Finding our way out of the gender forest

HNE Kids Health is a NSW Government Website.

Maple Leaf House is their clinic for trans-identifying minors.

You can find printable pro-formas to encourage GPs to refer children to the service.

There are a number of videos affirming the trans child identity. Parents, older trans individuals and young people describe the importance of an affirmative approach. There is no mention of desistance as an option for a child presenting to the clinic.

A linear path is presented to children

Navigating the ‘gender forest’ (oh please) is done in a straight line toward the GP Tree festooned by gender transition leaves. Your entry to the ‘forest’ leads directly and only to medicalisation.

HNE Kids Health

The referral proforma presents linear flow charts to describe the steps for treating youth with medical gender issues.

Source: HNE GP referral pro forma for children / adolescents
Source: HNE GP referral pro forma for children / adolescents


There is NO mention of desisting from a trans identity.

There is NO reference to detransitioners, and their voices are NOT HEARD in any of the videos.

Harmful treatments

They present puberty blockers as ‘reversible’ (they’re no).

They present binding and tucking as ‘harmless’ (they’re not).

Deciding your goals

The ‘gender forest’ directs children to “decide on your goals”. This is an enormous amount of pressure to put on a child. Or on an adult. What are YOUR life goals? Do you want to cut your breasts off one day? C’mon we need an answer.

Trans away the gay

A lengthy video features 2 adolescents – a male and a female – talking about their transitions. The male relates how he initially ‘came out as gay’. The female adolescent talks about transitioning to escape “glitter and sparkly princess dresses”.

This is a medicalised gay conversion.

The Good Fairy Comes When You Are Older

Jazz Jennings, Transgender advocate and the most famous trans kid, came out to his parents at age two.

Here’s what he said to AC Nightline. Note the reaction from the interviewer.

Jazz Jennings

When I was 2 years old I went up to my mom and asked her “when is The Good Fairy going to come with her magic wand and change my penis into a vagina?” (ABC Nightline)

An actual 2 year old

What’s your name?


How old are you?


What does your Dad do for a living?

Dada. Dada eew Dada. Niegha Dada!

(The Daily Davidsons)


Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves.

Medical News Today

Jazz believes he asked at 2 that the Good Fairy would come and exchange his penis for a vagina. At an age where most children don’t yet have a grasp on word formation, let alone talking in fill sentences. At 2 it is common for children to talk in their “own language” of babbles.

He must have been an exceptionally advanced child.

Or his mother may be Ret-Conning the story. Jeanette Jennings says “we weren’t encouraging, we were supportive“.That way she can deny that she guided him his journey, both to the media and eventually to Jazz. If it turns out that this was a mistake, a decision taken too young, the Jennings parents can tell Jazz that it was all his idea. She won’t have to take responsibility for the way they committed a young child onto a pathway of living on a reality show, enacting ‘feminine’ stereotypes, taking drugs and undergoing multiple genital surgeries.

When asked if she’s a “Stage Mom” Jeanette Jennings makes it all about her. “I don’t enjoy being on television” she does it for the kids. Won’t somebody think of the children? But not the welfare of her own children.

Mum appears to be in charge, but Dad is fully on board with this gaslighting.

Stereotyping: An article in the American Sociological Review states that a person using gaslighting techniques may intentionally use negative stereotypes of a person’s gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, or age to manipulate them. For example, they may tell a female that people will think she is irrational or crazy if she seeks help for abuse.

Medical News Today

Or they may tell a child they cannot play with stereotypical “girls” toys or that “boys don’t wear dresses”. Children trust their parents. The child wants to wear a dress, only girls wear dresses, so the child must be a girl. It’s logic you might expect from a child under 5. Guess what, these children are under 5.

Rather have a straight daughter than a gay son

Which 2 year old knows that a penis prevents them from playing with sparkly toys?

Which 2 year old knows that a penis can be swapped for a vagina?

Which child is told that they need to swap gender in order to wear what they want to wear and play with their toys?

This child – Son of Brandon Boulware

I did not let my child wear girl clothes … I did it to protect myself.

She asked me if she put on boy’s clothes could she go out to play.

My daughter was equating being good with being someone else.

We allowed her to be who she is – to grow her hair, to wear girl’s clothes.

Perhaps he picked up on the parental anxiety that “girl clothes” were inappropriate. Brandon had an escape plan that allowed his on to wear dresses and go play: he could become a she.

This Child – Kai Shappley

I thought this kid might be gay… Googling conversion therapy. … spanking her, really spanking her, for saying she’s a girl … my child was praying to die.

Perhaps because he gets beaten whenever he wants to play with girl toys, he insists he is a girl.

Mother, Kimberley Shappley, is another stage mom. Kai stars as the trans character in The Babysitter’s Club reboot for Netflix.

This Child – Jackie Green , Son of Susie Green (CEO of Mermaids)

I thought I had an effeminate, quite sensitive little boy who was probably gay.

But Jack’s Dad did not approve.

His mother went on to lead the UK’s foremost charity for ‘trans kids’, gaslighting parent’s and children into believing that wearing a dress makes a child ‘trans’.

The Good Fairy Comes When You Are Older

Think of Jazz Jennings, waiting to be old enough so the Good Fairy can come and take his penis away. He tells ABS Nightline that “confirmation surgery” is the final step in transition so he can finally be the woman he really is.

He seems tired.

Transing children is emotional abuse.


Your homework, should you choose to accept it

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