 2 – SBS
    See Australian Media’s Pro Bono Work for ACON Pride in Diversity Leaderboard Scheme – Part 1 – ABC ACON’s Pride in Diversity lists only a few “media” members. 10 ViacomCBS (Channel 10) Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Bloomberg L.P. Initiative Media SBS In part 1 I looked at our ABC. In this part 2 I will look […]
  • GRUNT was created by a group called PASH.TM – Additional Receipts
    The following text is is from PASH.TM’s Facebook Page. It clearly shows who was behind the website GRUNT, which has just been taken down. PASH.tm was established in 2014 after four queer trans guys got to talking at the AIDS2014 conference in Melbourne about the invisibility of guys like us (trans men into other men […]
  • GRUNT IS GONE! (NSFW) – Receipts
    GRUNT website dedicated to tricking gay men into sex with women has been REMOVED.
  • How ACON Captured the Australian Government
    This is my talk from IWD Brisbane Meanjin earlier this year. This is the introduction they have used, and I think it is apt. Have you ever wondered why the ABC and SBS constantly promote gender identity ideology and never allow feminist spokespeople to present the alternative perspective? Kit Kowalski has researched how ACON, using […]
  • Australian Media’s Pro Bono Work for ACON Pride in Diversity Leaderboard Scheme – Part 1 – ABC
    ACON’s Pride in Diversity lists only a few “media” members. 10 ViacomCBS (Channel 10) Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Bloomberg L.P. Initiative Media SBS In this part 1 I will talk about ABC. In part 2 I will look closely at how SBS uses talent to make pro bono or in kind contributions to the Pride […]
  • ACON’s Relationship Manager Advises ABC on How to Define “Family” (and Promote Trans Narratives for Points)
    The Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) is a voluntary leaderboard scheme run by ACON’s Pride in Diversity. It is open to all organisations in Australia. The template is 45 pages long. Organisations answer detailed questions and submit their answers for marking. They receive a ranking score out of 200. The ABC’s 2021 AWEI score was […]
  • Who is paid up to ACON’s Pride in Diversity Leaderboard Scheme? (Australian Public Sector)
    These government organisations pay to be members of ACON’s Pride in Diversity scheme. ACON receives $17 Million annually from NSW government and “other government” grants. It’s mission is supposed to be slowing the spread of HIV. Not handing out inclusivity ticks. Membership rates They publish a sample business case document to help activists make the […]
  • TERF Repellant: just another way to use sexism to sell goods
    If only there was a way to shut up nasty women for good. Maybe get them waving thir bums around and being a bit more decorative…. I pity any women who buy a TERF Repellant tshirt. They are unisex design, which means made for a default male body. If you’re going to support woman-haters, at […]
  • Today: Tasmanian Women’s Voice!
  • That moment when… ABC promoted furries on Instagram
  • Come and See Me!
    Come and see my at the IWD Tervyn Gathering in Queensland on 4-6th March 2022
  • The Problem Is…
    “The problem is that people like me are not in the frame” Says transgender religious minister Josephine Inkpin, while IN THE FRAME OF AN ABC FILM CREW. Oh the gaslighting!
  • An Experiment (Is Australian State-Funded Media Saturated by Trans Propaganda?)
    Go to ABC.NET.AU and find the search bar. Type in “transgender”. Here’s the link to results. Today is Thursday 17th February 2022. It is my lunch break. Since 1 week ago (10th February) these articles have been published about transgender issues. Not a single negative or even neutral article. Meet the schools who have already […]
  • Kit’s Twitter
    I was just getting used to Twitter, and starting to like it. Then I was suspended. I need to click a button to delete my offending tweet and by doing so, I agree that my tweet violated the “hateful conduct” rule. Here’s what I would have tweeted about today: An academic talks about gender, giving […]
  • TransHub on Medical Gatekeeping
    This list is designed to open the express route to a medical pathway. it benefits the over-eager patient, it benefits the pharmaceutical company and it benefits the surgeon.
  • LITERAL VIOLENCE: Suspended from Twitter
    I said Juno Dawson is a man. He is. I can get back onto twitter if I delete my tweet. But by doing so I am agreeing that to call a man a man is “hateful”. I submitted an appeal. I may yet capitulate and delete the tweet. But for today, I’m standing on my […]
  • “You have to remember TERFs are simply women who are saying things they don’t like”
    Another Aussie woman who won’t shut up 💚🤍💜
  •  Moira Deeming successfully trolls Senators Rice & Pratt – Trans Women Are Men 
  • Trans Research is Produced by Trans Activists
    Research into trans experience is being conducted by trans activists with sketchy quals and a clear agenda. How can this be trusted?
  • 2018 Kirby Institute study shows females very likely to experience sexual coercion
    2018 Kirby Institute study shows females very likely to experience sexual coercion
  • Camp Out – A Woke Safeguarding Nightmare
    Camp Out – A Woke Safeguarding Nightmare – Queer Activists teach 13yo children to reject compulsory heterosexuality by sharing showers in the bush. A camp for LGBTIQ children 13-17 in NSW run by youth crisis charity Twenty10. The website reveals this to be a woke safeguarding nightmare. This camp is for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, […]
  • Pride in Diversity and the Taxpayer’s Dollar
    $17 Million in Grants In 2021, ACON, the AIDS Council of NSW, received $16.9 MILLION in grant money. ACON’s principal objective is “Ending HIV transmission among gay men and other homosexually active men“. Clarification Added 26 April 2022 The $16,905,777 grant income is made up of: NSW Health: $12 639 286 Local Health: $584 291 […]

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