Tweet #NoExtraBalls on 2 August 2021 to protest Laurel Hubbard’s Olympic lift

Laurel Hubbard is scheduled for 7:50pm Tokyo time (8:50pm Sydney, 9:50pm Wellington)

Check the time – 19:50pm in Tokyo –


Laurel Hubbard is the first openly (oh please!) transgender Olympic athlete. He is set to compete in women’s weightlifting on 2 August 2021.

News outlets focus on the stories and feelings of male athletes invading women’s sports and ignore the experiences of the females they are knocking off podiums. Active athletes won’t come out and criticise a competitor, and this makes it seem like they are fine with the situation.

Do this: Tweet on 2 August 2021

Why? Together we can demonstrate that this is an issue we have coordinated around. We are not just lone voices.

Don’t stay silent. Gaslighting can’t continue when we point out the Emperor has no clothes!


ABC articles

Too many to list. But they all focus on male feelings, male inclusion, gaslighting women and positioning the terven as the bad witches e.g.

What to tweet

  • See sample tweets added below
  • Fairness in competition
  • Women knocked off podium
  • women are not a hormone level
  • Doesn’t matter if Hubbard wins or loses – he shouldn’t be there
  • ABC / news should cover the debate
  • ABC / news silenced women
  • The world is up in arms about bikini uniforms… but not males in our sports
  • If Hubbard has a penis he’s a man! If Hubbard cut off his penis, he’s a man!
  • Don’t leave it to SkyNews to cover the debate


Use the hashtags #SaveWomensSports #NoExtraBalls #OlympicsErasingWomen #OlympicsRoadshowProtest #SaveWomensSports #LaurelHubbard

Don’t forget to CC @Olympics

Australians, direct tweets at …

  • @ABCaustralia (national news outlet)
  • @AustralianLabor (the major leftwing party)
  • @unionsaustralia (the peak union body)
  • @sportaustralia (peak sporting body)
  • @smh (major daily newspaper)
  • @7Olympics (olympics broadcaster)
  • @TraceyLeeHolmes

Don't forget to loop in #GC_AUS (gender critical australia)

New Zealanders, direct tweets toward…

  • @SportNZ (peak sporting body)
  • @1NewsNZ (national broadcaster news)
  • @TVNZ (national broadcaster)
  • @nzherald (major daily newspaper)

See also

  • Hubbard, who transitioned in 2011
  • Chelsea Wolfe (freestyle BMX for the USA) – not yet scheduled to compete
  • Stephanie Barrett (archery for Canada) – 1/32nd eliminations on 27 July 2021
  • Valentina Petrillo (Italian Paralympic sprinter)

UPDATE: ABC News Articles since 2018

Featuring ‘Laurel Hubbard’


  • 19 articles – 17 are completely pro-Hubbard, 1 mildly criticises men in women’s sports
  • 1 mentions a ‘UK pressure group’ that oppose men in women’s sports
  • 1 features 20 sec of a Samoan coach urging caution
  • 1 article reports 5 false ‘facts’ about men in women’s sport

Laurel Hubbard will make Olympic history on Monday before winning a medal despite the naysayers

Tongan weightlifter will be in Tokyo to compete against NZ’s Laurel Hubbard

Transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard’s Tokyo Olympics selection backed by Australian weightlifting rival

Transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard named in New Zealand’s women’s weightlifting team for Tokyo Olympics

Transgender athletes controversy swirls after Laurel Hubbard wins gold at Pacific Games

More weightlifting gold for Samoa after hot favourite Laurel Hubbard pulls out

Commonwealth Games: Samoa wins gold after transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard withdraws because of injury

Laurel Hubbard: five myths about transgender athletes debunked

Commonwealth Games: Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard withdraws after suffering injury

Laurel Hubbard withdraws

Commonwealth Games: Split in Pacific ranks over transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard

Samoa: Weightlifting coach unhappy about IOC decision makers

Transgender weightlifter withdraws from Games

The Signal Preview: Being trans at the Tokyo Olympics

Being trans at the Tokyo Olympics

Pressure group wants ban on transgender athletes in women’s sport

Mentions a UK pressure group but not the concern of Save Women’s Sports Australasia * 5 minute broadcast from 2019. Text from blurb: > The controversy that erupted over New Zealand’s transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, when she won gold at the Pacific Games in Samoa, is reverberating around the world. >A UK pressure group representing women in sport is calling on the International Olympic Committee to suspend its rules that allow male to female athletes to take part in women’s competitions. >And in the US, a transgender athlete and scientist who advises the IOC is calling for existing testosterone limits to be halved. But even that move is unlikely to diminish the sense of injustice that’s felt by many in the Pacific. >Duration: 5min 39sec >Broadcast: Mon 29 Jul 2019, 6:00am

Pacific Beat: Monday

Her participation caused controversy at the Pacific Games, and now the case of NZ transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard is part of a wider global debate, with calls for the International Olympic Committee to shelve its rules until more research is carried out;

Openly trans athletes make their Olympic debut, but the rules could change very soon

Commonwealth Games: 10 lasting memories from Gold Coast 2018

Trans-gender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard also talked about feeling welcome amid cheers from the crowd during the women’s 90kg+ weightlifting final, while South Africa’s Caster Semenya received warm welcomes from the Carrara Stadium stands as she completed a historic 800m-1500m golden double.

Largest Tasmanian weightlifting contingent to compete in Commonwealth and Oceania championships

But gold was awarded to transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard. The New Zealander bettered her closest rival by 19 kilograms.

We must not reject…

Queer Theory is the academic tradition (both terms used loosely) that underpins identity politics and gender identity extremism. It is grounded in the pursuit of smashing social and personal boundaries.

This is Gayle Rubin

Author of Thinking Sex, the founding document of Queer Theory.

In a very lofty academic sense, she has a point. Surely, somewhere there is a 17 year old and an 18 year old in love who aren’t abusing one another in they way we mean when we talk about adult-child relationships.

But that is the danger of taking a technical approach, and pretending there are degrees of abuse. It is a way to jimmy open the conversation and causing you admit that no not all sexual encourters are oppressive. Then you’ll need to account for every other situation and configuration of adult-child relations and examine them individually to ensure they are indeed abusive. “Yes, but what of the 16 year old who is mature for his age with the 21 year old virgin substitute teacher and the child started it?”

It is a game designed to get us to examine, in brutal tabloid detail, the prospect of sexual relationships with children. The process primes us to consider something we should not consider.

It is a game designed to get agreement that there are some forms of adult-child sexual contact that are not necessarily inherently oppressive.

To do so would be to relinquish our responsibilities as adults.

As adults we know that sexual contact has positive and negative consequence. We base our consent on our ability to evaluate those consequences. Children may be mature, they may ‘start it’, they may even consent and find pleasure in what they think of as an equal sexual relationship. But we know, the adults know that it is not equal, which makes it not consensual and therefore does make adult-child sexual contact always inherently oppressive.

We must not reject our duty as the grown ups in the room to say ‘no’ to child abuse. Even hip, woke child abuse.

Men in women’s sports: read this article by Kath Deves

Allowing a male-born person to compete against female Olympians excludes women — how could it not?

Do women face exclusion from sports if transgender athletes compete in this year’s Olympic Games? A response to Michael Bradley and Emma Johnsen’s recent article.

Read more here –

Human Beings Aren’t Clownfish (and here’s why you are being told they are)

Hint: it’s big business.

I can’t say it better than @FrancisAaronUK

This is patriarchy / this is abuse

Patriarchy is a word that gets over-used and is often misunderstood. I don’t use it very often.

Patriarchy is men’s control of women in order to control their reproductive capacity. It can be hard to demonstrate clearly. Yet here is the perfect example of Patriarchy in action.

The mother

A mother, just after giving birth looks on as a male has taken her child and taken her place in the bonding ritual. Instead of learning to nourish the child and form the mother-child dyad, she is a forlorn onlooker. Her missing breasts have cast her into the role of the female eunuch.

The child

The newborn child has not consented to starve while they suck at a dry male breast. The mother may have consented to give up her reproductive power, but that baby has not. It has been born as an accessory to a male fetish.

The man

He is clearly in control. He has taken the mother’s child and rewards her by being “proud of [her] work”. She looks on as he calls the shots, as he takes what is hers.
“We’re going to supplement the feeding” he says “so that my baby can get the nutrients it needs”.

It. Not a person. An ‘it’. A ‘mine’.

“I’m still feeling hopeful.” He adds, as though hope can feed a baby. His baby.

Look deeply, this is the Patriarchy in a pure form.


Spot the difference


Brings a knife

Wears a mask to enable physical bullying

Picks on bystanders

anTERFa –

Brings a message

Wears a mask so she doesn’t get fired for saying woman is an adult human female.

Stands by women and children


Peace to the terven ❤

Senator Mehreen Faruqi: could stand for women, but chooses not to

Senator Mehreen Faruqi is an elected representative for the Greens Party.

She believes that you can and should be able to buy access to a woman’s body.

As a leader, she should be helping the vulnerable. Women who are single parents and can’t make ends meet on a clerical salary. Women with mental health issues who can’t keep a 9-5 schedule. Women who didn’t get a qualification. Immigrant women. Poor women. Trafficked women.

She could stand up for them.

She could campaign for paid 2 years maternity support from the government. She could speak up for better access to mental health care. She could work to create bridging programs for women coming into Australia so that they don’t fall through the cracks and into prostitution. She could fight to raise the minimum wage and create jobs by decreasing the standard work week to 4 days.

A screen shot

She chooses not to stand for women

She chooses to send women into exploitative conditions with a pat on the back.

She chooses to support the fiction that prostitution is always a free choice. Given a career as a top surgeon or a prostitute, wouldn’t any woman choose prostitution? No. Prostitution is a career chosen by a small few with the fortitude to handle it, for as long as their looks hold up of course.

Even if it were a freely chosen career, it is hardly one with a solid retirement plan. How does that make it a smart choice for women?

Even if it is work, how are the conditions exactly? If my employer put his penis in my vagina, I’d have him in court faster than you can say “Grace Tame”. If I had to deal with drunk customers, I’d complain to HR. If my access to work was based on on my looks and my lingerie, I would be calling the union.

How is this a good choice for women?

Prostitution is an occupation inflicted on a great many other women who do not have the capacity to choose. They are in grinding poverty, they have mental or physical problems that mean they cannot commit to full time work and choose instead to be at the beck and call of Johns. Or they clock on to a full day sitting idly in a brothel, lining up when called, discretely swiping some lube onto their lips as they walk to the room.

Yes, there is consent. But is that really the bar we want to set for sex? A nod, a couple of dollars. Sex with another person is our second-most exciting and intimate bond. Why does the Senator want to reduce it to a crude transaction, where consent is given for cash not for intimacy, pleasure, excitement or desire?

I’m guessing here that Senator does not spend her Wednesdays waiting around for couple of drunk men, lined up with 10 other “girls” judged on her looks, and selected for a boring fuck in exchange for 50 bucks.

Hey, maybe she does.

Laurel Hubbard: Holding Open The Door

Laurel Hubbard is a male who will contest for gold in weightlifting in the female category.

Thank you Laurel, you will peak the world.

I did some analysis on Hubbard’s results versus the Olympic records and performance of current female world champs. Hubbard is nowhere close to them. It is doubtful that a medal will be seized. 

So what’s the problem? Just be nice. Let him have a go. Don’t feel so threatened.

In the male contest there is a 2kg difference between 1st and 3rd place. In the women’s contest it is much greater and there is a lot of room between competitors. So a male competitor who is 5kg from the 1st place lift will know he won’t even get on the team, but a female in the same position would be winning silver. .

What Hubbard does though is open the door for any male to access the female category. Once he gets in, the good athletes will follow in quick succession, and there will be no more female records. There is a 30kg disparity between the 4th place male and the 1st place female (in snatch). 

Hubbard invites the male 4th place getters in to women’s sport. It doesn’t matter why Hubbard claims this right. It matters that it has been claimed on behalf of all men.

We know that women are more than a hormone level. We know that the IOC rules allow males to complete within a natural male range of testosterone (and 2-4x female range) and we know that oestrogen does not make one weaker. It is the muscle, bone, lungs, blood (in other words it is the male body) which is stronger. 

We known that women play sports differently because of their bodies and this is why we want them to play. The difference brings new dimensions to our sports. 

Males now have the right, on their declaration and a small hormone depression, to access and obliterate women’s sport.

It seems hard for many news outlets to listen to the women who are saying this is not fair.

This bloke seems to get it. It’s funny but when you say it out loud, when a man says it out loud, it doesn’t nearly as crazy as it does in your own head. Laurel Hubbard is a man. Yes, be kind to him, but don’t let your kindness blind you to his male body.

Now is the time to be angry

When The Guardian tells you Hubbard is “backed by Australian rival and New Zealand PM” they are telling you that active competitors don’t slag each other off, and the PM doesn’t interfere in international sporting contests. They are also telling you that the only way they can justify Hubbard’s inclusion is if a couple of women say it’s OK. She likes it, what’s wrong with you? That’s gaslighting.

When The Conversation tells you “the way we talk about Olympian Laurel Hubbard has real consequences for all transgender people” and counsels you on “the importance of listening” they are telling you to be kind to people who have no intention of being kind in return. When they tell you the science in “selective” they mean they the science was what they would have selected. When they tell you that the only voices missing from the debate are trans voices, they mean in addition to Veronica Ivy, Laurel Hubbard, Hannah Mouncey, or any of the other scores of vocal trans athletes. They definitely don’t mean ACON’s sporting advocacy body Pride in Sport who’s mission is to promote trans inclusion in sport.

When they tell you that trans athletes are “protecting their own mental health and well-being,” causing “their stories, their humanity and their courage are largely lost from the media narrative”, they mean to paint a picture of someone who cannot be questioned.

They don’t spare a thought for the women who are not being heard, instead they call us bigots. They don’t care for our fragile humanity, instead they tell us to “listen deeply”. They do not care about the plain fact and indisputable science that male bodies are different to female bodies.

Don’t be nice.

Don’t listen deeply to cheats. Listen to your gut.

Whatever happens, never shut up.