Spot the difference


Brings a knife

Wears a mask to enable physical bullying

Picks on bystanders

anTERFa –

Brings a message

Wears a mask so she doesn’t get fired for saying woman is an adult human female.

Stands by women and children


Peace to the terven ❀

Stxndxng fxr wxmxn

Earlier this week Posie Parker being banned from Spring for hosting hateful t-shirts bearing the “Woman: Adult Human Female” definition. In her honour, I started my own account on Spring, where you can buy shirts with the same message.

I’ve also added one with the Yogyakarta definition of gender, which covers a LOT more of the shirt. I think you get better mileage out of it.

I’ve called my store Stxndxng fxr Wxmxn because we all know how vowels can be triggering.

Head to my Spring store to buy a shirt. Or don’t. It’s cool either way.

I really just want to see if they are banning the message, or just Posie herself. I think we can all guess.

You can and should still get an Adult Human Female shirt at the Standing for Women shop.

Once you stop

The problem of how to define the word “woman” is a thorny one. There are many varieties of woman & so many ways to become one. One may be born a woman, socialised a woman, feeling an essence of a woman, or surgically created as a woman. The tension between these types of woman is difficult to resolve, and it is easier to define a woman as an essence not a reality.

Once you stop creating logical knots to loop in trans women, the difficulty dissolves.

All the rich variety of womanhood is encapsulated. Brown women, rich women, tribal women and business women are all included. Excluded are males who might wear lipstick, have breasts and have their penises inverted.

Without these males, you are left with the simple truth: a woman is an adult human female. Males may dress how they wish, they may modify their bodies, but they will never become women. Their identities are valid, but those identities are not female.

Once you stop trying so hard to include men, you can finally see who you are as a woman.