An Experiment (Is Australian State-Funded Media Saturated by Trans Propaganda?)

Go to ABC.NET.AU and find the search bar. Type in “transgender”. Here’s the link to results.

Today is Thursday 17th February 2022. It is my lunch break. Since 1 week ago (10th February) these articles have been published about transgender issues. Not a single negative or even neutral article.

  1. Meet the schools who have already acknowledged and accepted transgender students -
  2. Is there a place for trans students in religious schools? These schools say yes
  3. The debate over the federal Religious Discrimination Bill has been hijacked by progressive secularists — and neither party is blameless
  4. Life Matters: Do we still need single-sex schools?
  5. Prime Minister accuses Kristina Keneally of wanting to protect violent abusers in extraordinary attack over deportation bill – includes line “Last week, five Liberals broke ranks with the Coalition to vote against a government bill over religious discrimination laws that they argued would leave transgender youths at risk of being kicked out of religious schools.”
  6. Parly Returns – “Both sides of politics want a new law to prevent discrimination against people of faith – but there are unresolved differences over how to do this while protecting gay and transgender communities. ” –
  7. Australia’s debate about religious discrimination exposes political fault lines – and unanswered questions of God
  8. Calls for Warren Entsch to do more to support LGBTQI kids after religious discrimination law stance –
  9. The Drum – clip frm “Transgender Minister Josephine Inkpin reacts to the religious discrimination debate”
  10. VIDEO: Transgender Minister Josephine Inkpin reacts to the religious discrimination debate
  11. Sex Discrimination Commissioner says Higgins-Tame speech felt like a turning point [updated]
  12. Prime Minister Scott Morrison ‘misled’ by moderate Liberals on religious discrimination vote, Dutton says“In the dawn hours of Thursday, five MPs from the government’s own ranks broke from their party and crossed the floor to support protections for transgender students”
  13. Malcolm Turnbull on Scott Morrison’s messy week – The Prime Minister was dealt a humiliating blow in the Parliament this week, with five of his own MPs crossing the floor over rights for transgender kids.” –
  14. The Loop: Definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to change, Prince Charles met with Queen before positive COVID test, Tasmania’s Commonwealth Games bid“For now, the religious discrimination bill itself remains unchanged, but some religious groups have been adamant they do not support the transgender student protections passed alongside it.”
  15. ‘Culture war politics’: Florida schools bill damaging for LGBTQIA+ children –
  16. With the sex and religious discrimination bills, Scott Morrison made three foolish assumptions – “Exclusion of transgender children turned out to be a serious flaw in the eyes of some in Liberal ranks
  17. Parents and transgender teachers react to religious discrimination bill debate
  18. Voters in Western Sydney feel ‘disconnected’ from the debate in Canberra over the religious freedom bill – “Along with Ms Martin and four other Liberal MPs, Labor voted in favour of a crossbench amendment to extend protection from discrimination for transgender school students and staff.” –
  19. Katie Allen tells Q+A she stood up for her beliefs on religious discrimination bill, Dylan Alcott says those with a disability deserve a chance – “voted with Labor in support of crossbench amendments to extend stronger anti-discrimination protections to transgender students and staff.“-
  20. VIDEO: Federal Government shelves religious freedom bill indefinitely –
  21. Mixed reaction to dumped religion bill
  22. LGBTQIA+ advocates say religious discrimination bill coverage ‘really dangerous’
  23. Mother of transgender son on the impact of the religious discrimination bill debate
  24. VIDEO: People with disability facing uncertainty over religious discrimination bill – “to discriminate against those with a disability, as well as LGBT Australians.” –
  25. Sex and religion on politicians’ minds as Australians contend with cost of living pressures
  26. Parents of transgender students “not sure why we’re taking this step backwards”
  27. VIDEO: ‘I am just Paddy’: Labor frontbencher Stephen Jones’ son speaks –
  28. Government shelves religious freedom bill indefinitely, leaving election promise hanging in uncertainty“Liberal MPs voted against the government to pass protections for trans students”
  29. The government lost a dramatic showdown on religious discrimination laws overnight. So what happened? – Several mentions of transgender students –
  30. Ball back in Prime Minister’s court after Liberal split on religious discrimination – “Five Liberals crossed the floor to support a Labor amendment to provide transgender students with greater protection from discrimination at church schools” –
  31. Political repercussions from religious discrimination debate – so will the Government try to unpick the change protecting transgender students when it gets there?” –
  32. The Loop: Religious discrimination bill passes lower house, the Quad prepares to meet, police to question Downing Street partygoers “The government agreed to amend existing laws to prevent schools excluding students because of their sexual orientation, but said that move would not extend to transgender students.” –
  33. Trent Zimmerman crosses the floor over protections for trans students –
  34. Government’s controversial religious discrimination bill passes Parliament’s lower house – “Five Liberal MPs split from the government to help Labor and the crossbench make some changes to protect gay and transgender students from being discriminated against by religious schools.” –
  35. Five Liberals cross the floor as contentious religious discrimination bill passes House of Representatives after all-night debate


They hijacked the debate over religious discrimination. They turned this into a crusade against single-sex schools (whether religious, private or public) and the ABC are gunning for the PM.

Add in an Instagram channel dedicated to trans issues

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This is in addition to the trans-washing of other stories on ABCQueer Instagram. Journalist clearly asks whether “gay, lesbian and transgender kids have enough protection” ABC captions the story as “GRACE TAME SAYS TRANS KIDS NEEDS MORE PROTECTION”.

It took my whole lunch break to copy and paste these article links and titles.

Please visit for other examples of ABC bias.

Sydney Women Protest ABC Biased Coverage of Gender Ideology

Sunday 6 June 2021

Women descended on ABC headquarters in Sydney today in protest over biased media coverage of gender-related issues. 

Organiser Eileen Haley says she tipped off Media Watch to the issues in a recent Australian Story episode on Michelle Telfer’s gender clinic.

Ms Haley says “This broadcast covers up and misrepresents what Dr Michelle Telfer did in 2014. She told a patient there would be no long-term consequences to the use of puberty blockers. Experts now admit the long-term consequences of puberty blockers are unknown. The very positive treatment accorded Dr Michelle Telfer in ‘Australian Story’ was enhanced by distorting her 2014 professional performance to make it look more nuanced and fact-based than it actually was. It surely isn’t, or shouldn’t be, the role of the ABC to misrepresent and cover up deficiencies in a high-profile featured subject’s professional performance in this way, particularly when it involves such a serious issue as gender dysphoria.” 

Another protestor commented “it is homophobic to say that a feminine boy should become a girl”. 

ABC News also failed to report on the landmark Keira Bell court case in the UK where it was found that children could not consent to puberty blockers.

Signs read “No child is born in the wrong body” and “Don’t leave it to Murdoch to blow the whistle” on puberty blockers, unfairness in women’s sport, and female erasure in response to the ABC silence on these issues. 

The women demanded representation of feminist perspectives from the ABC, naming Holly Lawford-Smith and Janet Fraser, Feminist Legal Clinic and Womens Guild NSW as parties who are ready, willing and able to participate in panels and discussions.

Other protesters asked to remain anonymous because they fear repercussions from online mobs.

Sister Resisters

IWD Brisbane Meanjin held a similar protest in Queensland.

‘our’ ABC’s editorial policy states it will “present a range of views with impartiality” and that it “presents a diversity of perspectives”. But on gender identity ideology, the ABC refuses to interview women from women’s and lesbians’ organisations who actively oppose gender identity ideology. How about some balance from ‘our’ ABC?And guess what? As we take it to the streets, “we’ve only just begun ….”

IWD Brisbane Meanjin

Posters from the event!

‘we can stop this drug, and your body goes back to how it would have been with no long-term consequences’ [reblog]

Reblogging this piece from another author. This text has been sent to Media Watch, the journalists who investigate our media. It is in regards to a special-interest piece by our dear national broadcaster about the Michelle Telfer who heads up Australia’s premier gender id clinic for children. Dr Telfer believes she can “give [a girl] a boy’s body”. Note the timecodes in ().

I’ve just sent this tip-off to Media Watch: ‘A Balancing Act’, Australian Story. ABC, 24/5/2021. This broadcast covers up and misrepresents what Dr Michelle Telfer did in 2014.

There are two issues here:

  • long-term consequences of puberty blockers
  • effect of puberty blockers on bone density

Long-term consequences

In 2014, Dr Tefler told the Langley family that if Isabelle decided to ‘go back to being Campbell’, ‘we can stop this drug, and your body goes back to how it would have been with no long-term consequences‘. This interaction was filmed and broadcast on 17 November 2014 in the episode ‘Being Me’, Four Corners, ABC (at 20:52).

The Langley family, and what Dr Telfer told them in 2014, feature again in ‘A Balancing Act’. However, she is presented as saying to them: ‘We can stop this drug, and your body goes back to how it would have been…’(at12:50). In other words, the phrase ‘with no long-term consequences’ has been cut out.

Of course this matters. It matters because of recent admissions that the long-term consequences of puberty blockers are unknown. See, for example, the amendments to advice about them made on the UK’s National Health Service website in June 2020.…/:

GONE is the claim that puberty blockers are considered to be fully reversible:

“The effects of treatment with GnRH analogues are considered to be fully reversible, so treatment can usually be stopped at any time after a discussion between you, your child and your MDT”.

NEW is the admission that long-term effects are unknown:

“Little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria. Although the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) advises this is a physically reversible treatment if stopped, it is not known what the psychological effects may be. It’s also not known whether hormone blockers affect the development of the teenage brain or children’s bones. Side effects may also include hot flushes, fatigue and mood alterations.”

It is precisely the reason why the application of puberty blockers has been suspended in the UK, Sweden, and Finland.

Effect on Bone Density

In the 2014 footage incorporated into ‘A Balancing Act’, a voiceover is interpolated of Dr Telfer saying: ‘Puberty blockers are reversible. The only risk is that it can affect your bone density’ (at 11:55). The vision accompanying this voiceover is of Dr Telfer speaking to the Langleys in 2014, such that, to an ordinary viewer, it appears that this was something she told them in 2014, and that was broadcast in the Four Corners episode ‘Being Me’.

Was it broadcast in ‘Being me’?

No it wasn’t. Was it something Dr Telfer told the Langleys in 2014, either off-camera or on-camera but edited out before broadcast in 2014? Possible, but highly unlikely, since the effect of puberty blockers on bone density was pretty much unknown at that time:


The hagiographic treatment accorded Dr Telfer in ‘A Balancing Act’ was enhanced by distorting her 2014 professional performance to make it look more nuanced and fact-based than it actually was. It surely isn’t, or shouldn’t be, the role of the ABC to misrepresent and cover up deficiencies in a high-profile featured subject’s professional performance in this way, particularly when it involves such a serious issue as gender dysphoria.

A sincere thank-you to the author for her analsys.