Sissy Hypno Made Me Trans (Extreme NSFW and Trigger Warning)

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains porn, graphic descriptions of porn, words about and used in porn, ways of talking about porn you might not agree with but which are expedient to express the ideas I want to talk about

I decided to watch/listen to some Sissy Hypno Porn.

The courageous Genevieve Gluck has done recent research into Sissy Porn. Before her, Sheila Jeffreys uncovered the disturbing trend of sissification and bimbofication. See below for their videos if you want to skip over my experiences.

Possibly the worst thing is that we have the same haircut

Trans author/academic and all-round misogynist, Andrea Long Chu says Sissy Porn made him trans.

“The asshole”, he writes, “is a kind of universal vagina”. He also says that “the barest essence of female is an open mouth, an expectant asshole and blank, blank eyes”. That phrase has, I believe, made him the most-quoted man in history. Women everywhere repeat that phrase to demonstrate the contempt that autogynephiles have for women even when they pretend to be us.

What kind if asshole, I wondered, would say that kind of thing? Where on Earth would he get this idea? Like he said, he got the idea from Sissy Porn.

Lily Washarski says that porn awakened his desire to become trans. “I could take the leap where I felt that if I could be desirable, maybe I could be loved.” It is not a leap to think he could be talking about sissy porn.

What is Sissy Hypno Porn like?

It’s not like regular porn.

Sissy Hypno gives instructions to the consumer. It engages the consumer, lulls them into a hypnotic state, repeating mantras, implanting ideas and forging new neural pathways.

Whereas with ‘regular’ porn the consumer chooses from a menu – 2 asian girls – watches, masturbates, comes and turns off.

Sissy Hypno is a journey. I watched 3 examples of Sissy Hypno. They are all remarkably similar.

[brainwashing Loop] you want to be a Good Sissy Girl (pornhub)

There is little to no visual pornography in sissy hypno. Loading PornHub (for the greater good) I am confronted with GIFs of women sliding up and down monster cocks at record speed, breasts being fondled and glossy penises spurting semen.

Visual from [brainwashing Loop] you want to be a Good Sissy Girl

The sissy hypno is a reprieve from this visual assault. Just a spiral, swirling on a background of changing colour and light.

There is no fake ooh and ahh or staged penetration.

A breathy voice, alternating between the left and right speaker intones:

“You don’t want to think.
Thinking is for people.
You’re not a person right now”. Instantly, the consumer is called on to relax, turn off conscious thought and go with the flow. A yoga meditation would tell me I am a leaf in the stream. A prettier way to say – stop thinking, you’re not a person right now.

“Open your mouth. You want to be a good girl. A good little sissy right now”. Once the mouth is open, the consumer has consented to becoming a girl.

Over and over, swapping between messages, but always repeating the loop of misogynistic phrases. The loop lulls the consumer into a hypnotic state. It reinforces the messages – females do not think; if you abandon thought you can become female; by becoming female you can be the passive recipient of cocks; cocks will give you pleasure as long as you don’t think and keep your mouth open.

Easy Sissy JOI Game for F*gs (pornhub)

Visual from Easy Sissy JOI Game for F*gs

“Let’s play a game. It’s easy even for a sissy like you”.

The breathy voice counts down from 10 …… 5…4…3…2…1 and announces a number. “3 lick up the shaft like you are taking that cock out for dinner, you little sissy whore.”. The ‘cock’ is a dildo that the consumer has been instructed to provide. This is all being done by them, to them. Making themselves gag and tasting nonexistent pre-cum.

The consumer is constantly degraded. They are a whore, a sissy, a f*g.

They are trying to please Big Bubba, Goddess, Daddy or anyone with a big cock. They will be pimped out and made available for lots of men to “use” because they are now “a sissy whore”.

Sissy Hypno Day 1 – Renaming (YouTube)

Visual from Sissy Hypno Day 1 – Renaming

This is part of a series by “your Goddess” on becoming a sissy. I thought “renaming” was choosing a new sissy name. It is not.

She takes the consumer though breathing exercises. Inhale 2, 3, 4, exhale 2, 3, 4. Interspersed with statements telling the viewer they need to “stop thinking, it’s all about pleasure now”. It plays into this male misunderstanding that women have no responsibility, that we dress in an alluring way to become the passive recipients of pleasure. Cocks are the magical and active creators of pleasure. Only by becoming a sissy, can a man truly relax and have pleasure given to him (by cocks).

The renaming ritual is frankly scary

“You don’t have a dick. Girls have a clit. You have a clit. You are a girl. Say ‘I have a clit’. Don’t mess this up, you silly sissy slut”. Constantly swapping from the male anatomy to the female by taking insane logical leaps.

“Touch your chest. Boys have a chest. Girls have breasts. You have breasts, you are a girl. Squeeze your nipple, girls like that. You like that.”

I am an imaginative person, and I enjoy imaginative journeys. Getting into character, I nod along with this absurd logic.

Imagine cupping the fatty cushion of male breast. I imagine feeling it fill my hand as I squeeze and note it’s fleeting similarity to a female breast. Transfer focus onto the nipple – the anatomy we have in common with men, and zooming out to the feeling of a breast. Hey presto, a female breast.

Not quite. But then I’m not a self-centred male, desensitised by pornography who is desperate to come.

The narrative easily slips from male reality to fantasy female. It links the breathing exercises with the mantras, encouraging the consumer to repeat them, even silently.

During the renaming ritual, the male body is progressively recreated as a fantasy female body. This culminates in the instruction that the consumer is a girl and “needs to take cock” because that is what girls do. Their asshole must be a vagina because that is where a girl “takes cock”.

My silly side wants to know whether these cocks are being taken shopping or perhaps to the beach.

The narrative splits the consumer into two. “You have a boy side and a girl side. With me you are a girl.” The consumer is instructed to wear “panties” outside, but to lock “herself” away until the next hypno session. An exciting secret is created. Sexual tension that has to be suspended and savoured until next time.

There is an extreme devaluation of women. Women are sluts, pleasure objects without thoughts. The consumer is instructed to abandon thought because thought gets in the way of pleasure.

The object of this fantasy is the consumer himself. He is turned into a sissy. By the power of his thought, he turns himself into a sissy.

Vaginas are holes to be fucked, and receptacles for the semen of anonymous cocks. Of course, there are no male identities in this fantasy either. Simply “cocks” to be “taken”. There are no identities to interrupt the flow of fantasy, or to break the focus away from the consumer. He is the subject and the object of the fantasy. He is the male and the female, the fucker and the fuckee.

My thoughts on Sissy Hypno

Ultimately I can see several appealing aspects to Sissy Hypno. It is degrading, misogynist pornography, so I am not interested. But I can see why someone might be.

Sissy Hypno is easy to consume all day long. You could easily have this on while on the train, or even at work. There’s no real visual element, and the content isn’t challenging. On an easy day at work, I will often listen to a podcast or my favourite music. I could easily see this being consumed all day by someone who is otherwise bored.

The hypnotic rhythm makes it easy to nod along to in the background. It could become addicting very easily.

It’s a bit relaxing. Like a meditation narrative, the first instruction is to abandon conscious thought.

It is ASMR. (Autonomous sensory meridian response). For some people this is highly arousing. The play with sound and direction makes it interesting and appealing to listen to. Sometimes the way words are pronounced or phrases delivered gives a musical or percussive quality to the words. This holds interest.

It’s on YouTube. You don’t even need to go to extreme sites like PornHub to get it. Feminists get their content taken down, but you can have a disembodied voice whisper that you “want to take cock after cock after cock”.

There’s no nudity. For a porn-saturated world, Sissy Hypno is a relief from the over-stimulating visual porn. It escapes from the weight of choosing from a menu of performers – female, male, blonde, asian, 2 girls, fat girls etc. The voice is whomever you want it to be. In fact, the voice does not matter. You are your own porn star.

It’s cheap. All it costs is a performer, a recording set up and a script. There is no set, no ‘stars’, no STI checks, no camera guy, no fluffer, no waiting for the male performers to get an erection. You can produce hours of hypno content for a fraction of the cost of filming live action porn. The performer doesn’t even have to be an ‘adult’ performer. They deliver a narrative.

It is delayed gratification. More and more men are experiencing sexual dysfunction as a result of porn, over stimulation and masturbation addiction. For a man who has masturbated himself out of normal sexual function, Sissy Hypno provides a calming path to satisfaction. The sessions are long. Some are in parts to consume over the period of days. It represents a process of becoming a sissy before satisfaction can take place. Sissification can arouse and tease and the controlling voice can give instructions that allow/disallow masturbation or orgasm. For someone who finds it hard to become aroused or to come, this slow burn would provide a path to orgasm.

Sissy Hypno centres men. Only men can consume Sissy Hypno. The voice needs to be pleasant, but does not actually matter because the object of the pornography is the man himself. He becomes the female and the male performer in his mind. He is the dominant and the submissive. As much as he wants to fuck, he is also the fuckee.

More palatable ways to learn about Sissy Hypno

If you have the time, these are excellent resources for you to look at. Especially Genevieve Gluck on Whose Body Is It.

The Truth About Sissy Hypno Porn

If you only watch one of these videos, make it this on. Just keep one eye Isabella’s face during the presentation.

A woman’s story of the havoc that Sissy Hypno wrecked on her marriage


Sheila Jeffreys, professor of political science, has studied transgender pornography and here she describes Sissy Hypno among other types of transgender pornography.

Love is love: Grooming with pups

Love is love

“Love is love” is a wildly successful slogan for LGBTIQ rights.

As I get older, I seem to tear up more easily when I see sweet images. Young couples in love with so much hope and promise. Their love isn’t queer love, or unnatural love or gay love. It is simply love.

Who cares what they do in bed, they love each other!

Puppy love

Looking at these pups would tell you that really love is love. Just two guys, dressed up for some silly fun.

I his article, Alex Cheves, aka @BeastlyPup, sets out 7 compelling reasons that being a pup is a great way to start in the kink scene.

It is important to remember that yes, it is a kink.

A sexuality is a deep sexual preference for people of one sex over another. It is fundamental to sexual and emotional fulfilment. Whether you think you are “born straight” or “develop into a straight person” (personally I think it is a combination), it isn’t something you wake up and decide to be one day. You can’t purchase the gear and “become straight”.

A fetish or a kink is deliberately chosen and developed over time by repeated exposure to the fetish object during sexual arousal. It is a conditioned response. Different kinks live in “scenes”. They provide entry pathways to people who are “new to kink”. They even advertise to attract new members toward the kink.

I visited Alex’s Tumblr account with the intention of taking a screenshot. It would have taken me an hour to cleanse. So here is a description of the first few items:

  • Q: Are you single? A: Yes
  • Closeup animated GIF of a man fellating another man
  • Artistic shot of a topless man
  • Paragraph “go out into the world and fuck it up…” etc
  • Fisting poem
  • “I want someone to play with my butt. Is that bad?”
  • Graphic animated GIF of a man being fisted by another man. They are both wearing leather harnesses.

The point here isn’t that “love is love”. Alex lives his private sexuality out in public, and shows no evidence of love. He demonstrates dominance and submission. The recruitment article linked above (‘7 reasons‘) is light hearted and welcoming, talking about the value of community, introducing the coded language of the culture. It stresses there is no pressure to have sex but describes the sex as the best you’ll ever have. He doesn’t say “I had wonderful sex with Steve”. He talks about his de-identified handler, about alphas and betas, fuckers and fuckees. The reality of the pup kink, and all kinks, are that they are inherently a dominant/submissive relationship.

There is a fucker and a fuckee.

Puppy grooming

Through the medium of pups and “approachable” kink, we are being groomed to accept more sinister relationships.

Pups are accepted and promoted in Pride marches. Their cute little paws-up stance makes them seem harmless and playful.

In 2016, the Pups were the subject of a sympathetic Channel 4 program in the UK. The guardian ran with the headline “The men who live as dogs: ‘We’re just the same as any person on the high street’“. Note: the men who live as dogs. Men.

And of course there’s a marketplace of props for that.

As recruiters for kink, for domination and submission, Pups are winners. They groom us to accept unequal relationships in our lives.

If it is normal to be masked, bound, gagged and fucked in the name of love, then it is normal to release all power in the name of love. Alex notes in his article that some subs even release control of their finances to a dom.

If it is normal to role play in the name of love, then it is normal to pretend to love. It is normal to fake it.

To role play a pup, you release your critical faculties and become the dog. Your concerns are not safety, they are nosing around crotches and trying not to piss one anyone’s leg.

When you uncritically accept that “love is love”, you justify any behaviour that is called love.

What else is love?

Domestic abuse is love

Love is a strong emotion. It leads us into situations where we can be hurt, and that can cause us to hurt others. Listen to tales of domestic abuse, the reasons for being drawn in, the reasons for staying in these situations. Listen to the words of the abusers.

He’s a lovely guy. He does it because he loves me. You loved that dog more than me (that’s why I had to kill it). I love you so much, I can’t let you go. I’ll kill myself if you leave me.

I stayed because I loved him. I stayed because of the children.

Did she accept that love was a hierarchy? A power relationship, where there is a dominant and a submissive? Did she accept that there is a fucker and a fuckee?

She she role-play her marriage? Was it enough to pretend to be happy, to see his domination as care, as manly, as sexy, as safety until it became unsafe.

Pups are not to blame for domestic abuse. They groom us to accept an abusive dynamic. Their fundamental message is to make us think twice before questioning when we see a power imbalance. We feel that it is a bit off, leather masks and harnesses, but we are told it is harmless and fun. We are told not to look at the piss-play, the “full time doms” who control their sub’s finances, and the “hurts so good” anal raping.

Maybe that’s just how their relationship works. Maybe they have a secret kink relationship. She might be happy begging for money to buy groceries. It’s not my business to ask. As long as they are in love.

Maybe they are having a rough patch. Maybe love will return.

The fundamental message of kink is to accept power imbalance, to not question when you see abuse occurring. To not kink-shame when you see someone being abused.

“Ms Baxter’s husband, ex-Warriors player Rowan Baxter, died on the footpath near the car with self-inflicted stab wounds after allegedly dousing his family in petrol.

As I get older, these sadder images tear me up too. I am not yet ready to accept that all forms of love are simply love.

Be fully who you are: The business of trans youth

Say ‘hello’ to the Gender Unicorn – a $5.2 Trillion startup who’s ready to disrupt the market

From United Nations online session called “Resisting Invisibility: Negotiating full participation in Australian Society” that was hosted by COAL. That’s the Coalition of Activist Lesbians.

Getting ready for the day

With Sock Drawer Heroes. (How much do trans men spend on their underwear?)
From your top to your toes, there’s a product to fix that.

Your breasts are ugly – $22 per roll

Tape them down with 4 inch Mixtape. It’s like duct tape or strapping tape, but comes in fleshtones. You tape it over your breasts. Yes it is painful to remove.

Your breasts are super-ugly – $84

Flatten them in style with the New York Toy Collective Short Binder in white. Because it is a tight-fitting polyester garment, you might develop a nice fungal infection. This might be why the SDH binding guide suggests giving yourself a break after 8 hours continuous binding. Or possibly it’s because of the possible “pain, discomfort, dizziness or shortness of breath” you might experience from a compressed chest.

You’re inadequate in the pants department – $108

Since you don’t have a penis, you need a specialist consumer item to get that authentic crotch bulge. Pack your pants with a little soft silicone penis and testicles.

The New York Toy Collective’s Sam model isn’t just for packing, it is an STP. That’s Stand to Pee. It has a big hole in the top and a small hole at the bottom for urine to flow through. Presumably you can wrap your vulva around it somehow. Get one in a fun colour!

You can’t get a hard on – $48

With the STP insert, you can definitely get a 5 inch semi-rigid crotch bulge.

Somewhere to park it – $76

SpareParts Pete Trunk Packing Underwear are the perfect place to park the 5 inch silicone penis. But only if you take out the stiffening rod.

Put the flaccid packer into these pants and feel the bugle. Keep the insert in your pocket in case you need to quickly pop off to the loos, strip off, insert the rod and pop back out again to demonstrate that you are aroused.

Keep it together – $46

Your packer might get lint on it, or jiggle about in your undies leading to an untidy look. Keep it clean and secure with a specialised magnetic pouch.

Keep it clean – $14

Good times packer cleaner. Special spray for a special daily cleaning chore.

It’s travelling south – $54

The New York Toy Collective STP/Packer Strap keeps your mock penis in place. It only requires you to wear a number of straps around your crotch and bum in order to harness it in an up or down position. Versatile. Instead of feeling free about your body, feel paranoid that someone will spot the straps cutting into your thighs.

Don’t get menstrual blood on that new packer! – $40

Menstrual Cups. No mention or concern about using a cup with the vaginal atrophy associated with testosterone therapy.

But there is some concern about gendered packaging on menstrual products.

Tell people that you are proud to have a fake penis – $38

Now that you’ve gone to a lot of effort to create an authentic prosthetic bulge and conceal your breasts, let the world know! Buy a t-shirt telling other girls that you got all this kit at Sock Drawer Heroes.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Books – around $30 each
  • Stickers, badges, cosmetic cases, keyrings – up to $36
  • Lube – around $20
  • Clitoral pump – $62
  • Other vibes and toys – $50 – $300

Don’t forget little sister!

And something for Dad

  • Tucking “lingerie” – $50
  • Lace bras – $62
  • Vaginal dilators – $119

Ready yet?

  • Tape $22
  • Binder $84
  • Packer $108
  • Stiffener for packer $48
  • Special undies $76
  • Packer pouch $46
  • Packer spray $14
  • Packer harness $54
  • Gender-neutral menstrual cup $40
  • Becoming a human billboard $38

Getting read for your day: $530

Crying in the toilets because your packer got snagged in your pubes. Priceless.

Make no mistake, you are a product, your body is a market place

When you buy these products, you are also creating a product. The trans man, a man constructed of tape and silicone and a hope that no one grabs for the packer. No breast can be perfectly flattened. No penis can be crafted from thin air. Every single product creates more products to fill the little gaps between desire and reality.

There are endless products for you to buy.

“Getting fucked makes you female because that’s what female is”

I don’t like to swear, but that’s a quote from Andrea Long Chu.

He is a man.

But wait, there’s more

I have no idea who created these, but they are doing the rounds and I love them. The immediacy of the misogyny the evident for all to see. These men hate themselves so much, they want to be women, because they truly believe that a woman is the worst thing to be.

You are not trans

You are probably trans

The ‘trans umbrella’ takes in anyone remoted outside of the cis-white-heteronormative milieu. Notice how there is the umbrella protects trans against the rain of cis-gender, feminism, women & masculine men? The figures at the bottom right of this image are having a conversation.

Yellow person (under an umbrella): “… but just because I’m a masculine woman, does that mean I’m transgender?”

Blue person: “No one can tell you how to identify – you get to decide for yourself!”

If you think you may be trans, then you probably are. amitrans.og says so.

But it’s just labels

It is just a label until you start counting. Suddenly everyone is trans. As the rate of transgender people skyrockets, so do the rates of transgender poverty, transgender murder, transgender achievements. So the focus shifts from finding actual pockets of poverty to solve, to promoting “transgender people” as a class. And who is at the top of that class?

While you were a non-conforming butch lesbian, your heros may once have been Melissa Etheridge, KD Lang and Susie Quattro. Now that you are under the trans umbrella, your representatives are much more likely to be straight men. Changing gender makes them non-conforming in the blink of a mascara-encrusted eye.

Did you give your vote to Charlotte Clymer or Sarah McBride? Please tell me you’ve seen Alex Drummond of Stonewall UK’s beautiful beard. He keeps it glossy because he says he represents ‘gender non-conforming’ women. I hope you cheered the success of Martine Rothblatt – the world’s most highly paid female CEO.

Now that you are trans, you are counted as a trans statistic. Your trials and achievements bolster the wealth and power of these pretenders. If you are in poverty, it bolsters the case for more funding to trans people (but not necessarily more funding for trans people who are in poverty). If you suffer violence, it will be attributed to your trans status, without looking further into the actual causes such as unsafe areas, known predators, risky behaviours and partner violence.

Stand up and be counted

Be counted as a lesbian.

Be counted as a woman.

Be counted as a woman who likes cars.

Be counted as a man who is feminine.

Be counted as part of your community.

Be counted for what you believe in.

Be counted as YOU.

Get out of that umbrella marked “trans” and you can dance under the rain

Trans is a big funnel to collect and assimilate everyone who feels different or uncomfortable in an alienated society. It is a processing engine that turns unique individuals into a trans identity. Instead of saying “hey I’m Kit, I’m a writer”, now I say “I’m Kit, I’m trans, my pronouns are he/him/his”. Individuality is stripped away, even as bodies are stripped of their unique organs.

We used to tell children not to be afraid to be themselves. Now we tell them not to be afraid to remove any trace of themselves.

Your unique qualities matter. What you do shapes the world around you. Your friends, family and every single child you come in contact with sees the way you navigate life’s challenges.

So be counted. Be proud.

They see the you are proud of your body and celebrate it without surgical amputation. They see that you love your face with it’s asymmetries and lines and thin lips. They see you delight in your passion and that you don’t let gender expectations get in your way. They see that you are a woman-loving-woman, and they know that love is love. Don’t be ashamed, don’t hide your light.

You are not trans.

Who is treating our children for dysphoria?

Dr Johanna Olson-Kennedy

chest surgery for trans guys as minors is critical and it’s available it’s not nearly as difficult as general reconstruction because it doesn’t have anything to do with sterilization the difficulty of genital surgery is that it is surgical sterilization and people get super worked up about that 

Dr Will Powers

 …just give hem Lupron all you do is you press pause on puberty and it just stops they stopped growing breasts their penis gets no bigger their testicles get no bigger they don’t any facial hair it’s just you keep them in kids stage pause and you give them time the total risk of doing this is if they’re on Lupron for many years their end bone mineral density will not be as high as it would have been had they gone through puberty earlier but that’s about it that’s pretty much the risk the other risk is they kill themselves which to me is like you know man you know when you’re 70 your bone mineral density versus you die at 11 

His personal subreddit has 7.4k members

And he takes unprescribed meds for a lark …Cis doctor gives himself dysphoria after taking lupron