GRUNT was created by a group called PASH.TM – Additional Receipts

The following text is is from PASH.TM’s Facebook Page. It clearly shows who was behind the website GRUNT, which has just been taken down. was established in 2014 after four queer trans guys got to talking at the AIDS2014 conference in Melbourne about the invisibility of guys like us (trans men into other men – trans MSM) in the Australian HIV response.

We immediately set about developing a plan and this involved:

1 – finding more trans guys to join us

2 – getting our name out there

3 – creating education campaigns

4 – writing policy position statements

5 – contributing to the evidence base

In the last five years we’ve managed to achieve all of this. It’s been incredible, rewarding and super challenging. We have all worked hard as volunteers with full time jobs and/or full time study obligations.

As we look to the horizon of 2019, some of us are now working in the very few trans-focused positions in Australia, others are working in important health roles and others are continuing their studies, expanding their art practice or getting back into it after surgery and life adventures. We are also all continuing to undertake capacity development and advocacy, often in an unpaid capacity, with a broader focus than the sexual health and HIV needs of trans MSM.

With that in mind, it’s time now for the Peer Advocacy Network for the Sexual Health of Trans Masculinities,, to close.

From a group of motley dudes desperately trying to be seen as the gay men we are, to being a national voice across the HIV sector. We produced, and are so proud of, GRUNT, Australia’s first sexual health campaign and resources for trans men who have sex with other men. We also produced a PrEP campaign, gathered a fierce and predominantly trans-led investigative team for Australia’s first national trans and gender diverse sexual health survey with the findings presented during the opening plenary of the biggest HIV/AIDS and sexual health conference in the country. We have presented at so many conferences and meetings over the last five years. We wrote position statements and made submissions about data collection and PrEP, we advocated successfully for the inclusion of TGD people in the national HIV strategy, and we contributed to global discussions about trans men who have sex with other men claiming our place.

There is still so much work to be done, and we will continue the fight for the health and rights of all trans people, including gender diverse and non-binary people, alongside our sisters, siblings and brothers.

Although our work on specifically is coming to an end, this page will stay open as an ongoing educative and networking resource for our communities.

Thank you so much for all of your support.

Thank you to our HIV positive family, to all the trans men and trans mascs from Australia and abroad who worked with us, participated and contributed to the work, to our trans sisters and trans femmes who guided us and told us to keep going, to Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) for supporting us, and auspicing GRUNT, to all the AIDS organisations and councils, and LGBTQ organisations (NAPWHA, ACON, Thorne Harbour Health, AIDS Action Council, Queensland AIDS Council, WA AIDS Council, Northern Territory AIDS & Hepatitis Council, SHINE SA, SAMESHNational LGBTI Health Alliance and many others) for listening to us and shifting your practice (keep going!), to the HIV and sexual health researchers who stayed curious and interested, who listened and fought hard to adopt our data collection recommendations and who advocated successfully for the research project, to our intersex allies (Intersex Human Rights Australia) who also guided us and built our understanding (we will always fight for you, as you will for us) and finally to all the HIV-vulnerable and affected populations of Australia who have met, seen and supported us. To our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family, our sex workers, drug users and to all the gay, bi and queer cis men who have understood why it is so important that gay, bi and queer trans men are meaningfully, adequately and accurately included.

Lou Sullivan (1951-91), pioneering gay and trans liberation activist who was the first recorded trans man to die of AIDS related illnesses once wrote, “they said I couldn’t live as a gay man, but it looks like I’m going to die like one”. We hope we’ve made a difference so that guys like us can live proudly and safely as gay men.

Love always,

Ted Cook – co-chair

Jeremy Wiggins – Jez Pez – co-chair

Aram Hosie – Hosie Bear

Laurie Hopkins

Max Mackenzie – MJ Beck

Ethan Kristy

Bullying of gay venues

Remember that time when PASH.TM banded together to bully a gay venue for trying to cater to gay men? A number of women were going to a gay spa called Wet on Wellington. WoW sent out a survey to consult with patrons. The trans lobby did NOT like it.

The text of their demand letter is below for posterity.

TW: transphobia & trans exclusionary behaviour

We heard about what has been happening with Wet on Wellington and it was alarming enough to bring us out of hibernation. We wanted to share this community statement that has been created by members of the trans masculine community in response to recent incidents at Wet on Wellington (a sex on premises venue in Melbourne).

Transphobia is never okay. We stand with those who have been hurt by the decisions of the management team at Wet on Wellington and we urge people to read and share this post. This is a time for our cis allies to step up.

This is a call to action to do two simple things:

1. Please share this post and tag Wet on Wellington to raise your concerns about their actions. We call on all people, trans and cis to speak up in support of this statement.

2. Please contact Wet on Wellington direct by writing to their management to express your concerns about the harm that is continuing to occur and request that they listen and take this statement on board. Email:

Image description: The two images are photos of the statement, black text on a white background. The statement reads as follows:

Community Statement: regarding Wet on Wellington’s recent trans-exclusionary actions

On the 6th of April, 2021 a number of members of the trans masculine community from various backgrounds came together to discuss the impact of Wet on Wellington’s discriminatory actions related to the rejection of entry of some trans masculine people, the recent creation of a transphobic survey and their subsequent decisions to manage the consequences of the survey.

Those in attendance noted that trans masculine people have a long history of attending Wet on Wellington and other similar venues around Melbourne, but that the recent actions of Wet on Wellington’s management have directly led to making a previously enjoyable experience feel unsafe and inaccessible.

As a result of discussions at that meeting, those in attendance agreed on the following statements:

1. The Wet on Wellington survey was transphobic and caused significant harm to our community. It was unethical and discriminatory and we do not accept that it was a reasonable mechanism to build an inclusive environment. We request that the survey results be destroyed and for Wet on Wellington to discontinue referring to or sharing the results.

2. We do not accept Wet on Wellington’s recent online apology, especially given the following:

a. that trans masculine people have recently been ejected from the venue and are still being refused entry on the basis of being trans;

b. trans masculine people continue to be told that it is a venue for cis men only; and

c. that the venue continues to refer to and share the survey results.

3. We do not support the establishment of Wet on Wellington’s ‘Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion Reference Group’ because it is unsafe for trans community, was not co-created with trans community, is not consultative, is not listening to trans advocates and is not being led by trans people. We will not participate in it and we call on cis allies and other organisations to stand with us on this.

4. We require a trans-led process, that first requires Wet on Wellington to respectfully listen to and meaningfully engage with trans people.

5. We expect Wet on Wellington to issue a proper apology that has meaning and is accompanied by concrete actions to improve, including the following:

a. Wet on Wellington management and staff to undergo training in both their legal obligations (from the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission) and best practice trans inclusion more broadly (from Transgender Victoria)

b. Wet on Wellington to produce and publish a formal policy on trans inclusion specifically, as well as consent and safety policies for all patrons

c. Wet on Wellington to engage in a restorative process with individuals who have been directly impacted and discriminated against, if those individuals wish to engage.

The group also expressed thanks to the cis individuals and organisations who have stood as allies with the trans community on this issue. We respectfully request that going forward all allies support and advocate for the actions detailed in this statement, and refrain from enabling or participating in any processes, groups or activities that are not aligned with the those detailed above.

We would also like to pay respect and express gratitude to Sally Goldner AM for kindly donating her time to facilitate our meeting, and to express our solidarity with trans women and trans feminine and non-binary people who often experience similar exclusion and discrimination, including the recent experiences of those seeking to access the McIver Women’s Baths in Coogee.

Signed –

• Aram Hosie (Member, Victorian LGBTIQ+ Taskforce; co-Founder; former Board Director Thorne Harbour Health)

• Chris Rohr

• Dee Chryssomallos (Founding Committee, FTM Shed; International Mr Transgender Leather, 2014; Awarded Special Service Award, Thorne Harbour Health, 2020)

• Felix Oni

• Florin Risley Douglas

• Gabe Curtis

• Jeremy Wiggins (Victorian LGBTI Person of the Year 2018, Churchill Fellow 2016, Co-Founder of

• Jo McMahon

• Dr Julian Grace (Member, Australian Professional Association for Trans Health Education Committee)

• Lex Townsend (Queer Officer, University of Melbourne 2013 – 2015)

• Mary Fox

• N.K Madden

• Nevo Zisin (Author, Finding Nevo (2017) & The Pronoun Lowdown (2021); transgender awareness trainer)

• Ted Cook (Vice President, Australian Professional Association for Trans Health; co-Founder

(A further 2 people who attended the meeting also support this statement but wish to remain anonymous.)

Wet on Wellington apologised profusely The are all about Queer women.

GRUNT IS GONE! (NSFW) – Receipts

What if you needed to clean up your image a bit, and quickly? Would you try to erase evidence of your counselling women to trick gay men into sex?

On 13 March this article was posted online about the NHS in the UK advising women to prostitute themselves to pay for gender transition, and to conceal their sex at gay orgies.

On 18th March, Alex Greenwhich MP announced he will be leading the charge on the NSW Equality Bill. It is our version of the “conversion practices” bill that will bring mandatory affirmation to our state. Similar legislation in other states has also delivered mandatory affirmation therapy for children, harsh penalties for even discussing the option of not acting on same-sex attraction, and a powerful commission to hunt down dissenters.

Greenwhich is advised by ACON’s Teddy Cook.

ACON’s Teddy Cook, creator of GRUNT


In the wake of a discussion online about women in men’s spaces, I decided to update my post(s) about GRUNT. That’s the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) website dedicated to helping WOMEN invade gay male spaces.

I noticed some images and links weren’t right. GRUNT is down.

Domain Name De-Registered

In December 2021 the domain name registration read:

Domain Name: GRUNT.ORG.AU
Registrant Contact Name: Ted Cook
Registrant ID: ABN 91 708 310 631
Eligibility Type: Non-profit Organisation


Now it reads



But it was there and it promoted RAPE BY DECEPTION

The Wayback Machine captured slices of GRUNT over time since 2016.


Here are a couple of captures for your reference. Including one or NSFW images.


Remember these names

GRUNT hasn’t been taken down by accident. It has been taken down because it might make some high-profile people look bad. Perhaps as they become more politically visible (Teddy Cook). Or simply because a similar advice was recently highlighted in the UK, with an understandably negative reaction.

These the are names they want you to forget. The female leaders of the space invaders:

Teddy Cook (trans man) – now at ACON as Director, Community Health where she oversees client services, LGBTQ community health programs, Pride Training and Trans Health Equity. Inventor of ACON’s TransHub.

Jeremy Wiggins (trans man) – Executive Officer at Transcend. This is the mother-son charity that worked tirelessly to remove the roadblocks preventing Australian children from accessing puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones.

Aram Hosie (trans man) – Head of Strategic Communications at Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

Laurie Hopkins (nb female) – seems to have gone to religion and is a motivational speaker. She was always more gender-fluid anyways.

Max Mackenzie (trans man) – Director of Resilience Enterprises, and named “rural trans activist of the year” in 2019 in Queensland. Not bad.

Ethan Kristy (trans man) – graduated from photographing lesbian orgies staged to look like gay male orgies, and went on to become an artist capturing the queer experience.

GRUNT & PASH: meet the women who want to remove gay men’s sexual boundaries

NOTE: is archived by the wayback machine

My last post was about ACON’s website for men who like to “party and play” – NSFW – New Video – How Hard is ACON’s Manual for Risky Sex. Today I’m looking at the ‘little sister’: GRUNT, and some of the women behind it.


Two of the “community partners” listed on that site (PASH and GRUNT) are for trans men. The project was founded in 2014 to raise awareness of sexual issues for ‘gay’ trans men. That is to say for straight women.

GRUNT is a project of the team. GRUNT is a website resource dedicated to shoe-horning women into the gay hookup scene. It is a copy of ACON’s HowHard website, dedicated to men who engage in drug-fueled “adventurous” sex. Strangely though while HowHard is proudly proclaimed as an ACON resource, GRUNT is more coy. It merely thanks Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations for support and funding.

Big brother – little sister

GRUNT mimics HowHard in a number of respects, not the least it’s visual style. The site is festooned with photos of nearly-naked men in flagrante. GRUNT tries hard to draw a visual link with the gay hookup scene.

What are the similarities between HowHard (for gay men) and GRUNT (for trans men)?


  • Covers HIV prevention, prophylaxis and testing
  • Nude and near-nude fetish photography
  • Group sex images
  • Prep: Big focus on getting guys to take prep
  • Confusing messages: says both “piss play is safe” and also that urine carries gonorrhea.


  • Covers HIV prevention, prophylaxis and testing
  • Nude and near-nude fetish photography
  • Group sex images
  • Prep: Big focus on getting women to take prep
  • Confusing messages: cautions that while most boys are douchine their ‘arse’ before sex, this may be dangerous, but may not be, but might be, and the decision is really up to you.

How do they differ?


  • Sex talk: Detailed descriptions of kinky sex (I don’t mean spanking, I mean felching and piss-fking). Straight talk about f-king and cocks.
  • Drugs: Detailed information about drug use.
  • Safety: Tacks HIV-safety messages onto detailed descriptions of sex and drug use.


  • Sex talk: Doesn’t go into detail about sex or pleasure.
  • Drugs: Cautions that drugs can affect capacity to consent. “Sometimes people use alcohol or drugs to cope with the intense feelings of nervousness and low self-esteem
  • Safety: Focuses on safety, and fear of being exposed. “If you are hooking up with someone, and you’ve set it up from an app, let a mate know where you are going.”

What makes you a man is inside you, not what your body looks like.

GRUNT – Keep it hot

How about the gaslighting

Trans guys are just guys

Suggested response to a hookup disclosing trans status: still from animation hosted at GRUNT

In Australia, gaining sexual consent by deception is a crime. GRUNT take a “trans guys are just guys” line to the extent of suggesting you don’t need to disclose your sex to a new partner.

They suggest using a “script” like this that minimises and glosses over the impact of trans status.

“Hey bud, just so you know. I’m trans. That means I’ve got a bonus hole/front hole/extra hard cock to play with. Cool?”

GRUNT – Keep it hot

Being a female is not the same as a male with “a bonus hole/front hole/extra hard cock”. Women smell different, we feel different, we get aroused differently and we respond to sex differently. Gay men have a right to choose sex with other gay men.

Gay spaces are our spaces

GRUNT encourages women to go and hang out at the glory holes because it feels validating to be near gay men.

Don’t be afraid to go to that sex club and hang out at the glory holes the first few times. … it can be a very liberating and validating experience to be in these types of gay male spaces.

GRUNT – Keep it hot

In Australia, sex clubs and saunas will generally welcome trans guys on T (or at least not explicitly ban us). You don’t need to call and check, if you want to go – Go!

GRUNT – Keep it hot (the group that created GRUNT) made a post on their Facebook page in April 2021 that the project had come out of hibernation to raise the alert about a gay male sauna using transphobic language. Wet on Wellington spa in Victoria put out a patron survey that wasn’t entirely trans-inclusive enough. called the troops and crafted a letter of demand.

Just don’t mention it

If you’re fisting or blowing someone, it may not be a thing worth mentioning. Don’t assume that he won’t be ok with it. 

GRUNT – Keep it hot

What makes you man anyway?

GRUNT assures women that ‘bottoming’ e.g. being penetrated, even being penetrated vaginally, doesn’t make them less of a man. Lots of really macho gay men are ‘bottoms’.

Bottoming in any of your holes does not make you less of a man, in fact some of the most macho cis guys are total bottoms.

GRUNT – Keep it hot


The word “gay” appears only once in relation to the validation trans men get from being in gay male spaces. The site talks about cis-guys.

Where are they now?

The brains behind and GRUNT are co-chairs – Ted Cook and Jeremy Wiggins (Jez Pez) along with Aram Hosie – Laurie Hopkins – Max Mackenzie (MJ Beck) – Ethan Kristy

Now they’re driving the car

Teddy Cook (trans man) – now at ACON as Director, Community Health where she oversees client services, LGBTQ community health programs, Pride Training and Trans Health Equity.

Jeremy Wiggins (trans man) – Executive Officer at Transcend. This is the mother-son charity that worked tirelessly to remove the roadblocks preventing Australian children from accessing puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones.

Aram Hosie (trans man) – Head of Strategic Communications at Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

Laurie Hopkins (nb female) – seems to have gone to religion and is a motivational speaker. She was always more gender-fluid anyways.

Max Mackenzie (trans man) – Director of Resilience Enterprises, and named “rural trans activist of the year” in 2019 in Queensland. Not bad.

Ethan Kristy (trans man) – graduated from photographing lesbian orgies staged to look like gay male orgies, and went on to become an artist capturing the queer experience.

I don’t want what I want: The battle for a cervical smear test

This is Laurie.

Laurie wants to look and act like a man and be fully recognised as a man in law.

This is Laurie
Photo –

Catering to Laurie’s wishes, the health service recorded her sex as male. Therefore she was not contacted to undertake a cervical smear test. This would appear to be the desired end-game for someone who has gone to lengths medically, surgically, socially and legally be recognised as a man despite being in fact a female.

However, Laurie feels cheated

The cervical smear test reminder is a service provided to women to improve early detection of cervical cancer. Males don’t have a cervix and therefore do not develop cervical cancer. Therefore they are not called up for a test. Reminders are sent out centrally, but for some individual cases the GP will manage the reminder.

Laurie has placed herself in a special category where she would be required to schedule her own smears. Personally I use a calendar reminder, and my GP also nudges me every couple of years. No one loves a speculum up in their vagina, but needs must.

However Laurie still wishes to be entitled to regular smear test reminders. Laurie tells us that the process of organising her own smear reminder is both “exhausting” for herself and “It also puts a lot of extra work on to the GPs, who are already pretty stretched.” My GP uses a software application for all my notes and the reminder comes up automatically. Even when GPs used paper files and no automated call register, my mother’s generation managed to receive regular tests.

I remember my mother talking about it. The trepidation of going in, the relief of a gentle hand or the discomfort of a clumsy procedure. Seb, also a trans-identified female, notes “wasn’t as terrifying as I was expecting”. This is a common experience among women. Since these tests became routine, women sit in waiting rooms fiddling with their hands, and they breathe a sign of relief when they walk out the door. Done for another 2 years.

Laurie wants to be a man, with all the attendant social interactions, but also she wants to be treated like a woman when it suits her. Now that she has what she wants (to be a man), does she still want it?

Special arrangements are needed for men like Laurie

It is always interesting to me how women’s problems become material concerns when voiced by a man. Cervical screening is is at best a chore, and at worst quite an invasive and uncomfortable way to find out you might die quite soon.

“The sample taker and reception staff have a really important role in creating a safe and supportive environment for trans men and/or non-binary people with a cervix,” says Rebecca Shoosmith. Yes Rebecca, for women also. Indeed, far all of us be-cervixed individuals. So the NHS are looking at discreet at-home kits. Quite how the girlfriend, hubby or sister would be better than a trained doctor is a baffling question. But we must keep trying to make Laurie and Seb happy.

Now that men are talking, we’re listening.

Statistics and exaggerations

40% of trans-identified females have never had a cervical smear test. Compared to only 21% of the general population of women in the UK.

One of these numbers is not like the others. The 21% of women comes from official government-collected data made available by the NHS.

The 40% comes from a survey conducted by the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic. Dr Alison Berner interviewed 137 trans people. Half of these (68.5) were eligible for a cervical smear, and of this half, 40% (27.4) had never been screened.

27.4 trans-identified females had not undertaken to get a smear test. “Many had missed appointments because they were fearful about disclosing their gender identity and of how others might react.”.

They fear being exposed, because they are living under a pretence.

They have convinced the medical establishment, and society at large, to take them at their word. When they fear exposure, this has somehow become a public health issue rather than an issue of personal integrity.

Access for all? Solving the intractable puzzle of inviting trans men for screening

Laurie describes accessing a smear test as coming up against a “brick wall”. However she seems to be raging against the machine for nothing. advises that they are aware trans-identified females are a special case, and have created a process to handle them.

Trans men (assigned female at birth) do not receive invitations if registered as male with their GP, but are still entitled to screening if they have a cervix.

Current cervical screening IT systems are not able to include individuals registered with the NHS as ‘male’. Also, current registration systems are unable to record the gender category of ‘non-binary’. In these circumstances, the GP practice or a healthcare team managing gender reassignment should send screening invitation.

Not everyone with a cervix is a woman, however he is a female

The language used in this section of is absurd. “Women and people with a cervix”, “[HPV] Vaccinated women and people with a cervix”. The advice information on reducing cervical screening inequalities for trans people includes the heading not everyone with a cervix is a woman. Perhaps that is semantics, but everyone with a cervix is a female.

Far from being excluded and put-down, Laurie and Seb need only snap their fingers for the kind of recognition that other women dream of.

This post is a response to this article published by the on 18 May 2021.

Getting ready for the day

With Sock Drawer Heroes. (How much do trans men spend on their underwear?)
From your top to your toes, there’s a product to fix that.

Your breasts are ugly – $22 per roll

Tape them down with 4 inch Mixtape. It’s like duct tape or strapping tape, but comes in fleshtones. You tape it over your breasts. Yes it is painful to remove.

Your breasts are super-ugly – $84

Flatten them in style with the New York Toy Collective Short Binder in white. Because it is a tight-fitting polyester garment, you might develop a nice fungal infection. This might be why the SDH binding guide suggests giving yourself a break after 8 hours continuous binding. Or possibly it’s because of the possible “pain, discomfort, dizziness or shortness of breath” you might experience from a compressed chest.

You’re inadequate in the pants department – $108

Since you don’t have a penis, you need a specialist consumer item to get that authentic crotch bulge. Pack your pants with a little soft silicone penis and testicles.

The New York Toy Collective’s Sam model isn’t just for packing, it is an STP. That’s Stand to Pee. It has a big hole in the top and a small hole at the bottom for urine to flow through. Presumably you can wrap your vulva around it somehow. Get one in a fun colour!

You can’t get a hard on – $48

With the STP insert, you can definitely get a 5 inch semi-rigid crotch bulge.

Somewhere to park it – $76

SpareParts Pete Trunk Packing Underwear are the perfect place to park the 5 inch silicone penis. But only if you take out the stiffening rod.

Put the flaccid packer into these pants and feel the bugle. Keep the insert in your pocket in case you need to quickly pop off to the loos, strip off, insert the rod and pop back out again to demonstrate that you are aroused.

Keep it together – $46

Your packer might get lint on it, or jiggle about in your undies leading to an untidy look. Keep it clean and secure with a specialised magnetic pouch.

Keep it clean – $14

Good times packer cleaner. Special spray for a special daily cleaning chore.

It’s travelling south – $54

The New York Toy Collective STP/Packer Strap keeps your mock penis in place. It only requires you to wear a number of straps around your crotch and bum in order to harness it in an up or down position. Versatile. Instead of feeling free about your body, feel paranoid that someone will spot the straps cutting into your thighs.

Don’t get menstrual blood on that new packer! – $40

Menstrual Cups. No mention or concern about using a cup with the vaginal atrophy associated with testosterone therapy.

But there is some concern about gendered packaging on menstrual products.

Tell people that you are proud to have a fake penis – $38

Now that you’ve gone to a lot of effort to create an authentic prosthetic bulge and conceal your breasts, let the world know! Buy a t-shirt telling other girls that you got all this kit at Sock Drawer Heroes.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Books – around $30 each
  • Stickers, badges, cosmetic cases, keyrings – up to $36
  • Lube – around $20
  • Clitoral pump – $62
  • Other vibes and toys – $50 – $300

Don’t forget little sister!

And something for Dad

  • Tucking “lingerie” – $50
  • Lace bras – $62
  • Vaginal dilators – $119

Ready yet?

  • Tape $22
  • Binder $84
  • Packer $108
  • Stiffener for packer $48
  • Special undies $76
  • Packer pouch $46
  • Packer spray $14
  • Packer harness $54
  • Gender-neutral menstrual cup $40
  • Becoming a human billboard $38

Getting read for your day: $530

Crying in the toilets because your packer got snagged in your pubes. Priceless.

Make no mistake, you are a product, your body is a market place

When you buy these products, you are also creating a product. The trans man, a man constructed of tape and silicone and a hope that no one grabs for the packer. No breast can be perfectly flattened. No penis can be crafted from thin air. Every single product creates more products to fill the little gaps between desire and reality.

There are endless products for you to buy.