Certain words and phrases

SMH: parents use of “certain words and phrases” justify the removal of their trans identified daughter into care

Spare a thought for the parents who used “certain words and phrases” and lost their daughter as a result. Her health, fertility, and parts of her body are now in the hands of religious zealots.

This is patriarchy / this is abuse

Patriarchy is a word that gets over-used and is often misunderstood. I don’t use it very often.

Patriarchy is men’s control of women in order to control their reproductive capacity. It can be hard to demonstrate clearly. Yet here is the perfect example of Patriarchy in action.

The mother

A mother, just after giving birth looks on as a male has taken her child and taken her place in the bonding ritual. Instead of learning to nourish the child and form the mother-child dyad, she is a forlorn onlooker. Her missing breasts have cast her into the role of the female eunuch.

The child

The newborn child has not consented to starve while they suck at a dry male breast. The mother may have consented to give up her reproductive power, but that baby has not. It has been born as an accessory to a male fetish.

The man

He is clearly in control. He has taken the mother’s child and rewards her by being “proud of [her] work”. She looks on as he calls the shots, as he takes what is hers.
“We’re going to supplement the feeding” he says “so that my baby can get the nutrients it needs”.

It. Not a person. An ‘it’. A ‘mine’.

“I’m still feeling hopeful.” He adds, as though hope can feed a baby. His baby.

Look deeply, this is the Patriarchy in a pure form.