Wear It Purple is a profit-taking enterprise

Source:  Wear It Purple 2020 Annual ReportAustralian National Charity Register, Wear It Purple Blog

Wear In Purple is an Australian Youth charity. Their main activity is promoting “Wear It Purple” day where people are encouraged to wear purple in support of queer youth, rainbow youth and youth “being who they are” (who else would they be?)

Wear It Purple is a profit-taking enterprise

In 2020, they took $195k net profit and paid no wages, yet they still prominently ask for donations and sell merchandise.

Their main ‘product’ is participation in grassroots events which WIP support with graphics. Remote workers are provided with slick backgrounds they can use for their Zoom calls. These cost almost nothing to prepare. In fact the money paid to “consultants” by WIP in 2020 was only $600.

Wear It Purple promotes mutilation of children

In the article “It Took A Long Time To Know I Needed Top Surgery”, Lu Bradshaw describes a double-mastectomy as something she needed to have.

“It’s not that I don’t want you to. It’s that I wish you didn’t have to.” 

Lu Bradshaw

During her mid-teens, Lu was romantically rejected by another girl and went through a depressive episode before coming out as Non-binary. She goes through several crises and considers self harm.

I did hate my chest, and I was definitely in pain. Everything about it hurt. Binding hurt. Dysphoria hurt. Trying to resist the mounting self-harm urges hurt. Thinking hurt.

The she surrenders:

Eventually, when I was tired and frustrated enough, I changed tact. I stopped asking questions

This content is for a youth audience. In this article WIP promotes “2 years” as being a long time to consider whether to get a mastectomy. They promote surgery as a cure for psychological distress.

Wear It Purple Promotes Sexualised Exploitation of children

Jack (Jackaranda) is an 11 year old “drag queen” who’s parents feel it is appropriate to exploit him on social media. Wear It Purple has made him an ‘ambassador’ alongside other young / underaged people.

Wear It Purple Promotes Erosion of Student/Teacher Boundaries

Meet 17 year old Jack and his “queer” teacher Alex. Alex is also Wear It Purple’s official School Liaison Officer and one of the WIP Board Directors.

It’s inappropriate for teachers and students (particularly underage students) to discuss sexuality as equals. They are not equals – the teacher is in a position of authority over the student. The adult is in a position of authority over the child.

Wear It Purple promotes pseudoscience at schools

In this article, young woman named Jacob sets out how the doctrine should be taught at schools, including the ridiculous Genderbread Person and a nonsensical venn diagram of gender:

Wear It Purple has government support

This image of grown ups wearing face paint is from the Ipswitch Police

Many businesses are on board. More concerning – many government agencies. . –

In government agencies across Australia people are wearing purple to work just as they wear orange on Harmony Day.

It’s supposed to be about showing support for youth.

In fact, WIP is leading parents and children down a path of self-destruction.

All these police think they’re just wearing purple to just support kids. I doubt any of them think about what it means to support a trans child.

This is the first twist of the screw on the gas lamp. This is the first rise in temperature in the frog’s bathwater.

When you wear purple to support trans kids, do you know what you are supporting? Do you know that this small act undermines your future right to say no when your child decides she wants a mastectomy at age 12? Who will you turn to for support, after you’ve convinced everyone that the child knows best? Who will help you save your perfect child from her own distress?

Wear It Purple doesn’t care. Wear It Purple is a profit-taking enterprise.

Who has it worse?

This man was a POW in Bakli Bay camp, Hainan during the 1940s. He is malnourished, suffering from dysentry, and is part of a work gang.

Many of his comrades have perished. He was probably tortured. If he misbehaves, then he can be executed or transferred to somewhere much worse.

Collection Item C329864
Australian War Memorial

This is one of many images and stories available to read at the Australian War Memorial site. I don’t glorify war. Studying these stories can gives an insight into the horror without the glory.

But if you want to see real suffering

This is Eric.


She hasn’t started uni yet, and also hasn’t experienced any attempts at conversion therapy.

Eric imagines that parents asking their distressed teenager to see a therapist is actually abusive.

Eric is is convinced that seeing a therapist is the first step toward a “troubled teen camp” and regularly references this as a negative outcome of seeing a therapist.

Eric is going to reveal 9 “tips” that POWs use to resist torture so that you can use these tips to resist getting mental health assistance.

Nevermind that the tips include “going to the toilet” and using long pauses to waste time. If you read the stories from POWs – any POWs – they rarely mention toilet breaks.

Eric is comparing a child whose parents are paying a licenced therapist $200 an hour with a solider who is tortured, raped, mutilated, starved and worked to death.

This is the most offensive thing I’ve seen in this movement.

If I wasn’t already peak-transed, I would be peaking right now.

Please share Eric’s video with as many parents as you can. They deserve to know who is scaring their children,

Gender Identity is not Maori Culture

Next time you hear “but Maori have a 3rd gender” think about the assumptions being made about Maori culture as primitive, primal, less sophisticated. Think about how it is being used as a prop to justify a harmful ideology and an excuse to pretend man and woman don’t exist.

Then ask a Maori about it.

This channel is Mana Wahine Korero, meaning (literally from Google) Women’s Rights Speak.

This heartfelt video talks about Maori culture and gender identity.

Mana Wahine Korero

Why are some Maori claiming that our culture is the same as, or similar to gender identity ideology when there is no evidence to support such claims? Why are iwi seemingly going along with proposed legislation that will force children to undergo experimental medication and surgery, while adults will not be required to? I forgot to mention that MEN are not forced to be referred to as penis havers or scrotum wearers…wonder why that is ??

ALSO, weaponising Indigenous children against Indigenous people has *always* been a coloniser’s tool.

What on earth is going ON whanau and why are so many either complicit or silent on this issue?! http://terfisaslur.com




The more we speak of sexy-sex the less we speak of sex

John Money commenced his gender ‘reassignment’ experiment on the Reimer twins in 1968.

Thinking Sex by Gayle Rubin was published in 1984.

The world began to learn about s/m sex, and kink. By 1990 we were so comfortable with kink imagery that the fetish imagery in the film clip for Madonna’s Justify My Love was only mildly controversial.

As we spoke more of sex, sexy sex-sex and kinky sex, we spoke less of our sexed bodies. The use of the word ‘sex’ undulates while the more polite term ‘gender’ takes off with a rocket.

Google’s n-gram viewer gives a fun insight into the frequency of terms within books and scholarly works.

I hope that these curves give some pause for thought. Words can sometimes enter our lives as though they are old forgotten friends, posing as an authority. These words are new, they are relative strangers to us.

TFW: You’ve infiltrated a GC group to doxx people but can’t help telling them how clever you are

“If you need help exiting the cult…

Oh the irony!

All the comments and reactions are variants of “good luck with that mate” because we aren’t homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic and whatever else we’re accused of.

The worst you’ll find is women who are repelled by men in dresses arguing with women who don’t kind so much.

Or some disagreement about whether the “true trans” is a real thing.

Lots of newly peaked women freaking out and finding their bearings.

But wait! What’s a dog whistle?

Dog whistle politics is where you say seemingly reasonable things which are a cipher for your truly regressive and oppressive politics. The wider public trust your “moderate” approach and your base still understands that you are with their extreme interests.

“Family values” is a good example. Does this mean more schools or does this mean ban homosexuality? It could mean both. An audible message and an inaudible “dog whistle” second meaning.

With a little enquiry, it is possible to find out whether a dog whistle is in play.

So what’s the GC dog whistle? You have to ask that question. An accusation of dog whistle politics is an accusation that you are a liar.

YOU have to challenge this accusation wherever it occurs. Ask “what is the deeper meaning?”

Keep asking.

It won’t take long to uncover their lies and lazy arguments. There’s no hidden meaning. Men are not women. No child is born in the wrong body. There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian.

Gender is harmful.

Listen to Joanna Harper: The Trans Woman who placed males into Women’s Olympic Sport

Joanna Harper is the trans woman and sports scientist who advised the IOC on inclusion of males into women’s sport. The study, is based on self-reported data from 8 male runners. They found their speeds dropped after suppressing testosterone for a period. The study did not look at strength, agility, stature or endurance. The study did not consult or refer to female athletes.

You can read more at n=8.

Joanna Harper is a male who claims a female identity. He is also a runner. It’s not unusual to have interests that overlap with your field of study, but in this case one has to wonder why more independent data was not sought out.

Joanna Harper
Source: https://www.aps.org/publications/apsnews/201710/profiles.cfm

In this 2019 broadcast from the ABC, Joanna Harper is asked about the participation of 43 year old male Laurel Hubbard in the women’s weightlifting at an international level. A contest where most competitors are half that age. Harper says of Hubbard “She did hold the New Zealand [junior] record for 15 years, so she was pretty good” but that he is

“certainly no threat to be in the top in the world among men but certainly is in the top 10 among women.

Is that fair is that right? You know it’s a difficult thing.”

Joanna Harper

It is a difficult thing indeed. What do adults to about difficult things? We solve the problems. We don’t throw up our hands and say “oh it’s too difficult”.

It bears repeating: Hubbard is nowhere near the top 10 males, but is in the top 10 women. So says the author of the study that put him in women’s sport.

In this 2019 article. Harper admits

“I’d be the first to admit that it’s a very limited study.

Eight subjects, one sport, and it’s a sport where size and strength aren’t advantageous,”

Joanna Harper

The first to admit it’s a flawed study.

So then who is backing the study, why and how have the rules not been called into serious question?

Because there is an implicit bias that a man who claims a woman identity is indeed a woman. In the same article, Dr Ryan Storr, a lecturer in sports development, belittles concerns for women’s sport:

“People don’t wake up and want to win medals so they go into women’s sport,” he said.

Dr Ryan Storr

People will also say things like no one would put themselves through the transition process willingly, or lightly or ‘just to win at women’s sport’. Hopefully not. But read the bias that a woman is lesser – no one would become one unless compelled.

Note the homophobia: no man would feminise himself, or take away his masculinity unless compelled.

Note the repeated refrain that trans woman are powerless. Both in terms of their capacity to make choices (they are ‘compelled’ to live authentically) and in terms of the way their physical power is assessed.

Listen to Joanna Harper, the male who put males into women’s sport:

After one year of hormone therapy, trans women will still be taller, bigger and stronger on average than other women. 

Joanna Harper

#NoThankYou DIY Edition

All it takes is an office printer and a pack of mailing labels

You don’t need to be a graphic designer.

Found in the wild

Worried about destruction of property?

You want to raise awareness and and eyebrow, not deface property. A few people will see your stickers before they are pulled off.

  1. Use mailing labels – they are mild to medium stickiness.
  2. Find non-permanent sticking spots – wrappers, papers, signs
  3. Find less-sticky surfaces like cloth
  4. Stick them on things you own (no one will know it was you!) or on your usual route so you can check on them and pick up any litter
  5. Stick on smooth easy-clean surfaces

Good luck!

Sign this Petition: Save Women’s Sports

Don’t let this be the future of women’s sports

Pictured here, Laurel Hubbard's touching gesture came after she failed to complete a successful lift.
Source: https://au.sports.yahoo.com/olympics-2021-laurel-hubbard-transgender-weightlifter-gesture-amid-heartbreak-014004600.htm

Sign this petition



Petition Reason

Many Australians are alarmed at the sports policies implemented by Sport Australia, AHRC and Australian sporting organisations allowing men and boys to compete in the female sports category. We call on the Australian parliament to protect the female sports for biological females. Fair competition, player safety and welfare, and inclusion are the foundational principles of sports competition, but when men and boys are allowed to compete in the female category, women and girls lose out. Males have an observable performance advantage in strength, stamina, size and speed that puts females at a disadvantage and results in elevated risk of injury in contact, collision and combat sports. Bodies play sports, not identities, girls and women are being excluded when men and boys are included in their category. Save Women’s Sport Australasia.

Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to amend the Sex Discrimination Act 1984: • Definitions of man and woman reinserted; • Definitions for female, male, sex and gender inserted; • “Gender identity” and “intersex status” be removed from s 42; • “Competitive” and “where strength, stamina and physique are relevant” to be removed from s 42; • s 42 unequivocally express that the female sports category is for biological females only; • For a provision to unequivocally express that “sex” is the paramount protected characteristic in the SDA, and that it cannot be displaced by, or conflated with “gender identity”. Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion Policy published by AHRC and Sport Australia be withdrawn, and a proper, transparent consultation process be undertaken incorporating all stakeholders and considering all available evidence.

That link again…