Spot the difference

ANTIFA – Brings a knife Wears a mask to enable physical bullying Picks on bystanders anTERFa – Brings a message Wears a mask so she doesn’t get fired for saying woman is an adult human female. Stands by women and children Peace to the terven ❤

WHRC: Australian Media Fail to Report on Women’s Sex-Based Rights

Campaigners for women’s human rights are celebrating the successful UK appeal by Maya Forstater
despite the failure of large sections of the Australian press to cover this landmark case on freedom
of speech. Maya Forstater lost her job after saying that people cannot change their biological sex,
but has now won an appeal against the employment tribunal’s decision.

ABC again silent on women’s rights

Maya Forstater has won her appeal against her dismissal for “transphobic” tweets. On appeal, the tribunal ruled in June 2021 that Forstater’s beliefs and their expression were protected under articles 9 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (Wikipedia). In other words, women have won the right to believe and state that sex […]

Why is ABC Wheest?

Scottish feminist Marion Millar has been arrested, charged and bailed pending trial, over her tweets (including a photo of a suffragette ribbon). Marion’s organisation, ForWomen.Scot, use the slogan #WomenWontWheesht. Wheest is “be quiet” in scottish. Women may not wheest, but our ABC certainly is. Global coverage on the left, ABC Australia on the right. Surely […]