Wear It Purple is a profit-taking enterprise

Source:  Wear It Purple 2020 Annual Report, Australian National Charity Register, Wear It Purple Blog Wear In Purple is an Australian Youth charity. Their main activity is promoting “Wear It Purple” day where people are encouraged to wear purple in support of queer youth, rainbow youth and youth “being who they are” (who else would they be?) […]

Who has it worse?

This man was a POW in Bakli Bay camp, Hainan during the 1940s. He is malnourished, suffering from dysentry, and is part of a work gang. Many of his comrades have perished. He was probably tortured. If he misbehaves, then he can be executed or transferred to somewhere much worse. This is one of many […]

Gender Identity is not Maori Culture

Next time you hear “but Maori have a 3rd gender” think about the assumptions being made about Maori culture as primitive, primal, less sophisticated. Think about how it is being used as a prop to justify a harmful ideology and an excuse to pretend man and woman don’t exist. Then ask a Maori about it. […]

The more we speak of sexy-sex the less we speak of sex

John Money commenced his gender ‘reassignment’ experiment on the Reimer twins in 1968. Thinking Sex by Gayle Rubin was published in 1984. The world began to learn about s/m sex, and kink. By 1990 we were so comfortable with kink imagery that the fetish imagery in the film clip for Madonna’s Justify My Love was […]