Everyone is 100% focused on Max

Have you ever had an argument with someone whose mind is already made up? I used to do this for fun. There is a certain kind of ideologue who is never going to be persuaded out of their faith, but who nonetheless likes that someone tries. I was the kind of person who liked to […]

Finding our way out of the gender forest

HNE Kids Health is a NSW Government Website. Maple Leaf House is their clinic for trans-identifying minors. You can find printable pro-formas to encourage GPs to refer children to the service. There are a number of videos affirming the trans child identity. Parents, older trans individuals and young people describe the importance of an affirmative […]

Certain words and phrases

Spare a thought for the parents who used “certain words and phrases” and lost their daughter as a result. Her health, fertility, and parts of her body are now in the hands of religious zealots.

Puberty Blockers: Not enough evidence

The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health has just published this excellent article pointing out that the science is FAR FROM settled on the application of piberty blockers to treat gender dysphoric children. William Malone, Roberto D’Angelo, Stephen Beck, Julia Mason and Marcus Evans are leading clinicians. They raise serious questions about the efficacy of puberty […]