TERF Repellant: just another way to use sexism to sell goods

If only there was a way to shut up nasty women for good. Maybe get them waving thir bums around and being a bit more decorative…. I pity any women who buy a TERF Repellant tshirt. They are unisex design, which means made for a default male body. If you’re going to support woman-haters, at […]

Kit’s Twitter

I was just getting used to Twitter, and starting to like it. Then I was suspended. I need to click a button to delete my offending tweet and by doing so, I agree that my tweet violated the “hateful conduct” rule. Here’s what I would have tweeted about today: An academic talks about gender, giving […]

LITERAL VIOLENCE: Suspended from Twitter

I said Juno Dawson is a man. He is. I can get back onto twitter if I delete my tweet. But by doing so I am agreeing that to call a man a man is “hateful”. I submitted an appeal. I may yet capitulate and delete the tweet. But for today, I’m standing on my […]