Urgent for Tasmanians & All Australians (Oppose “gender identity conversion” reform)

Urgent action required by 28 January 2021 –
Complete the law reform survey to oppose this law reform

In late November the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute launched a consultation period around reforms to laws relating to conversion practices. Conversion can be from homosexual to heterosexual, but also from transgender to cisgender.

“…conversion practices are attempts to change or suppress a person’s … gender identity; to ‘convert’ someone who is … transgender into a … cisgendered person.


How do you convert a “trans” into a “cis”?

By not affirming their gender identity. This proposed reforms will criminalise anyone who fails to affirm and provide transgender medical treatment.

See my blog post here for more detail.

What else is wrong with the reform?

  • Non-medicalised therapy is criminalised, even when this is sought out by the patient
  • Creates a statutory body that has powers to investigate “conversion practices”
  • Redefines sexual orientation so that it no longer refers to sex. “sexual orientation means a person’s emotional, affectional and sexual attraction to, or intimate or sexual relations with, persons of a different gender or the same gender or more than one gender“.
  • Redefines sex to gender identity.

What should you do?

1 Go to the Law Reform Institute consultation page.

2 Read their issues paper.

3 Make a submission online opposing the portion of the bill that deals with

  • gender identity conversion practices
  • criminalising a “watchful waiting” approach
  • redefining sex to gender
  • redefining sexual orientation to “attraction to people of the same gender, opposite gender or more than one gender”
  • reducing male and female to ‘mannerisms’


Contact Tasmanian Law Reform Institute

Law.Reform@utas.edu.au or via post to Private Bag 89, HOBART TAS 7001

Tweet about it include #GC_aus to include women in Australia

Facebook Follow their Facebook page for updates


WRITE TO YOUR STATE MP and tell them you oppose this proposed reforms that:

  • undermines the rights of parents to support their children who may be questioning their gender or sexual orientation
  • takes away the right of people to support if they want to question their gender identity and/sexual orientation
  • it erases homosexuals by redefining sexual orientation
  • reduces womanhood and manhood to stereotypes and ‘mannerisms’

WRITE TO THE LABOUR PARTY. The Labor party has introduced these bills in other states. Let them know you aren’t happy.

WRITE TO A SENATOR – Tell them what you told the MP.