GRUNT IS GONE! (NSFW) – Receipts

What if you needed to clean up your image a bit, and quickly? Would you try to erase evidence of your counselling women to trick gay men into sex?

On 13 March this article was posted online about the NHS in the UK advising women to prostitute themselves to pay for gender transition, and to conceal their sex at gay orgies.

On 18th March, Alex Greenwhich MP announced he will be leading the charge on the NSW Equality Bill. It is our version of the “conversion practices” bill that will bring mandatory affirmation to our state. Similar legislation in other states has also delivered mandatory affirmation therapy for children, harsh penalties for even discussing the option of not acting on same-sex attraction, and a powerful commission to hunt down dissenters.

Greenwhich is advised by ACON’s Teddy Cook.

ACON’s Teddy Cook, creator of GRUNT


In the wake of a discussion online about women in men’s spaces, I decided to update my post(s) about GRUNT. That’s the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) website dedicated to helping WOMEN invade gay male spaces.

I noticed some images and links weren’t right. GRUNT is down.

Domain Name De-Registered

In December 2021 the domain name registration read:

Domain Name: GRUNT.ORG.AU
Registrant Contact Name: Ted Cook
Registrant ID: ABN 91 708 310 631
Eligibility Type: Non-profit Organisation


Now it reads



But it was there and it promoted RAPE BY DECEPTION

The Wayback Machine captured slices of GRUNT over time since 2016.


Here are a couple of captures for your reference. Including one or NSFW images.


Remember these names

GRUNT hasn’t been taken down by accident. It has been taken down because it might make some high-profile people look bad. Perhaps as they become more politically visible (Teddy Cook). Or simply because a similar advice was recently highlighted in the UK, with an understandably negative reaction.

These the are names they want you to forget. The female leaders of the space invaders:

Teddy Cook (trans man) – now at ACON as Director, Community Health where she oversees client services, LGBTQ community health programs, Pride Training and Trans Health Equity. Inventor of ACON’s TransHub.

Jeremy Wiggins (trans man) – Executive Officer at Transcend. This is the mother-son charity that worked tirelessly to remove the roadblocks preventing Australian children from accessing puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones.

Aram Hosie (trans man) – Head of Strategic Communications at Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

Laurie Hopkins (nb female) – seems to have gone to religion and is a motivational speaker. She was always more gender-fluid anyways.

Max Mackenzie (trans man) – Director of Resilience Enterprises, and named “rural trans activist of the year” in 2019 in Queensland. Not bad.

Ethan Kristy (trans man) – graduated from photographing lesbian orgies staged to look like gay male orgies, and went on to become an artist capturing the queer experience.

An Experiment (Is Australian State-Funded Media Saturated by Trans Propaganda?)

Go to ABC.NET.AU and find the search bar. Type in “transgender”. Here’s the link to results.

Today is Thursday 17th February 2022. It is my lunch break. Since 1 week ago (10th February) these articles have been published about transgender issues. Not a single negative or even neutral article.

  1. Meet the schools who have already acknowledged and accepted transgender students -
  2. Is there a place for trans students in religious schools? These schools say yes
  3. The debate over the federal Religious Discrimination Bill has been hijacked by progressive secularists — and neither party is blameless
  4. Life Matters: Do we still need single-sex schools?
  5. Prime Minister accuses Kristina Keneally of wanting to protect violent abusers in extraordinary attack over deportation bill – includes line “Last week, five Liberals broke ranks with the Coalition to vote against a government bill over religious discrimination laws that they argued would leave transgender youths at risk of being kicked out of religious schools.”
  6. Parly Returns – “Both sides of politics want a new law to prevent discrimination against people of faith – but there are unresolved differences over how to do this while protecting gay and transgender communities. ” –
  7. Australia’s debate about religious discrimination exposes political fault lines – and unanswered questions of God
  8. Calls for Warren Entsch to do more to support LGBTQI kids after religious discrimination law stance –
  9. The Drum – clip frm “Transgender Minister Josephine Inkpin reacts to the religious discrimination debate”
  10. VIDEO: Transgender Minister Josephine Inkpin reacts to the religious discrimination debate
  11. Sex Discrimination Commissioner says Higgins-Tame speech felt like a turning point [updated]
  12. Prime Minister Scott Morrison ‘misled’ by moderate Liberals on religious discrimination vote, Dutton says“In the dawn hours of Thursday, five MPs from the government’s own ranks broke from their party and crossed the floor to support protections for transgender students”
  13. Malcolm Turnbull on Scott Morrison’s messy week – The Prime Minister was dealt a humiliating blow in the Parliament this week, with five of his own MPs crossing the floor over rights for transgender kids.” –
  14. The Loop: Definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to change, Prince Charles met with Queen before positive COVID test, Tasmania’s Commonwealth Games bid“For now, the religious discrimination bill itself remains unchanged, but some religious groups have been adamant they do not support the transgender student protections passed alongside it.”
  15. ‘Culture war politics’: Florida schools bill damaging for LGBTQIA+ children –
  16. With the sex and religious discrimination bills, Scott Morrison made three foolish assumptions – “Exclusion of transgender children turned out to be a serious flaw in the eyes of some in Liberal ranks
  17. Parents and transgender teachers react to religious discrimination bill debate
  18. Voters in Western Sydney feel ‘disconnected’ from the debate in Canberra over the religious freedom bill – “Along with Ms Martin and four other Liberal MPs, Labor voted in favour of a crossbench amendment to extend protection from discrimination for transgender school students and staff.” –
  19. Katie Allen tells Q+A she stood up for her beliefs on religious discrimination bill, Dylan Alcott says those with a disability deserve a chance – “voted with Labor in support of crossbench amendments to extend stronger anti-discrimination protections to transgender students and staff.“-
  20. VIDEO: Federal Government shelves religious freedom bill indefinitely –
  21. Mixed reaction to dumped religion bill
  22. LGBTQIA+ advocates say religious discrimination bill coverage ‘really dangerous’
  23. Mother of transgender son on the impact of the religious discrimination bill debate
  24. VIDEO: People with disability facing uncertainty over religious discrimination bill – “to discriminate against those with a disability, as well as LGBT Australians.” –
  25. Sex and religion on politicians’ minds as Australians contend with cost of living pressures
  26. Parents of transgender students “not sure why we’re taking this step backwards”
  27. VIDEO: ‘I am just Paddy’: Labor frontbencher Stephen Jones’ son speaks –
  28. Government shelves religious freedom bill indefinitely, leaving election promise hanging in uncertainty“Liberal MPs voted against the government to pass protections for trans students”
  29. The government lost a dramatic showdown on religious discrimination laws overnight. So what happened? – Several mentions of transgender students –
  30. Ball back in Prime Minister’s court after Liberal split on religious discrimination – “Five Liberals crossed the floor to support a Labor amendment to provide transgender students with greater protection from discrimination at church schools” –
  31. Political repercussions from religious discrimination debate – so will the Government try to unpick the change protecting transgender students when it gets there?” –
  32. The Loop: Religious discrimination bill passes lower house, the Quad prepares to meet, police to question Downing Street partygoers “The government agreed to amend existing laws to prevent schools excluding students because of their sexual orientation, but said that move would not extend to transgender students.” –
  33. Trent Zimmerman crosses the floor over protections for trans students –
  34. Government’s controversial religious discrimination bill passes Parliament’s lower house – “Five Liberal MPs split from the government to help Labor and the crossbench make some changes to protect gay and transgender students from being discriminated against by religious schools.” –
  35. Five Liberals cross the floor as contentious religious discrimination bill passes House of Representatives after all-night debate


They hijacked the debate over religious discrimination. They turned this into a crusade against single-sex schools (whether religious, private or public) and the ABC are gunning for the PM.

Add in an Instagram channel dedicated to trans issues

Stay Connected with the ABC
ABC Queer Logo

This is in addition to the trans-washing of other stories on ABCQueer Instagram. Journalist clearly asks whether “gay, lesbian and transgender kids have enough protection” ABC captions the story as “GRACE TAME SAYS TRANS KIDS NEEDS MORE PROTECTION”.

It took my whole lunch break to copy and paste these article links and titles.

Please visit for other examples of ABC bias.

TransHub on Medical Gatekeeping

TransHub is a website owned and operated by ACON.

It was written in extreme haste by Teddy Cook and Liz Duck-Chong. Together they spent 6 months to get it off the ground. Who are they?

Teddy and Liz work for (or better still, they are) the ACON Trans Health Equity Unity.

Teddy is co-inventor of GRUNT, the website designed to bring women into gay male spaces. Liz is a writer and film maker and, “sexual health nerd”. Teddy seems to have done the hard yards working for ACON, but Liz’s qualifications aren’t readily available for some reason. Together they played on the team of trans activists who brought you lots of trans-research.

What does ACON say about medical gatekeeping?

All gender affirming care must be inclusive, self-determined and rights-based.

Name another illness, condition or medical management pathway that is “rights-based” or “self-determined”.

One would be pregnancy and obstetric care. Where healthy women routinely submit to medical management to mitigate the risks of childbirth. Women have been fighting for (years, decades, centuries?) for self-determination and control in the labour room. Still we are medicated, ignored and mistreated.

The other is cosmetic surgery. A user-pays model ensures that the process is driven by the customer. This is what transgender care is: cosmetic alteration on demand. With a suicide threat thrown in for good measure.

The footnote index after “tragic consequences” lazily links to a list of sources rather than to the specific source for each claim. Item 1 on the list is a VIEWPOINT article written by TRANSGENDER ACTIVIST Florence Ashley.

Florence Ashley: Absolutely no axe to grind

What Might Constitute Medical Gatekeeping? (According to ACON)

There are 1 or 2 reasonable red flags embedded in this list. Delaying care without a clear reason is

Red FlagComment
Refusing to take on trans or gender diverse patients and clientsDoctors can refuse to take patients they don’t feel equipped to handle. This is the essence of specialisation.
Would you rather have a doctor who felt out of her depth, and forced into a care relationship, or a doctor who loved slicing off healthy breasts?
Requiring unnecessary steps in order to access gender affirmation, eg. Mandating a psychiatrist or endocrinologist is assessment for all patientsIf Transgender is not a mental disease, it is surely a mental viewpoint. Doctors would be doing malpractice if they started medically treating patients who didn’t have the condition being treated.

Endocrinologists are specialists who deal in human hormones. They are the ones who manage hormone treatment. How is it a red flag for a doctor to send a hormone-requesting patient to a hormone-specialising doctor?
Delaying gender affirming care without a clear health-based reason, or for reasons of “watchful waiting”, a well-established conversion practiceDelaying care without a reason sounds very fair. However “watchful waiting” isn’t delay of care. It is a specific form of non-medical care.
Not providing all the information or answers as to why a particular decisions has been madeQuite fair. Patients generally should have access to information about why decisions were made.
Requiring trans and gender diverse people to adopt a binary identity, or refusing to accept or learn about non-binary identitiesThis is just bizarre. “Refusing to learn about”. “Forcing to adopt”. How do they force you to adopt an identity?

If you feel “forced” by your doctor to adopt an identity, you can choose another care provider.
Requiring invasive and unnecessary examinations or testing in order to access careThis is quite fair. But it is now tinted by the previous items that seem to imply the patient should be the only one driving the medicalisation bus. At this point I wonder what constitutes an “invasive and unnecessary” examination or test. Since referring out to a specialist is seen as a medical red flag, what is it we are actually talking about here?
My mind leaps to unnecessary genital contact, but do they actually mean routine blood work?
Engaging in conversion or aversion therapy (or Gender Identity Change Efforts)How does one perform gender identity conversion therapy? Tell a girl that her body is beautiful and unique and she will be an excellent engineer even without hormonal therapy?
Any discussion of ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’This is the item that gives the game away. Any clinician who is interested in their patients will make the link between a teen girl who is the 4th in her friend group to declare a trans identity and Lisa Littman’s research on ROGD.

This is the cutting-edge science. It’s the science they don’t want you to know about because it casts their beloved transgender identities as vapid trend-based stereotypes.
Over-inflation of regret ratesAnd how, oh how, would the patient know what the regret was was? Despite all efforts to blank out this evidence, there ARE regretters, desisters, detransitioners. Famously, Walt Heyer’s website receives multiple emails a day from people who change their minds.

In Conclusion

TransHub want us to believe that gatekeeping is dangerous. They want us to believe that gatekeeping is a defined set of behaviours. However many of their red flags can be explained as something else (such as not wanting to take on a complex patient) or as due diligence (referring to a specialist).

TransHub’s list of gatekeeping behaviours is designed to cast suspicion on any medical practices that might result in a patient hearing a “no” or a “wait” or a “I think there might be other problems to deal with”.

This list is designed to open the express route to a medical pathway. it benefits the over-eager patient, it benefits the pharmaceutical company and it benefits the surgeon.

It does not put the need for holistic care front and centre.

Trans Research is Produced by Trans Activists

I recently released a post about the The 2018 Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey. The post ended with a question asking who may have been behind this work. It is time to answer this question.

The citation for this study includes 10 names. Some are academics. Some are transgender activists. The study’s website shows photographs of the researches. Can you tell which ones are the activists?

Trans Gender Diversity Sexual Health Researchers. Can you tell which ones are the researchers and which ones are the activists?

The Activists

Jeremy Wiggins: Creator of GRUNT, Executive Officer at Transcend.

The study started as the masters thesis of one Jeremy Wiggins. She is one of the creators of GRUNT. That’s the website enabling women to invade gay male spaces.

GRUNT primes women to invade gay male private space.
It is hosted by Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

Jeremy is highly placed at Transcend. This charity is run by Rebekah Robertson (mother) and Georgie Stone (trans-identified son). Together they successfully challenged the high court to remove legal protections for trans identified children. Now doctors can prescribe puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones without the protection of court orders.

Creators of GRUNT

Teddy Cook: ACON’s director of Trans Health Equity. Creator of GRUNT, creator of TransHub, VP of AUSPATH (Australian ProfessionaL ASSOC for Transgender Health).

TransHub is a one-stop-shop for transgender health and advocacy. It mixes medical information with legal and social advice. You can find a gender-friendly doctor, bolster your convictions that you have the right to play whatever sport you want to, get advice about blocking puberty (but not the side effects of Goserelin) and find advice about the best packers and tuckers a single disposable income can buy.

The TransHub page on gatekeeping by doctors warns that “Any discussion of ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’” or discussion of regret rates is gatekeeping. TransHub is anti-science, anti-doctor and downright dangerous.

Liz Duck-Chong is a trans woman & writer, Creator of TransHub

Works at ACON with Teddy Cook. Together they concocted the TransHub website. Among his writing credits, check out “Let’s Talk About Girl Dick” written for a 15+ audience. Or the invective piece ‘Rapid-onset gender dysphoria’ is a poisonous lie used to discredit trans people.

Liz hosts a podcast called “Let’s Do It” where he proclaims himself a writer and “sexual health nerd”. This seems to be the sum total of his quals in sexual health. (The linked episode features Teddy Cook and demonstrates of the difference between vocal patterns in women, trans men and trans women).

Although he lists about 10 trades, occupations and professions on his website, Liz doesn’t proclaim any qualifications in public health. By virtue of being transgender and highly opinionated, Liz has taken an opportunity to shape public health policy in Australia.

Shoshana Rosenberg: an academic steeped in Queer Theory, employed by ACON

Currently employed at ACON, Rosenberg’s bio begins: I am a queer, butch, Jewish academic researcher, multi-instrumentalist, and composer….research interests include gender and sexuality, Queer Theory, Jewish Studies, and musicology.

Despite being a non-binary Mx “a-gender trans woman”, Shoshana believes it’s perfectly fine to participate in a podcast named Let Women Talk. Perhaps he could eff off and let women actually talk.

Mish Pony is a trans woman sex worker and elected representative at the Scarlett Alliance & Founder of LGBTQ youth camp

He is also employed in a managerial role by Twenty10, a youth crisis service with clientele aged 12-25. In this interview from 2014, Mish talks about getting roped into sex work “as a guy” through university. Later graduating literally to sex work plus advocacy.

He talks about having issues with his body, feeling out of control. Although he doesn’t connect this lack of control to his activities in either sex work or medical transitioning. He began taking hormones (control), but didn’t like all the side effects (out of control). While he was overseas he simply ran out of estrogen (out of control) and stopped medicating (control). But now Mish is the quintessential trans woman: a man with a long hair, breasts and a fully-functional penis for hire.

Not to clutch at my pearls too much, but how on Earth is this an appropriate adult to be guiding vulnerable children?

Mish sits on the board of The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO).

Mish Pony: works with children and is a prominent sex worker

Bios on both Twenty10 and Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations state that Mish Pony is a founder of Camp Out. Camp Out is A away-from home camp for 13-17 year old LGBTIQ children where they are taught to reject compulsory heterosexualty.

Trans Day of Remembrance

It’s Trans Day of Remembrance. 2021 has been a terrible year for trans murders.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

375 transgender people were killed this year (2021), a figure that has risen since last year’s total of 350.

The report authors say this makes 2021 the ‘deadliest year’ of violence against gender diverse people since records began. One in four of those murdered were killed in their own home.

Forbes –

Those 375 murders are a global figure. The figure includes murder for any reason, even if unrelated to trans status.

How many people are being murdered?

The TransRespect / Trans Murder Monitoring Project collects statistics of murdered trans people from around the globe. It paints a grim picture. Lots of colour on that map.

Trans Murder Monitoring

But let’s just go back to graph reading school for a moment

Colour Key

Here grey is given as “no data”, implying that no one collected evidence of murders. There is no separate code for zero murders. They imply that the grey is somehow hiding evidence that will soon come to light.

Banding 2-50 together intensifies the seriousness of this classification. Two murders is very different to 50 murders. Two might be an accident or a robbery gone wrong. Fifty is a serious public issue.

Time scale

The map represents the data for the period 2008 to 2021. The black classification of “>1000” is a lot of lost lives over a 13 year time period. While tragic, it does not represent an epidemic.

What is being reported?

Let’s just ask TMM.

Trans Murder Monitoring project reports all kinds of homicides of trans and gender-diverse people. The classification of the murder of a trans/gender-diverse person as a hate crime is often difficult, due to a lack of information in the reports as well as the lack of national monitoring systems. Although the brutal violence and other circumstances in reported cases suggest that quite a lot of them — even most or almost all cases — are transphobic hate crimes

These numbers do not represent people who were murdered because of being trans. A trans person who is murdered in a robbery and a trans person who is killed in an anti-trans attack are treated the same.

This builds a false picture of violence against trans people.

Looking at the map year by year paints a different story. Year after year the same countries show high rates of murders.

Brazil is has the most murders each year.

But what does this mean in the context of the 212.6 million inhabitants of Brazil?

In a country where 45k murders represents a significant downturn, where there are 1350 women are killed because they are women, where huge numbers of people live in overpopulated favelas, where drugs and prostitution go hand in hand with poverty, where homophobia and racism are rife, is it possible that not all of these murders were due to transphobia?

murdered for any reason
(murders committed
against women because
of their gender )
2019115133045 503
2018168122957 956


As I write about the trans murders, my mind automatically goes to trans-woman. That is: to men.

I check myself.

Isn’t it likely that vulnerable women would be the likely target of a transphobic attack? Lesbians who are smaller than men, but who challenge misogynists and homophobes. The TMM does not disaggregate by sex, leaving room for speculation about who is being murdered.

Who’s behind it, globally

Check out Gender Critical Woman’s analysis of TMM and where the money comes from. It comes from the ARCUS foundation.

Trans Murder Monitoring Project is funded by the ARCUS foundation. You can see Jennifer Bilek’s work on ARCUS. It is an LGBT charity controlled by pharmaceutical heir Jon Stryker. The ARCUS foundation uses money to drive adoption of a medically-dependent lifestyle.

When you click on a country, a list of criteria for trans rights comes up. It’s a categorised list that gives a snapshot of the legal, social and political position of trans people.

For example:

    Legal Gender Recognition: Change of Name
    Change of name possible
    Pathologization requirement
    Sterilisation/SRS/GRT requirement

The implication is that if we can knock over these barriers then we can guarantee trans safety. It is an impetus to law-makers. “We have to stop the murders!”

This ignores that the overwhelming number of trans murders occur in the context of prostitution. Murders occur at the hands of homophobes. They occur in countries where life is cheap. Fast-tracking access to surgery will just put money in the pockets of big pharma and the medical industrial complex.

Who’s Behind it in Australia

Trans Day of Remembrance is a day observed internationally where people come together to read out the names of people murdered in transphobic attacks. We observe it in Australia too, even though we have registered only 4 murders in 13 years.

Just look at this picture on the TDOR website. Huddling together against the cold and the dark.

A beautiful website and a calendar full of events. There’s money behind it. Far from being a grassroots initiative, TDOR is sponsored by multiple organisations, many of whom are powered by government grants.

CharityGov Grant Incoming
(last posted income)
TGV$160 000
Gender Centre$933 000
Parents of Gender Diverse ChildrenHas the VIC Gov logo on their site,
but no financial documents available
Y GenderSupported by Albert van Moorst Memorial Trust,
who last posted a statement in 2015
TransFolk WANon-government donations
A Gender Agenda$600 000

Of course there’s also a grift on the TDOR page. Donate, buy a badge or book training to “Make your school or workplace a safer place for trans people”.

My point here isn’t than community groups shouldn’t receive grants. It is that between them, these groups are presenting an incorrect picture of violence against trans people. There is no evidence of risk of hate crime, but this narrative pushes trans people into the arms of these support organisations. Organisations who’s bread and butter is to medicalise and mutilate.

These groups get money to serve their communities and improve the community as a whole. They don’t get the money to make slick websites that promote a false narrative.

Inflating the numbers

In 2019, trans woman

Mhelody Bruno was killed by an intimate partner. It’s not a very nice story. It’s not a story of transphobic hate, however. There is no epidemic of anti-trans violence in Australia.

The Gender Centre sponsored Eloise Brooks to do historical research and uncover the names of historical murder victims who may have been transgender. He found 15 names from the 1970s and 1980s because accurate records were kept and noone was falfisying birth certificates during that time. Oh isn’t it ironic.

Brooks told ABC that the names being read out represent anyone who dies for any reason. Again, widening the scope of TDOR and presenting a false narrative of violence.

“If you pass away for whatever reason, we’ll read your name out at our memorial and you will be remembered by your community for who you were, and honoured and cherished.”

If any of these people were serious about stopping violence, they would stop pretending. They would diagnose the causes and work to address them. But they are happy to sit in splendour, reading out the names of people who were not victims and pretending to be solving a problem which does not exist.

Further reading

(I want a) Girl Like You (to support my gender transition while I live rent-free)

I wanted to write a review of #GirlLikeYou, which is ABC’s portrait of coercive control.

However someone’s already written in for us!

As a little extra – just look out for the flashbacks to the childhood videos. The despondent child in the corner. Is he a victim, or is he just petulant? How would we know – the mood images are presented as evidence that Lewis lived on the brink of suicide. But we don’t know that at all do we?

Fair and Balanced Reporting Over Time: The Hubbard Edition

Just how does the ABC want you to view Laurel Hubbard?

Since 2018, the ABC have published some 24 pieces on Laurel Hubbard and his participation in the sport of weightlifting at an international level. Hubbard is male who competes in the women’s category. He recently went to the Tokyo Olympics on the NZ women’s weightlifting team.

The overwhelming majority of articles were supportive and many blatantly pushed gender ideology pseudo-science.

Laurel was a junior champion

Hubbard set a junior record in 1998 for weight lifting. He took a break from weightlifting until after transitioning at 35. His results place him far away from the international stage. For men, that is. For women, where the field is more sparse, he is good enough to compete internationally. He won spots in the women’s contest at the Pan Pacific Games, the Commonwealth Games and in the Olympics.

Joanna Harper, the trans-identified male who’s flawed study put maled into women’s olympic sport says of Hubbard that he is:

“certainly no threat to be in the top in the world among men but certainly is in the top 10 among women.”

Dr. Joanna Harper

The ABC’s own standards

The ABC’s editorial policy states that

“…the ABC gathers and presents news and information with impartiality and presents a diversity of perspectives so that, over time, no significant strand of thought or belief within the community is knowingly excluded or disproportionately represented.”

Over the course of 3 years and 24 articles we would expect to see plenty of varied viewpoints from the ABC that arrive at a balanced picture. However this is not the case.

Early articles and broadcasts mention Hubbard in passing as a competitor in various games. There are a few ripples of criticism. For instance after Hubbard broke his arm at the Commonwealth Games, a coach stated that Hubbard’s departure gave the women an unexpected chance to win a medal.

As time passed, articles tended to put focus on supporting Hubbard’s inclusion in the sport of female weightlifting.

Limited Perspectives Sought

The ABC brings in a limited selection of voices to comment on the participation of a male in female sports.

Trans Identified Males

The insidious aspect of seeking advice from trans-identified-males is the appearance of gender balance. The female names, long hair and makeup give the casual impression that many women were consulted. In fact, only men are being consulted.

World Athletics – Influential figures on the contribution of women to science in athletics
The panel appears to be all-female. Joanna Harpur is 3rd from the left.

Several trans-identified-male athletes are brought in to comment on the fairness of male competing in female sports. They include:

  • Dr Joanna Harper (male, advises the IOC on trans inclusion),
  • Kristin Worley (male, cyclist and trans advocate),
  • Grace McKenzie (male, amateur Rugby League player),
  • Chelsea Wolfe (male, Olympic BMX).

This panel make it appear that a number of women have been consulted. In fact, they are all men pronouncing their views on the boundaries of women’s sports.

Hubbard’s voice

Laurel Hubbard is seen here, making a heart symbol with her hands to thank supporters.
Hubbard simply reports feeling welcomed in the female competition
Getty Images. Source

Laurel Hubbard has declined to participate in the commentary surrounding the competitions but is quoted regarding the competition atmosphere, feeling welcomed, and the injury sustained at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Coaches and officials

Samoan Weightlifting Head Coach Jerry Wallwork is interviewed several times about his view that male inclusion is not fair for his female athletes. After Hubbard withdraws from the 2018 Commonwealth Games due to injury, journalist Richard Ewart prompts him to agree that he “got a fair competition”.

On Radio National Drive, Patricia Karvelas interviews Commonwealth Games Federation CEO David Grevemberg. Together they frame the issue as one of fairness to trans-identified athletes, ignoring that female athletes have a right to fairness. Karevalas encourages Gevemberg to speculate on what possible reason a sport would have to wish to exclude trans women further biasing the discourse toward male inclusion. While they explore the fairness to transgender athletes, they fail to mention female athletes even once.

Patrician Karvelas (Radio National) frames the issue in terms of fairness to male athletes

To add on to the misogyny, the Secretary-general of the Oceania Weightlifting Institute Paul Coffa is reported saying of Hubbard “she’s a lovely girl“.

Female Competitors

Hubbard’s competitors are silent on the issue of males in their sport.

22 year old Christina Amoe-Tarant gave a polite “I just wish her well“, which is what you might expect from a competitor pre-game. Sport at such an elite level is not about smack talk and back-biting. The Olympics and the Commonwealth Games are collegiate.

It is a similar attitude shown by medallists Li Wen Wen (gold), Emily Campbell (silver) and Sarah Robles (bronze). Do you want to comment? #NoThankYou

It is a similar attitude shown by medallists Li Wen Wen (gold), Emily Campbell (silver) and Sarah Robles (bronze). Do you want to comment? #NoThankYou

Robles later issues a statement on Instagram clarifying her position that male inclusion is not fair.

Who’s missing? The opposition

The ABC fails to report any opposition to allowing males in female sports.

Journalist Richard Ewart brings balance…. but not much of it

Richard Ewart brings a single article which balances the opinions of a variety of experts. It voices dissenting on the basis of fairness. Notably the Samoan Prime Minister, Dr Nicola Williams from Fair Play for Women UK,

Dr Joanna Harper is quoted at length on the reasons his study of trans-identified male athletic performance was inadequate justification to admit males into female sports.

Taken alone this article provides a balanced look at the issues around Laurel Hubbard’s participation in female weightlifting.

Dr Ryan Storr (founder of LGBT sport charity Proud 2 Play) is quoted belittling women and mischaracterising the concern for safety and fairness: “People don’t wake up and want to win medals so they go into women’s sport,” he said.

Even as the most balanced article presented, it is not impartial.

Ewart is not above staking the moral high ground with an unscientific claim “observers have argued that the idea that testosterone determines speed and strength — and that trans women athletes will always have an advantage — is a myth that needs debunking”. This statement links off to Tracey Holmes’ pseudo-scientific article They always have an advantage’: five myths about transgender athletes debunked.

Campaigners are missing

Fair Play for Women is quoted by Ewart in the above article. In another, they are simply referred to as “a UK pressure group” making their interest in the world of Pacific weightlifting seem remote and bizarre.

The local group Save Womens Sports Australasia were not quoted, consulted or even mentioned. This is despite being active on social media, actively releasing statements to the press and having spokeswomen who give media interviews.

Competitors are silenced

Lambrechs. Source:

Tracey Lambrechs is a New Zealander and former champion female weightlifter who claims that female competitors were told to “be quiet” about Hubbard’d participation. Lambrech’s comments were covered by numerous news outlets, but not by the ABC.

Although thoroughly reporting on Hubbard’s reception at the Olympics, ABC also fails to cover the comments from Belgian weightlifter Anna Van Bellinghen. Several outlets reported her comments that Laurel Hubbard competing in the female category is “a joke”.

Pseudo-science and the handmaidens

The ABC have selected women journalists to spearhead the delivery of the inclusion message.

Journalists Tracey Holmes and Ange Lavoirpierere bring forth waves of pseudo-science to support their claim that males should have free access to women’s sport. Their reporting of the trans inclusion issue is fervently supportive.

Kristin Worley is a “Diversity Policy Development Adviser & High-Performance Cyclist”. He teamed up with ABC journalise Tracey Holmes to write ‘They always have an advantage’: five myths about transgender athletes debunked.

Their article opens with a few explanatory sentences, including “The discussions have been largely driven by ignorance, pseudo-science and bigotry.” This sets the tone for the one-dimensional onslaught brought by the remainder of the article.

It includes statements such as “A transitioned female generates no hormones at all then goes into a menopausal state“. Only women go through menopause! It is a condition where the oestrogen production slows or stops leading to an abundance of testosterone. Also “Scientific evidence debunks the socially constructed binary model of gender” linking to an article from the WHO dealing with intersex conditions. I noted that the article is no longer available and could only be accessed via an archive.

Tracey Holmes & The Porche Analogy

Ange Lavoipierre hosted a radio broadcast featuring journalist Tracey Holmes and trans-identified males Chelsea Wolfe & Grace McKenzie. Holmes conjures an analogy comparing male and female athletic performance.

A Porsche would ordinarily be able to outrace a Mazda.

The Porsche is the male athlete and the Mazda is a female athlete. Not content with comparing women to cut-price cars, Holmes adds some truly junk science.

The Porsche can’t outrace the Mazda when it doesn’t have any fuel.

In her analogy, testosterone is the ‘fuel’ that powers athletic performance. No Tracey, bodies are fuelled by carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Testosterone might aid muscle development in adult males. It definitely causes the broader shoulders, bigger bones, larger frame to develop during male puberty. It is not the fuel that powers athletic performance.

Even if we were to admit that testosterone is ‘the fuel’ (it is not) the Porsche is still a $200 000 precision-engineered vehicle. The Mazda is a sporty runabout not known for racetrack performance.

Image source. Porsche: There’s no testosterone and Tracey Holmes says that’s why it can’t go fast

The ABC owes us fair and balanced reportage. Over an extended period, ABC has shown a failure to deliver.

Women are not cheap cars. Men in women’s sports do pose a threat to fairness sand safety. No women were consulted or platformed when reporting this issue.


Who has it worse?

This man was a POW in Bakli Bay camp, Hainan during the 1940s. He is malnourished, suffering from dysentry, and is part of a work gang.

Many of his comrades have perished. He was probably tortured. If he misbehaves, then he can be executed or transferred to somewhere much worse.

Collection Item C329864
Australian War Memorial

This is one of many images and stories available to read at the Australian War Memorial site. I don’t glorify war. Studying these stories can gives an insight into the horror without the glory.

But if you want to see real suffering

This is Eric.


She hasn’t started uni yet, and also hasn’t experienced any attempts at conversion therapy.

Eric imagines that parents asking their distressed teenager to see a therapist is actually abusive.

Eric is is convinced that seeing a therapist is the first step toward a “troubled teen camp” and regularly references this as a negative outcome of seeing a therapist.

Eric is going to reveal 9 “tips” that POWs use to resist torture so that you can use these tips to resist getting mental health assistance.

Nevermind that the tips include “going to the toilet” and using long pauses to waste time. If you read the stories from POWs – any POWs – they rarely mention toilet breaks.

Eric is comparing a child whose parents are paying a licenced therapist $200 an hour with a solider who is tortured, raped, mutilated, starved and worked to death.

This is the most offensive thing I’ve seen in this movement.

If I wasn’t already peak-transed, I would be peaking right now.

Please share Eric’s video with as many parents as you can. They deserve to know who is scaring their children,

This is patriarchy / this is abuse

Patriarchy is a word that gets over-used and is often misunderstood. I don’t use it very often.

Patriarchy is men’s control of women in order to control their reproductive capacity. It can be hard to demonstrate clearly. Yet here is the perfect example of Patriarchy in action.

The mother

A mother, just after giving birth looks on as a male has taken her child and taken her place in the bonding ritual. Instead of learning to nourish the child and form the mother-child dyad, she is a forlorn onlooker. Her missing breasts have cast her into the role of the female eunuch.

The child

The newborn child has not consented to starve while they suck at a dry male breast. The mother may have consented to give up her reproductive power, but that baby has not. It has been born as an accessory to a male fetish.

The man

He is clearly in control. He has taken the mother’s child and rewards her by being “proud of [her] work”. She looks on as he calls the shots, as he takes what is hers.
“We’re going to supplement the feeding” he says “so that my baby can get the nutrients it needs”.

It. Not a person. An ‘it’. A ‘mine’.

“I’m still feeling hopeful.” He adds, as though hope can feed a baby. His baby.

Look deeply, this is the Patriarchy in a pure form.