Australian Liberal Party votes that sex exists

Breaking News from Senator Claire Chandler (TAS)

This morning, the Liberal Party’s Federal Council passed a motion supporting female-specific sports, facilities, and services, and condemning the abuse and threats against women who advocate on these matters. I am so proud of our Party for taking a strong stance on these issues, and I was honoured to speak in favour of the motion this morning.

Senator Claire Chandler

This is what was voted on:

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Why do I live in a world where these statements need political agreement?

No matter.

While the traditionally ‘left’ parties are chanting the totalitarian refrain TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN, the traditionally right-wing party is enshrining the rights of women to define and speak for themselves.

This issue is not a party issue. It is not an issue of right versus left. This is an imperative fight for the future of women and girls. All hands on deck.

Thank you Senator Claire Chandler for having the courage and conviction to speak for women and girls. Thank you for your continued work to protect girls’ sports.

‘we can stop this drug, and your body goes back to how it would have been with no long-term consequences’ [reblog]

Reblogging this piece from another author. This text has been sent to Media Watch, the journalists who investigate our media. It is in regards to a special-interest piece by our dear national broadcaster about the Michelle Telfer who heads up Australia’s premier gender id clinic for children. Dr Telfer believes she can “give [a girl] a boy’s body”. Note the timecodes in ().

I’ve just sent this tip-off to Media Watch: ‘A Balancing Act’, Australian Story. ABC, 24/5/2021. This broadcast covers up and misrepresents what Dr Michelle Telfer did in 2014.

There are two issues here:

  • long-term consequences of puberty blockers
  • effect of puberty blockers on bone density

Long-term consequences

In 2014, Dr Tefler told the Langley family that if Isabelle decided to ‘go back to being Campbell’, ‘we can stop this drug, and your body goes back to how it would have been with no long-term consequences‘. This interaction was filmed and broadcast on 17 November 2014 in the episode ‘Being Me’, Four Corners, ABC (at 20:52).

The Langley family, and what Dr Telfer told them in 2014, feature again in ‘A Balancing Act’. However, she is presented as saying to them: ‘We can stop this drug, and your body goes back to how it would have been…’(at12:50). In other words, the phrase ‘with no long-term consequences’ has been cut out.

Of course this matters. It matters because of recent admissions that the long-term consequences of puberty blockers are unknown. See, for example, the amendments to advice about them made on the UK’s National Health Service website in June 2020.…/:

GONE is the claim that puberty blockers are considered to be fully reversible:

“The effects of treatment with GnRH analogues are considered to be fully reversible, so treatment can usually be stopped at any time after a discussion between you, your child and your MDT”.

NEW is the admission that long-term effects are unknown:

“Little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria. Although the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) advises this is a physically reversible treatment if stopped, it is not known what the psychological effects may be. It’s also not known whether hormone blockers affect the development of the teenage brain or children’s bones. Side effects may also include hot flushes, fatigue and mood alterations.”

It is precisely the reason why the application of puberty blockers has been suspended in the UK, Sweden, and Finland.

Effect on Bone Density

In the 2014 footage incorporated into ‘A Balancing Act’, a voiceover is interpolated of Dr Telfer saying: ‘Puberty blockers are reversible. The only risk is that it can affect your bone density’ (at 11:55). The vision accompanying this voiceover is of Dr Telfer speaking to the Langleys in 2014, such that, to an ordinary viewer, it appears that this was something she told them in 2014, and that was broadcast in the Four Corners episode ‘Being Me’.

Was it broadcast in ‘Being me’?

No it wasn’t. Was it something Dr Telfer told the Langleys in 2014, either off-camera or on-camera but edited out before broadcast in 2014? Possible, but highly unlikely, since the effect of puberty blockers on bone density was pretty much unknown at that time:


The hagiographic treatment accorded Dr Telfer in ‘A Balancing Act’ was enhanced by distorting her 2014 professional performance to make it look more nuanced and fact-based than it actually was. It surely isn’t, or shouldn’t be, the role of the ABC to misrepresent and cover up deficiencies in a high-profile featured subject’s professional performance in this way, particularly when it involves such a serious issue as gender dysphoria.

A sincere thank-you to the author for her analsys.


Our dear national broadcaster, the ABC, has a delightful show called You can’t ask that where people from certain groups answer the questions that are considered impolite. Muslims have answered “are you all Jihadi?” nudists have answered whether they are all swingers, clergy have opened up about their sex lives and HIV+ individuals have shared their stories of life with a death sentence. It breaks down barriers and is quite nice.

Finally, lesbians have their day!

Except, there’s one little snag. Almost literally, there is a sausage in the works. A self-declared lesbian male has shown up to tell lesbians what’s what.

Mostly he’s a bit clueless with statements such as “labels do work for me. Having the labels lesbian and trans-woman really helped me get to my current identity”. Well, that’s obvious mate. When you are searching for identity over substance, labels are all you will get.

He’s also revolting.

Revolting, adjective. Causing intense disgust.

I was going to let him go, chalk it up to the everyday and ordinary outrage that doesn’t warrant a formal response. Like wolf whistles on the street, or being spoken over by men.

However, mulling his words over and over, I came to understand that he caused me disgust.

When asked about sex, he declares “it’s not all P in the V”. Oh I supposed that is news to some, but not many, healthy adults.

“People are really conscious”, he says, of the fact he has a penis. Whatever you do, don’t stand up and yell at the TV “of course you have a penis, you’re a man not a lesbian!”

On the topic of his penis, he is coy, almost sheepish and cheeky. “Well I’ve got it. I know how”. Oh he knows how, what a relief. “And it technically still brings me pleasure”.

Technically. More than technically. It does bring him pleasure to penetrate a woman even when he knows she is a lesbian.

It reminds me of something I read on Reddit earlier tonight. A man advises to defy doctor’s prescriptions because “Taking my blocker every day ended up messing with my sexual organ ‘functionality to a point where I was not comfortable (I actually want to still use it)“.

Men going to great lengths to become a woman, but only as long as they have a nicely functioning penis that can be used for sexual penetration.

But it’s not all about the P in the V is it? I say that penetrating a woman who has expressly built her life around not being penetrated by a man is very much about getting that P into that V.

It is called rape.

This is only part of the reason for my disgust. That casual admission of sexual assault has become commonplace and ordinary now that men finally have a reason to enter lesbian boundaries.

There is also his attitude to his “straight” sex life.

It was a race to the finish… That’s not how sex should be.

– Bloke

The type of sex he was having was “not how sex should be”.

A race to the finish. Maybe a soulless and mechanical endeavour. No savouring of the moment, no willingness to leave his P out of her V just because she doesn’t want it in there.

It’s called rape.

This is sexism in action. He observes that women don’t enjoy his style of fast intercourse and prefer to take it slow. In his mind, men race to the finish. As a man he is unable to slow down. Women take it slow. To take it slow he must become a woman.

It’s important to realise that he isn’t having a different type of sex now, with a different type of person. He’s a male who fucks females. But by becoming a ‘lesbian’ he has given himself permission to slow down and enjoy sex.

He can only fully embody sex while taking advantage of lesbians. How many heterosexual women did he subject to rushed and unsatisfying sex before he figured out that his body was capable of more? He has also taken advantage of his heterosexual conquests.

The common theme: male advantage. He is using women’s bodies for validation. This is how sexism leads to misogyny.

Revolt, verb. Take violent action against an established government or ruler; rebel.

My disgust isn’t just for this man.

I feel disgust for the women to validate him. The ones who take hold of his penis and tell him he is a lesbian. I feel disgust for for his friends, who supported him in his awful behaviour as a male. And then allowed him to believe that his trans-identification was the key to accessing good sex. I’m disgusted by the school system that taught him about penetration but neglected to teach him that women are human.

I’m disgusted that our national broadcaster validates and supports him. They are broadcasting permission for men everywhere to finally put their Ps into lesbian Vs.

There is an established social structure that supports this man in his delusion. The system of gender roles rules him as much as it does us. Without it, he could have developed his sexuality as a male, pleased his lovers and stayed well clear of lesbian spaces.

There is only one option. We must revolt.

Not with violence, but with words. Clear language, deployed without flinching. Calling a man a man is the start. Every single moment, the system of gender is replicating itself in sexist statements at attitudes. The long fight is speaking up in our everyday lives. Whenever someone says “men are like this, women are like that”, you have to speak up. When you hear that men are selfish lovers, you have to challenge the women who support their selfishness.

Revolt, etymology. Latin: revolvere. To roll back.

Roll back this system of gender roles, and keep rolling until male behaviour is no longer ruled by ‘what a man should be’.

It’s not easy. Revolution is not easy.

I don’t want what I want: The battle for a cervical smear test

This is Laurie.

Laurie wants to look and act like a man and be fully recognised as a man in law.

This is Laurie
Photo –

Catering to Laurie’s wishes, the health service recorded her sex as male. Therefore she was not contacted to undertake a cervical smear test. This would appear to be the desired end-game for someone who has gone to lengths medically, surgically, socially and legally be recognised as a man despite being in fact a female.

However, Laurie feels cheated

The cervical smear test reminder is a service provided to women to improve early detection of cervical cancer. Males don’t have a cervix and therefore do not develop cervical cancer. Therefore they are not called up for a test. Reminders are sent out centrally, but for some individual cases the GP will manage the reminder.

Laurie has placed herself in a special category where she would be required to schedule her own smears. Personally I use a calendar reminder, and my GP also nudges me every couple of years. No one loves a speculum up in their vagina, but needs must.

However Laurie still wishes to be entitled to regular smear test reminders. Laurie tells us that the process of organising her own smear reminder is both “exhausting” for herself and “It also puts a lot of extra work on to the GPs, who are already pretty stretched.” My GP uses a software application for all my notes and the reminder comes up automatically. Even when GPs used paper files and no automated call register, my mother’s generation managed to receive regular tests.

I remember my mother talking about it. The trepidation of going in, the relief of a gentle hand or the discomfort of a clumsy procedure. Seb, also a trans-identified female, notes “wasn’t as terrifying as I was expecting”. This is a common experience among women. Since these tests became routine, women sit in waiting rooms fiddling with their hands, and they breathe a sign of relief when they walk out the door. Done for another 2 years.

Laurie wants to be a man, with all the attendant social interactions, but also she wants to be treated like a woman when it suits her. Now that she has what she wants (to be a man), does she still want it?

Special arrangements are needed for men like Laurie

It is always interesting to me how women’s problems become material concerns when voiced by a man. Cervical screening is is at best a chore, and at worst quite an invasive and uncomfortable way to find out you might die quite soon.

“The sample taker and reception staff have a really important role in creating a safe and supportive environment for trans men and/or non-binary people with a cervix,” says Rebecca Shoosmith. Yes Rebecca, for women also. Indeed, far all of us be-cervixed individuals. So the NHS are looking at discreet at-home kits. Quite how the girlfriend, hubby or sister would be better than a trained doctor is a baffling question. But we must keep trying to make Laurie and Seb happy.

Now that men are talking, we’re listening.

Statistics and exaggerations

40% of trans-identified females have never had a cervical smear test. Compared to only 21% of the general population of women in the UK.

One of these numbers is not like the others. The 21% of women comes from official government-collected data made available by the NHS.

The 40% comes from a survey conducted by the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic. Dr Alison Berner interviewed 137 trans people. Half of these (68.5) were eligible for a cervical smear, and of this half, 40% (27.4) had never been screened.

27.4 trans-identified females had not undertaken to get a smear test. “Many had missed appointments because they were fearful about disclosing their gender identity and of how others might react.”.

They fear being exposed, because they are living under a pretence.

They have convinced the medical establishment, and society at large, to take them at their word. When they fear exposure, this has somehow become a public health issue rather than an issue of personal integrity.

Access for all? Solving the intractable puzzle of inviting trans men for screening

Laurie describes accessing a smear test as coming up against a “brick wall”. However she seems to be raging against the machine for nothing. advises that they are aware trans-identified females are a special case, and have created a process to handle them.

Trans men (assigned female at birth) do not receive invitations if registered as male with their GP, but are still entitled to screening if they have a cervix.

Current cervical screening IT systems are not able to include individuals registered with the NHS as ‘male’. Also, current registration systems are unable to record the gender category of ‘non-binary’. In these circumstances, the GP practice or a healthcare team managing gender reassignment should send screening invitation.

Not everyone with a cervix is a woman, however he is a female

The language used in this section of is absurd. “Women and people with a cervix”, “[HPV] Vaccinated women and people with a cervix”. The advice information on reducing cervical screening inequalities for trans people includes the heading not everyone with a cervix is a woman. Perhaps that is semantics, but everyone with a cervix is a female.

Far from being excluded and put-down, Laurie and Seb need only snap their fingers for the kind of recognition that other women dream of.

This post is a response to this article published by the on 18 May 2021.

The Australian Puberty Blocker Market is Worth $27M

You might have the impression that accessing Puberty Blockers is prohibitively expensive. You may have heard that they are unfairly withheld from children, and how they should be subsidised by the government.



For this post, I have relied on data published by TransHub, which is an informational website owned and operated by ACON.

TransHub is the place trans people, children and parents go for their data about transitioning.

The Cost of Blocking Puberty

TransHub advise that there are 3 types of puberty blockers, and that these are prohibitively expensive. Goserelin, Leuprorelin and Triptorelin are each medications that are taken periodically 3-5 times per year.

These drugs are subsidised for conditions such as – endometriosis, chemical castration, prostate cnacer – and are limited for short treatment periods only.


Doctors can prescribe “off label” so the consumer can buy them, but will not receive a subsidy. They must pay full price. For these 3 drugs, the cost is between $800 and $1200 per year per child.

To contrast, my daughter attends karate lessons which are $20 per week, or $1040 per year.

This cost is within reach of most working and middle-class households. The kinds of people who would dress a boy in pink and call him a girl.

Size of the market

Royal Children’s Hospital estimates that there are 45000 trans children in Australia.

If 60% of these children are eligible for puberty blockers, this gives us 27000 children.

27000 children paying $1000 per year is $27 Million dollars.

$27 Million a year

What the current number of trans children are worth in Australia

Each child will take puberty blockers for up to 6 years, meaning there is a need to continually convert younger and younger consumers to maintain the pipeline. The younger the child is placed on to the trans pathway, the more they will look forward to the day they can finally receive puberty-blocking drugs. They are less likely to pause and make a critical decision over something that has become a years-long obsession.

Subsidies are about removing consumer roadblocks

GnRH analogues are not listed on the PBS for puberty suppression related to gender affirmation, and as a result the costs can be prohibitively expensive for many young people and their families. Some young people will seek out public clinics but there are very few currently available in NSW.

TransHub –

For many medications, the government will agree to pay part of the price direct to the manufacturer so that the consumer only pays a small amount at the pharmacy counter.

The manufacturer gets paid either way. So why is this important?

Subsidising puberty blockers will take away a barrier to starting the treatment. If the financial commitment is taken away, parents are more likely to give it a go and see what happens. This works alongside the myth that puberty blockers are safe and reversible.

That’s how my daughter got started in karate – 2 free trial lessons before I handed over my money.

Pie for everyone

For each trans child, the general practitioner (what Americans might call the primary-care doctor) also gets a small piece of the pie.

TransHub gives a list of doctors who are on board with dispensing puberty blockers to children. These doctors may charge $200 per visit to review and administer doses. There is a medicare rebate for these visits, meaning the doctor gets paid $200 and the customer receives around $80 back from the government.

There are also psychologists, endocrinologists and providers of “trans” paraphernalia such as chest binders and penis-tucking underwear.

These parties all stand to profit from a child who stays on the trans path. They act together with the parents and the pharmaceutical companies to lock the child into a life-long and life-altering decision.