Legal Rights

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Trans Rights

Status of Trans rights in Australia

Summary of Gender Recognition in Australia

Speech on Birth Deaths and Marriages Bill 2019 – Louise Staley

The Federal government paved the way in 2013, allowing states to require only a doctor’s note as proof of sex on a passport. Each state though has a different requirement. As of 2020 –

  • NSW, QLD – self ID but sex reassignment surgery is required
  • SA, WA, ACT, VIC, TAS, NT – self ID with declaration

“Conversion” Therapy

Conversion Therapy can mean forcing someone who is straight to be gay. However in these bills, it is also described as not affirming a person’s declared gender identity. It will be a crime to talk to a girl about why she might stay a girl. It will be a crime to refuse to convert her to a boy.

Queensland – bill passed; Victoria – bill passed lower house and introduced upper house 10 December 2020; ACT – bill passed