Spot the difference

ANTIFA – Brings a knife Wears a mask to enable physical bullying Picks on bystanders anTERFa – Brings a message Wears a mask so she doesn’t get fired for saying woman is an adult human female. Stands by women and children Peace to the terven ❤

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Earlier this week Posie Parker being banned from Spring for hosting hateful t-shirts bearing the “Woman: Adult Human Female” definition. In her honour, I started my own account on Spring, where you can buy shirts with the same message. I’ve also added one with the Yogyakarta definition of gender, which covers a LOT more of […]

Once you stop

The problem of how to define the word “woman” is a thorny one. There are many varieties of woman & so many ways to become one. One may be born a woman, socialised a woman, feeling an essence of a woman, or surgically created as a woman. The tension between these types of woman is […]