You are not trans

You are probably trans

The ‘trans umbrella’ takes in anyone remoted outside of the cis-white-heteronormative milieu. Notice how there is the umbrella protects trans against the rain of cis-gender, feminism, women & masculine men? The figures at the bottom right of this image are having a conversation.

Yellow person (under an umbrella): “… but just because I’m a masculine woman, does that mean I’m transgender?”

Blue person: “No one can tell you how to identify – you get to decide for yourself!”

If you think you may be trans, then you probably are. amitrans.og says so.

But it’s just labels

It is just a label until you start counting. Suddenly everyone is trans. As the rate of transgender people skyrockets, so do the rates of transgender poverty, transgender murder, transgender achievements. So the focus shifts from finding actual pockets of poverty to solve, to promoting “transgender people” as a class. And who is at the top of that class?

While you were a non-conforming butch lesbian, your heros may once have been Melissa Etheridge, KD Lang and Susie Quattro. Now that you are under the trans umbrella, your representatives are much more likely to be straight men. Changing gender makes them non-conforming in the blink of a mascara-encrusted eye.

Did you give your vote to Charlotte Clymer or Sarah McBride? Please tell me you’ve seen Alex Drummond of Stonewall UK’s beautiful beard. He keeps it glossy because he says he represents ‘gender non-conforming’ women. I hope you cheered the success of Martine Rothblatt – the world’s most highly paid female CEO.

Now that you are trans, you are counted as a trans statistic. Your trials and achievements bolster the wealth and power of these pretenders. If you are in poverty, it bolsters the case for more funding to trans people (but not necessarily more funding for trans people who are in poverty). If you suffer violence, it will be attributed to your trans status, without looking further into the actual causes such as unsafe areas, known predators, risky behaviours and partner violence.

Stand up and be counted

Be counted as a lesbian.

Be counted as a woman.

Be counted as a woman who likes cars.

Be counted as a man who is feminine.

Be counted as part of your community.

Be counted for what you believe in.

Be counted as YOU.

Get out of that umbrella marked “trans” and you can dance under the rain

Trans is a big funnel to collect and assimilate everyone who feels different or uncomfortable in an alienated society. It is a processing engine that turns unique individuals into a trans identity. Instead of saying “hey I’m Kit, I’m a writer”, now I say “I’m Kit, I’m trans, my pronouns are he/him/his”. Individuality is stripped away, even as bodies are stripped of their unique organs.

We used to tell children not to be afraid to be themselves. Now we tell them not to be afraid to remove any trace of themselves.

Your unique qualities matter. What you do shapes the world around you. Your friends, family and every single child you come in contact with sees the way you navigate life’s challenges.

So be counted. Be proud.

They see the you are proud of your body and celebrate it without surgical amputation. They see that you love your face with it’s asymmetries and lines and thin lips. They see you delight in your passion and that you don’t let gender expectations get in your way. They see that you are a woman-loving-woman, and they know that love is love. Don’t be ashamed, don’t hide your light.

You are not trans.