DIY guide to peaking [reblog]

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“My guide to peaking the wokest of the woke
I immigrated to Canada 10 yrs ago, and every friend I made upon arrival was woke. After voicing my support for JK last year, most of my friendships were hanging in the balance; therefore, it was a case of peak them or lose them all./1
So I met with each friend in person & talked it through. I always follow the same steps:
1. A detailed description of autogynephilia. This is hugely successful by itself. They must understand that approx 80% of TW are heterosexual men aroused by the idea of themselves as women/2
I have an AGP folder on my phone for this purpose. After I’ve described the the fetish in detail, I show them the evidence because I know they are still imagining an effeminate, post-op, passing transwoman. No progress can be made if they’re picturing Hayley Cropper./3
Then I ask them if they really believe a man who has spent decades masturbating while wearing women’s clothing is really a woman, the same as their own mother. And should he really be as entitled to access women’s spaces as their mother/grandmother? The answer is always no. /4
2. Next comes the concept of the male lesbian. All decent people are disgusted by this. Remember, they support trans rights because they think it’s the next gay rights. You have to show them how wrong they are. You must show them how deeply homophobic the trans movement is./5
Again, I have a male lesbian folder, and I show them the most ridiculous examples. Remind them these are heterosexual men with a fetish who believe themselves to be lesbians. I also point out that lesbians are being banned from lesbian dating apps for stating females only./6
3. Then I follow up with explaining rapid-onset gender dysphoria, the social contagion and the role the internet plays in it, and the recklessness of the medical community. I have visuals like these of the spike in numbers saved on my phone to whip out at this point./7
If they’re parents, I tell them to imagine their child suddenly announcing they’re trans. To imagine being forbidden to use their daughter’s name, to imagine watching as she sacrifices her fertility and body parts, knowing it’s wrong for her but being powerless to stop it./8
I’ve usually peaked them by now, but an explanation about the harm of self-ID is worth it. How male criminals are identifying as women and being moved to women’s prisons. How women and girls no longer have the privacy and safety of female-only changing rooms./9
Then shelters. I make sure to speak the language of the woke: point out their “privilege”. How they’ll never find themselves in a shelter, so it’s understandable that from their comfortable position they haven’t thought about vulnerable women forced to share spaces with men./10
With this approach, I have a 100% success rate. I’ve peaked people who had pronouns in the bio, who were always chanting transwomen are women, and who thought TERFs were evil. I firmly believe anyone can be peaked if you can just get them to listen./end”

Laurel Hubbard: Holding Open The Door

Laurel Hubbard is a male who will contest for gold in weightlifting in the female category.

Thank you Laurel, you will peak the world.

I did some analysis on Hubbard’s results versus the Olympic records and performance of current female world champs. Hubbard is nowhere close to them. It is doubtful that a medal will be seized. 

So what’s the problem? Just be nice. Let him have a go. Don’t feel so threatened.

In the male contest there is a 2kg difference between 1st and 3rd place. In the women’s contest it is much greater and there is a lot of room between competitors. So a male competitor who is 5kg from the 1st place lift will know he won’t even get on the team, but a female in the same position would be winning silver. .

What Hubbard does though is open the door for any male to access the female category. Once he gets in, the good athletes will follow in quick succession, and there will be no more female records. There is a 30kg disparity between the 4th place male and the 1st place female (in snatch). 

Hubbard invites the male 4th place getters in to women’s sport. It doesn’t matter why Hubbard claims this right. It matters that it has been claimed on behalf of all men.

We know that women are more than a hormone level. We know that the IOC rules allow males to complete within a natural male range of testosterone (and 2-4x female range) and we know that oestrogen does not make one weaker. It is the muscle, bone, lungs, blood (in other words it is the male body) which is stronger. 

We known that women play sports differently because of their bodies and this is why we want them to play. The difference brings new dimensions to our sports. 

Males now have the right, on their declaration and a small hormone depression, to access and obliterate women’s sport.

It seems hard for many news outlets to listen to the women who are saying this is not fair.

This bloke seems to get it. It’s funny but when you say it out loud, when a man says it out loud, it doesn’t nearly as crazy as it does in your own head. Laurel Hubbard is a man. Yes, be kind to him, but don’t let your kindness blind you to his male body.

Now is the time to be angry

When The Guardian tells you Hubbard is “backed by Australian rival and New Zealand PM” they are telling you that active competitors don’t slag each other off, and the PM doesn’t interfere in international sporting contests. They are also telling you that the only way they can justify Hubbard’s inclusion is if a couple of women say it’s OK. She likes it, what’s wrong with you? That’s gaslighting.

When The Conversation tells you “the way we talk about Olympian Laurel Hubbard has real consequences for all transgender people” and counsels you on “the importance of listening” they are telling you to be kind to people who have no intention of being kind in return. When they tell you the science in “selective” they mean they the science was what they would have selected. When they tell you that the only voices missing from the debate are trans voices, they mean in addition to Veronica Ivy, Laurel Hubbard, Hannah Mouncey, or any of the other scores of vocal trans athletes. They definitely don’t mean ACON’s sporting advocacy body Pride in Sport who’s mission is to promote trans inclusion in sport.

When they tell you that trans athletes are “protecting their own mental health and well-being,” causing “their stories, their humanity and their courage are largely lost from the media narrative”, they mean to paint a picture of someone who cannot be questioned.

They don’t spare a thought for the women who are not being heard, instead they call us bigots. They don’t care for our fragile humanity, instead they tell us to “listen deeply”. They do not care about the plain fact and indisputable science that male bodies are different to female bodies.

Don’t be nice.

Don’t listen deeply to cheats. Listen to your gut.

Whatever happens, never shut up.