An Experiment (Is Australian State-Funded Media Saturated by Trans Propaganda?)

Go to ABC.NET.AU and find the search bar. Type in “transgender”. Here’s the link to results.

Today is Thursday 17th February 2022. It is my lunch break. Since 1 week ago (10th February) these articles have been published about transgender issues. Not a single negative or even neutral article.

  1. Meet the schools who have already acknowledged and accepted transgender students -
  2. Is there a place for trans students in religious schools? These schools say yes
  3. The debate over the federal Religious Discrimination Bill has been hijacked by progressive secularists — and neither party is blameless
  4. Life Matters: Do we still need single-sex schools?
  5. Prime Minister accuses Kristina Keneally of wanting to protect violent abusers in extraordinary attack over deportation bill – includes line “Last week, five Liberals broke ranks with the Coalition to vote against a government bill over religious discrimination laws that they argued would leave transgender youths at risk of being kicked out of religious schools.”
  6. Parly Returns – “Both sides of politics want a new law to prevent discrimination against people of faith – but there are unresolved differences over how to do this while protecting gay and transgender communities. ” –
  7. Australia’s debate about religious discrimination exposes political fault lines – and unanswered questions of God
  8. Calls for Warren Entsch to do more to support LGBTQI kids after religious discrimination law stance –
  9. The Drum – clip frm “Transgender Minister Josephine Inkpin reacts to the religious discrimination debate”
  10. VIDEO: Transgender Minister Josephine Inkpin reacts to the religious discrimination debate
  11. Sex Discrimination Commissioner says Higgins-Tame speech felt like a turning point [updated]
  12. Prime Minister Scott Morrison ‘misled’ by moderate Liberals on religious discrimination vote, Dutton says“In the dawn hours of Thursday, five MPs from the government’s own ranks broke from their party and crossed the floor to support protections for transgender students”
  13. Malcolm Turnbull on Scott Morrison’s messy week – The Prime Minister was dealt a humiliating blow in the Parliament this week, with five of his own MPs crossing the floor over rights for transgender kids.” –
  14. The Loop: Definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to change, Prince Charles met with Queen before positive COVID test, Tasmania’s Commonwealth Games bid“For now, the religious discrimination bill itself remains unchanged, but some religious groups have been adamant they do not support the transgender student protections passed alongside it.”
  15. ‘Culture war politics’: Florida schools bill damaging for LGBTQIA+ children –
  16. With the sex and religious discrimination bills, Scott Morrison made three foolish assumptions – “Exclusion of transgender children turned out to be a serious flaw in the eyes of some in Liberal ranks
  17. Parents and transgender teachers react to religious discrimination bill debate
  18. Voters in Western Sydney feel ‘disconnected’ from the debate in Canberra over the religious freedom bill – “Along with Ms Martin and four other Liberal MPs, Labor voted in favour of a crossbench amendment to extend protection from discrimination for transgender school students and staff.” –
  19. Katie Allen tells Q+A she stood up for her beliefs on religious discrimination bill, Dylan Alcott says those with a disability deserve a chance – “voted with Labor in support of crossbench amendments to extend stronger anti-discrimination protections to transgender students and staff.“-
  20. VIDEO: Federal Government shelves religious freedom bill indefinitely –
  21. Mixed reaction to dumped religion bill
  22. LGBTQIA+ advocates say religious discrimination bill coverage ‘really dangerous’
  23. Mother of transgender son on the impact of the religious discrimination bill debate
  24. VIDEO: People with disability facing uncertainty over religious discrimination bill – “to discriminate against those with a disability, as well as LGBT Australians.” –
  25. Sex and religion on politicians’ minds as Australians contend with cost of living pressures
  26. Parents of transgender students “not sure why we’re taking this step backwards”
  27. VIDEO: ‘I am just Paddy’: Labor frontbencher Stephen Jones’ son speaks –
  28. Government shelves religious freedom bill indefinitely, leaving election promise hanging in uncertainty“Liberal MPs voted against the government to pass protections for trans students”
  29. The government lost a dramatic showdown on religious discrimination laws overnight. So what happened? – Several mentions of transgender students –
  30. Ball back in Prime Minister’s court after Liberal split on religious discrimination – “Five Liberals crossed the floor to support a Labor amendment to provide transgender students with greater protection from discrimination at church schools” –
  31. Political repercussions from religious discrimination debate – so will the Government try to unpick the change protecting transgender students when it gets there?” –
  32. The Loop: Religious discrimination bill passes lower house, the Quad prepares to meet, police to question Downing Street partygoers “The government agreed to amend existing laws to prevent schools excluding students because of their sexual orientation, but said that move would not extend to transgender students.” –
  33. Trent Zimmerman crosses the floor over protections for trans students –
  34. Government’s controversial religious discrimination bill passes Parliament’s lower house – “Five Liberal MPs split from the government to help Labor and the crossbench make some changes to protect gay and transgender students from being discriminated against by religious schools.” –
  35. Five Liberals cross the floor as contentious religious discrimination bill passes House of Representatives after all-night debate


They hijacked the debate over religious discrimination. They turned this into a crusade against single-sex schools (whether religious, private or public) and the ABC are gunning for the PM.

Add in an Instagram channel dedicated to trans issues

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This is in addition to the trans-washing of other stories on ABCQueer Instagram. Journalist clearly asks whether “gay, lesbian and transgender kids have enough protection” ABC captions the story as “GRACE TAME SAYS TRANS KIDS NEEDS MORE PROTECTION”.

It took my whole lunch break to copy and paste these article links and titles.

Please visit for other examples of ABC bias.

Trans Research is Produced by Trans Activists

I recently released a post about the The 2018 Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey. The post ended with a question asking who may have been behind this work. It is time to answer this question.

The citation for this study includes 10 names. Some are academics. Some are transgender activists. The study’s website shows photographs of the researches. Can you tell which ones are the activists?

Trans Gender Diversity Sexual Health Researchers. Can you tell which ones are the researchers and which ones are the activists?

The Activists

Jeremy Wiggins: Creator of GRUNT, Executive Officer at Transcend.

The study started as the masters thesis of one Jeremy Wiggins. She is one of the creators of GRUNT. That’s the website enabling women to invade gay male spaces.

GRUNT primes women to invade gay male private space.
It is hosted by Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

Jeremy is highly placed at Transcend. This charity is run by Rebekah Robertson (mother) and Georgie Stone (trans-identified son). Together they successfully challenged the high court to remove legal protections for trans identified children. Now doctors can prescribe puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones without the protection of court orders.

Creators of GRUNT

Teddy Cook: ACON’s director of Trans Health Equity. Creator of GRUNT, creator of TransHub, VP of AUSPATH (Australian ProfessionaL ASSOC for Transgender Health).

TransHub is a one-stop-shop for transgender health and advocacy. It mixes medical information with legal and social advice. You can find a gender-friendly doctor, bolster your convictions that you have the right to play whatever sport you want to, get advice about blocking puberty (but not the side effects of Goserelin) and find advice about the best packers and tuckers a single disposable income can buy.

The TransHub page on gatekeeping by doctors warns that “Any discussion of ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’” or discussion of regret rates is gatekeeping. TransHub is anti-science, anti-doctor and downright dangerous.

Liz Duck-Chong is a trans woman & writer, Creator of TransHub

Works at ACON with Teddy Cook. Together they concocted the TransHub website. Among his writing credits, check out “Let’s Talk About Girl Dick” written for a 15+ audience. Or the invective piece ‘Rapid-onset gender dysphoria’ is a poisonous lie used to discredit trans people.

Liz hosts a podcast called “Let’s Do It” where he proclaims himself a writer and “sexual health nerd”. This seems to be the sum total of his quals in sexual health. (The linked episode features Teddy Cook and demonstrates of the difference between vocal patterns in women, trans men and trans women).

Although he lists about 10 trades, occupations and professions on his website, Liz doesn’t proclaim any qualifications in public health. By virtue of being transgender and highly opinionated, Liz has taken an opportunity to shape public health policy in Australia.

Shoshana Rosenberg: an academic steeped in Queer Theory, employed by ACON

Currently employed at ACON, Rosenberg’s bio begins: I am a queer, butch, Jewish academic researcher, multi-instrumentalist, and composer….research interests include gender and sexuality, Queer Theory, Jewish Studies, and musicology.

Despite being a non-binary Mx “a-gender trans woman”, Shoshana believes it’s perfectly fine to participate in a podcast named Let Women Talk. Perhaps he could eff off and let women actually talk.

Mish Pony is a trans woman sex worker and elected representative at the Scarlett Alliance & Founder of LGBTQ youth camp

He is also employed in a managerial role by Twenty10, a youth crisis service with clientele aged 12-25. In this interview from 2014, Mish talks about getting roped into sex work “as a guy” through university. Later graduating literally to sex work plus advocacy.

He talks about having issues with his body, feeling out of control. Although he doesn’t connect this lack of control to his activities in either sex work or medical transitioning. He began taking hormones (control), but didn’t like all the side effects (out of control). While he was overseas he simply ran out of estrogen (out of control) and stopped medicating (control). But now Mish is the quintessential trans woman: a man with a long hair, breasts and a fully-functional penis for hire.

Not to clutch at my pearls too much, but how on Earth is this an appropriate adult to be guiding vulnerable children?

Mish sits on the board of The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO).

Mish Pony: works with children and is a prominent sex worker

Bios on both Twenty10 and Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations state that Mish Pony is a founder of Camp Out. Camp Out is A away-from home camp for 13-17 year old LGBTIQ children where they are taught to reject compulsory heterosexualty.

(I want a) Girl Like You (to support my gender transition while I live rent-free)

I wanted to write a review of #GirlLikeYou, which is ABC’s portrait of coercive control.

However someone’s already written in for us!

As a little extra – just look out for the flashbacks to the childhood videos. The despondent child in the corner. Is he a victim, or is he just petulant? How would we know – the mood images are presented as evidence that Lewis lived on the brink of suicide. But we don’t know that at all do we?

Finding our way out of the gender forest

HNE Kids Health is a NSW Government Website.

Maple Leaf House is their clinic for trans-identifying minors.

You can find printable pro-formas to encourage GPs to refer children to the service.

There are a number of videos affirming the trans child identity. Parents, older trans individuals and young people describe the importance of an affirmative approach. There is no mention of desistance as an option for a child presenting to the clinic.

A linear path is presented to children

Navigating the ‘gender forest’ (oh please) is done in a straight line toward the GP Tree festooned by gender transition leaves. Your entry to the ‘forest’ leads directly and only to medicalisation.

HNE Kids Health

The referral proforma presents linear flow charts to describe the steps for treating youth with medical gender issues.

Source: HNE GP referral pro forma for children / adolescents
Source: HNE GP referral pro forma for children / adolescents


There is NO mention of desisting from a trans identity.

There is NO reference to detransitioners, and their voices are NOT HEARD in any of the videos.

Harmful treatments

They present puberty blockers as ‘reversible’ (they’re no).

They present binding and tucking as ‘harmless’ (they’re not).

Deciding your goals

The ‘gender forest’ directs children to “decide on your goals”. This is an enormous amount of pressure to put on a child. Or on an adult. What are YOUR life goals? Do you want to cut your breasts off one day? C’mon we need an answer.

Trans away the gay

A lengthy video features 2 adolescents – a male and a female – talking about their transitions. The male relates how he initially ‘came out as gay’. The female adolescent talks about transitioning to escape “glitter and sparkly princess dresses”.

This is a medicalised gay conversion.

A Fabulous Day for Shouting at Middle-Aged Ladies

The narrative is that TERFs are evil, female-supremacists who live to transgress trans boundaries.


What we really see are angry men shouting and abusing middle-aged ladies.

It’s almost as if this man has some unresolved issue with a mother-figure in his life.

Puberty Blockers: Not enough evidence

The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health has just published this excellent article pointing out that the science is FAR FROM settled on the application of piberty blockers to treat gender dysphoric children.

William Malone, Roberto D’Angelo, Stephen Beck, Julia Mason and Marcus Evans are leading clinicians. They raise serious questions about the efficacy of puberty blockers, the paucity of evidence supporting the rush to treatment.

Listen to me read out this article then check it out yourself

Quotes (all from the article)

Further, the magnitude of the post-treatment improvements in mental health was small. The depression (Beck Depression Inventory) scores improved by around 3 out of 63 points,

A study of 14 young people with gender dysphoria who were rejected from puberty suppression due to “psychological or environmental factors” found that at follow-up 1–7 years aer the original application, 11 of 14 did not feel any regret about not undergoing gender confirmation.7

…this same study, which to date is the only attempt to replicate de Vries and colleagues,5 found “no evidence of change in psychological function with GnRHa treatment“, including measures of distress and self-harm

The study concluded that the reported psychological improvements are “either of questionable clinical value,


Puberty blockers for gender dysphoria: the science is far from settled – The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health

About The Lancet Child & Adolescent

Link to the article – you may need to register for free.

A final thought

When you are deciding whose evidence to follow, are you following the doctors who are providing treatments that put children on a life-long medical pathway? Or are you listening to these clinicians whose only aim is to help children get healthy so they can live their lives free of medical intervention?

Malone, D’Angelo, Beck, Mason and Evans don’t get paid to ask you to think twice before medicalising your kids. Gender Therapists, on the other hand, do stand to make a lot of money by convincing you that a perfectly healthy boy is really a girl because he likes Barbies.

TFW: You’ve infiltrated a GC group to doxx people but can’t help telling them how clever you are

“If you need help exiting the cult…

Oh the irony!

All the comments and reactions are variants of “good luck with that mate” because we aren’t homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic and whatever else we’re accused of.

The worst you’ll find is women who are repelled by men in dresses arguing with women who don’t kind so much.

Or some disagreement about whether the “true trans” is a real thing.

Lots of newly peaked women freaking out and finding their bearings.

But wait! What’s a dog whistle?

Dog whistle politics is where you say seemingly reasonable things which are a cipher for your truly regressive and oppressive politics. The wider public trust your “moderate” approach and your base still understands that you are with their extreme interests.

“Family values” is a good example. Does this mean more schools or does this mean ban homosexuality? It could mean both. An audible message and an inaudible “dog whistle” second meaning.

With a little enquiry, it is possible to find out whether a dog whistle is in play.

So what’s the GC dog whistle? You have to ask that question. An accusation of dog whistle politics is an accusation that you are a liar.

YOU have to challenge this accusation wherever it occurs. Ask “what is the deeper meaning?”

Keep asking.

It won’t take long to uncover their lies and lazy arguments. There’s no hidden meaning. Men are not women. No child is born in the wrong body. There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian.

Gender is harmful.

Human Beings Aren’t Clownfish (and here’s why you are being told they are)

Hint: it’s big business.

I can’t say it better than @FrancisAaronUK

This is patriarchy / this is abuse

Patriarchy is a word that gets over-used and is often misunderstood. I don’t use it very often.

Patriarchy is men’s control of women in order to control their reproductive capacity. It can be hard to demonstrate clearly. Yet here is the perfect example of Patriarchy in action.

The mother

A mother, just after giving birth looks on as a male has taken her child and taken her place in the bonding ritual. Instead of learning to nourish the child and form the mother-child dyad, she is a forlorn onlooker. Her missing breasts have cast her into the role of the female eunuch.

The child

The newborn child has not consented to starve while they suck at a dry male breast. The mother may have consented to give up her reproductive power, but that baby has not. It has been born as an accessory to a male fetish.

The man

He is clearly in control. He has taken the mother’s child and rewards her by being “proud of [her] work”. She looks on as he calls the shots, as he takes what is hers.
“We’re going to supplement the feeding” he says “so that my baby can get the nutrients it needs”.

It. Not a person. An ‘it’. A ‘mine’.

“I’m still feeling hopeful.” He adds, as though hope can feed a baby. His baby.

Look deeply, this is the Patriarchy in a pure form.