Finding our way out of the gender forest

HNE Kids Health is a NSW Government Website.

Maple Leaf House is their clinic for trans-identifying minors.

You can find printable pro-formas to encourage GPs to refer children to the service.

There are a number of videos affirming the trans child identity. Parents, older trans individuals and young people describe the importance of an affirmative approach. There is no mention of desistance as an option for a child presenting to the clinic.

A linear path is presented to children

Navigating the ‘gender forest’ (oh please) is done in a straight line toward the GP Tree festooned by gender transition leaves. Your entry to the ‘forest’ leads directly and only to medicalisation.

HNE Kids Health

The referral proforma presents linear flow charts to describe the steps for treating youth with medical gender issues.

Source: HNE GP referral pro forma for children / adolescents
Source: HNE GP referral pro forma for children / adolescents


There is NO mention of desisting from a trans identity.

There is NO reference to detransitioners, and their voices are NOT HEARD in any of the videos.

Harmful treatments

They present puberty blockers as ‘reversible’ (they’re no).

They present binding and tucking as ‘harmless’ (they’re not).

Deciding your goals

The ‘gender forest’ directs children to “decide on your goals”. This is an enormous amount of pressure to put on a child. Or on an adult. What are YOUR life goals? Do you want to cut your breasts off one day? C’mon we need an answer.

Trans away the gay

A lengthy video features 2 adolescents – a male and a female – talking about their transitions. The male relates how he initially ‘came out as gay’. The female adolescent talks about transitioning to escape “glitter and sparkly princess dresses”.

This is a medicalised gay conversion.

Fair and Balanced Reporting Over Time: The Hubbard Edition

Just how does the ABC want you to view Laurel Hubbard?

Since 2018, the ABC have published some 24 pieces on Laurel Hubbard and his participation in the sport of weightlifting at an international level. Hubbard is male who competes in the women’s category. He recently went to the Tokyo Olympics on the NZ women’s weightlifting team.

The overwhelming majority of articles were supportive and many blatantly pushed gender ideology pseudo-science.

Laurel was a junior champion

Hubbard set a junior record in 1998 for weight lifting. He took a break from weightlifting until after transitioning at 35. His results place him far away from the international stage. For men, that is. For women, where the field is more sparse, he is good enough to compete internationally. He won spots in the women’s contest at the Pan Pacific Games, the Commonwealth Games and in the Olympics.

Joanna Harper, the trans-identified male who’s flawed study put maled into women’s olympic sport says of Hubbard that he is:

“certainly no threat to be in the top in the world among men but certainly is in the top 10 among women.”

Dr. Joanna Harper

The ABC’s own standards

The ABC’s editorial policy states that

“…the ABC gathers and presents news and information with impartiality and presents a diversity of perspectives so that, over time, no significant strand of thought or belief within the community is knowingly excluded or disproportionately represented.”

Over the course of 3 years and 24 articles we would expect to see plenty of varied viewpoints from the ABC that arrive at a balanced picture. However this is not the case.

Early articles and broadcasts mention Hubbard in passing as a competitor in various games. There are a few ripples of criticism. For instance after Hubbard broke his arm at the Commonwealth Games, a coach stated that Hubbard’s departure gave the women an unexpected chance to win a medal.

As time passed, articles tended to put focus on supporting Hubbard’s inclusion in the sport of female weightlifting.

Limited Perspectives Sought

The ABC brings in a limited selection of voices to comment on the participation of a male in female sports.

Trans Identified Males

The insidious aspect of seeking advice from trans-identified-males is the appearance of gender balance. The female names, long hair and makeup give the casual impression that many women were consulted. In fact, only men are being consulted.

World Athletics – Influential figures on the contribution of women to science in athletics
The panel appears to be all-female. Joanna Harpur is 3rd from the left.

Several trans-identified-male athletes are brought in to comment on the fairness of male competing in female sports. They include:

  • Dr Joanna Harper (male, advises the IOC on trans inclusion),
  • Kristin Worley (male, cyclist and trans advocate),
  • Grace McKenzie (male, amateur Rugby League player),
  • Chelsea Wolfe (male, Olympic BMX).

This panel make it appear that a number of women have been consulted. In fact, they are all men pronouncing their views on the boundaries of women’s sports.

Hubbard’s voice

Laurel Hubbard is seen here, making a heart symbol with her hands to thank supporters.
Hubbard simply reports feeling welcomed in the female competition
Getty Images. Source

Laurel Hubbard has declined to participate in the commentary surrounding the competitions but is quoted regarding the competition atmosphere, feeling welcomed, and the injury sustained at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Coaches and officials

Samoan Weightlifting Head Coach Jerry Wallwork is interviewed several times about his view that male inclusion is not fair for his female athletes. After Hubbard withdraws from the 2018 Commonwealth Games due to injury, journalist Richard Ewart prompts him to agree that he “got a fair competition”.

On Radio National Drive, Patricia Karvelas interviews Commonwealth Games Federation CEO David Grevemberg. Together they frame the issue as one of fairness to trans-identified athletes, ignoring that female athletes have a right to fairness. Karevalas encourages Gevemberg to speculate on what possible reason a sport would have to wish to exclude trans women further biasing the discourse toward male inclusion. While they explore the fairness to transgender athletes, they fail to mention female athletes even once.

Patrician Karvelas (Radio National) frames the issue in terms of fairness to male athletes

To add on to the misogyny, the Secretary-general of the Oceania Weightlifting Institute Paul Coffa is reported saying of Hubbard “she’s a lovely girl“.

Female Competitors

Hubbard’s competitors are silent on the issue of males in their sport.

22 year old Christina Amoe-Tarant gave a polite “I just wish her well“, which is what you might expect from a competitor pre-game. Sport at such an elite level is not about smack talk and back-biting. The Olympics and the Commonwealth Games are collegiate.

It is a similar attitude shown by medallists Li Wen Wen (gold), Emily Campbell (silver) and Sarah Robles (bronze). Do you want to comment? #NoThankYou

It is a similar attitude shown by medallists Li Wen Wen (gold), Emily Campbell (silver) and Sarah Robles (bronze). Do you want to comment? #NoThankYou

Robles later issues a statement on Instagram clarifying her position that male inclusion is not fair.

Who’s missing? The opposition

The ABC fails to report any opposition to allowing males in female sports.

Journalist Richard Ewart brings balance…. but not much of it

Richard Ewart brings a single article which balances the opinions of a variety of experts. It voices dissenting on the basis of fairness. Notably the Samoan Prime Minister, Dr Nicola Williams from Fair Play for Women UK,

Dr Joanna Harper is quoted at length on the reasons his study of trans-identified male athletic performance was inadequate justification to admit males into female sports.

Taken alone this article provides a balanced look at the issues around Laurel Hubbard’s participation in female weightlifting.

Dr Ryan Storr (founder of LGBT sport charity Proud 2 Play) is quoted belittling women and mischaracterising the concern for safety and fairness: “People don’t wake up and want to win medals so they go into women’s sport,” he said.

Even as the most balanced article presented, it is not impartial.

Ewart is not above staking the moral high ground with an unscientific claim “observers have argued that the idea that testosterone determines speed and strength — and that trans women athletes will always have an advantage — is a myth that needs debunking”. This statement links off to Tracey Holmes’ pseudo-scientific article They always have an advantage’: five myths about transgender athletes debunked.

Campaigners are missing

Fair Play for Women is quoted by Ewart in the above article. In another, they are simply referred to as “a UK pressure group” making their interest in the world of Pacific weightlifting seem remote and bizarre.

The local group Save Womens Sports Australasia were not quoted, consulted or even mentioned. This is despite being active on social media, actively releasing statements to the press and having spokeswomen who give media interviews.

Competitors are silenced

Lambrechs. Source:

Tracey Lambrechs is a New Zealander and former champion female weightlifter who claims that female competitors were told to “be quiet” about Hubbard’d participation. Lambrech’s comments were covered by numerous news outlets, but not by the ABC.

Although thoroughly reporting on Hubbard’s reception at the Olympics, ABC also fails to cover the comments from Belgian weightlifter Anna Van Bellinghen. Several outlets reported her comments that Laurel Hubbard competing in the female category is “a joke”.

Pseudo-science and the handmaidens

The ABC have selected women journalists to spearhead the delivery of the inclusion message.

Journalists Tracey Holmes and Ange Lavoirpierere bring forth waves of pseudo-science to support their claim that males should have free access to women’s sport. Their reporting of the trans inclusion issue is fervently supportive.

Kristin Worley is a “Diversity Policy Development Adviser & High-Performance Cyclist”. He teamed up with ABC journalise Tracey Holmes to write ‘They always have an advantage’: five myths about transgender athletes debunked.

Their article opens with a few explanatory sentences, including “The discussions have been largely driven by ignorance, pseudo-science and bigotry.” This sets the tone for the one-dimensional onslaught brought by the remainder of the article.

It includes statements such as “A transitioned female generates no hormones at all then goes into a menopausal state“. Only women go through menopause! It is a condition where the oestrogen production slows or stops leading to an abundance of testosterone. Also “Scientific evidence debunks the socially constructed binary model of gender” linking to an article from the WHO dealing with intersex conditions. I noted that the article is no longer available and could only be accessed via an archive.

Tracey Holmes & The Porche Analogy

Ange Lavoipierre hosted a radio broadcast featuring journalist Tracey Holmes and trans-identified males Chelsea Wolfe & Grace McKenzie. Holmes conjures an analogy comparing male and female athletic performance.

A Porsche would ordinarily be able to outrace a Mazda.

The Porsche is the male athlete and the Mazda is a female athlete. Not content with comparing women to cut-price cars, Holmes adds some truly junk science.

The Porsche can’t outrace the Mazda when it doesn’t have any fuel.

In her analogy, testosterone is the ‘fuel’ that powers athletic performance. No Tracey, bodies are fuelled by carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Testosterone might aid muscle development in adult males. It definitely causes the broader shoulders, bigger bones, larger frame to develop during male puberty. It is not the fuel that powers athletic performance.

Even if we were to admit that testosterone is ‘the fuel’ (it is not) the Porsche is still a $200 000 precision-engineered vehicle. The Mazda is a sporty runabout not known for racetrack performance.

Image source. Porsche: There’s no testosterone and Tracey Holmes says that’s why it can’t go fast

The ABC owes us fair and balanced reportage. Over an extended period, ABC has shown a failure to deliver.

Women are not cheap cars. Men in women’s sports do pose a threat to fairness sand safety. No women were consulted or platformed when reporting this issue.


A Fabulous Day for Shouting at Middle-Aged Ladies

The narrative is that TERFs are evil, female-supremacists who live to transgress trans boundaries.


What we really see are angry men shouting and abusing middle-aged ladies.

It’s almost as if this man has some unresolved issue with a mother-figure in his life.

Puberty Blockers: Not enough evidence

The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health has just published this excellent article pointing out that the science is FAR FROM settled on the application of piberty blockers to treat gender dysphoric children.

William Malone, Roberto D’Angelo, Stephen Beck, Julia Mason and Marcus Evans are leading clinicians. They raise serious questions about the efficacy of puberty blockers, the paucity of evidence supporting the rush to treatment.

Listen to me read out this article then check it out yourself

Quotes (all from the article)

Further, the magnitude of the post-treatment improvements in mental health was small. The depression (Beck Depression Inventory) scores improved by around 3 out of 63 points,

A study of 14 young people with gender dysphoria who were rejected from puberty suppression due to “psychological or environmental factors” found that at follow-up 1–7 years aer the original application, 11 of 14 did not feel any regret about not undergoing gender confirmation.7

…this same study, which to date is the only attempt to replicate de Vries and colleagues,5 found “no evidence of change in psychological function with GnRHa treatment“, including measures of distress and self-harm

The study concluded that the reported psychological improvements are “either of questionable clinical value,


Puberty blockers for gender dysphoria: the science is far from settled – The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health

About The Lancet Child & Adolescent

Link to the article – you may need to register for free.

A final thought

When you are deciding whose evidence to follow, are you following the doctors who are providing treatments that put children on a life-long medical pathway? Or are you listening to these clinicians whose only aim is to help children get healthy so they can live their lives free of medical intervention?

Malone, D’Angelo, Beck, Mason and Evans don’t get paid to ask you to think twice before medicalising your kids. Gender Therapists, on the other hand, do stand to make a lot of money by convincing you that a perfectly healthy boy is really a girl because he likes Barbies.

Who needs $30k worth of porn on hand?

Man lives rent-free with parents; moves out leaving behind his porn collection; sues parents when they destroy the materials.

Republished from:

Parents Owe Son $30,441 For Tossing Out His Porn Collection

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (AP) — A judge has ordered a western Michigan couple to pay $30,441 to their son for getting rid of his pornography collection.

U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney’s decision this week came eight months after David Werking, 43, won a lawsuit against his parents.

He said they had no right to throw out his collection of films, magazines and other items. Werking had lived at their Grand Haven home for 10 months after a divorce before moving to Muncie, Indiana.

The judge followed the value set by an expert, reported. Werking’s parents also must pay $14,500 to their son’s attorney.

After moving to Indiana, Werking learned that his possessions were missing.

“Frankly, David, I did you a big favor getting rid of all this stuff,” his dad said in an email.

So many questions!

Who has $30k pornography on hand?

Who needs to masturbate that much?

Who leaves pornography at their parent’s house?

Who brings pornography to their parent’s house?

Who lives rent-free with their parents… with their giant collection of 12 boxes of pornography?

Who holds on to an expensive, valuable collection while they live rent-free with their parents?

Who isn’t ashamed that they spent $30k on pornography?

Who feels so entitled that they take their parents to court and demand tens of thousands of dollars over their expensive, time-wasting, sexuality-destroying, woman-degrading collection of pornography?

The video on this article has more detail about the background.