Grooming…. let’s talk about it [reblog]

Let’s start back in 1919. Charlie Chaplin, who would become one of the most famous and celebrated movie stars of all time, was 29 when he married 16 year old aspiring actress Mildred Harris. Their marriage only lasted 2 years. In 1924, Chaplin repeated the pattern with another 16 year old, Lita Gray. He met Lita when she was just 6 and began taking her on dates around the age of 12.

1954 — Sam Cooke meets a 12-year old Aretha Franklin and brings her to his hotel room. Before her father interrupted, Aretha said the conversation “took another turn.”

In 1957, 23 year old Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin, 13 year old Myra Brown. She still believed in Santa.

Also in 1957, 16 year old Anna Mae Bullock met 24 year old Ike Turner. He quickly took her into his band, helped make her a star, and began to treat the newly christened “Tina” as if he owned her. They married 6 years later. Tina once wrote that she was afraid not to accept his proposal.

In 1959, Elvis Presley met his future wife. He was 25 and she was 14. They stayed in touch via phone and letters for the next 2 1/2 years. At that time, Elvis took her on a drug romp to Vegas, followed by moving her into his Graceland mansion. They didn’t marry until 1967. While both parties claimed that Priscilla was a virgin on her wedding night, biographer Susan Finstad makes a strong case that this could not be true. Priscilla herself has admitted that she & Elvis slept in the same bed and that Elvis “taught (her) other ways to please him.” Elvis reportedly had a predeliction for 14 year old girls, both before and after his marriage to Priscilla.

Chuck Berry was arrested and found guilty of transporting an underage girl across state lines for immoral purposes, spending two years in jail in 1960.

In 1969, Sable Starr, queen of the so-called “baby groupies”, had a brief relationship with Iggy Pop. She was 13. He later wrote a song about it. Starr had sexual relationships with many other band members, including encouters with David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Rod Stewart.

It’s 1972 and Rock stars are still having sex with little girls and everyone knows it, but no one does anything about it. Lori Mattix tells of losing her virginity at age 14 to David Bowie. She went on to start “dating” Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page that same year, a relationsihp that began when Page’s manager kidnapped her and brought her to Jimmy’s hotel room. Page kept Lori essentially locked up in his house for most of their 18 months together. The “baby groupie” also reports a sexual relationship with Mick Jagger when she was just 17.

In 1973, married singer Marvin Gaye met and pursued 17 year old Janis Hunter. He wrote “Let’s Get it On” as a tribute to his lust for her. Marvin took his teen date to dinner shortly after they met, where he bribed the waiter to bring her alcohol, then had sex with her later that night. They had a baby by the time she was 18, and married in 1977. The marriage lasted just 3 years.

In 1975, Steven Tyler purchased the guardianship of a 16 year old girl (Julia Holcomb) from her mother when he was 27 so that he could legally take her with him across state lines while he was on tour.

In 1978, Ted Nugent also purchases the guardianship of a teenager from her parents. He was 30, Pele Massa was 17. Years later, Ted reportedly received oral sex from a 12 year old Courtney Love.

March 10, 1977. One of the most well-known cases. Director Roman Polanski drugs and rapes 13 year old Samantha Gailey. Allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge, Polanski nevertheless fled to France before sentencing and remains exiled from the United States. He has not been exiled, however, from Hollywood and continues to make movies and win awards to this day.
Eagles drummer and vocalist Don Henley was arrested in 1980 in Los Angeles after paramedics were called to his home to save a naked 16-year-old girl who was overdosing on cocaine and Quaaludes.

Colored over as a a “grand romance” and a “decades long relationship”, Celine Dion was 12 years old when 38 year old Rene Angelil became her manager. They went public with their relationship when she was 19.
n 1984, Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman started dating Mandy Smith. She was 13. Although they did not marry until she was 18, Mandy says she was 14 when they first had sex. Mr. Wyman has never been investigated, much less prosecuted.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ lead Anthony Kiedis readily admits to having sex with a 14 year old girl when he was 23. According to him, once he confirmed her age he “had sex with her again.” In 1986, the 24-year old musician began dating 16 year old Ione Skye.

In 1990, 16 year old Mayte Garcia’s mother sent a video of her belly-dancing to Prince. He arranged to meet her, confirmed she was 16 and a year later moved her into his house. When she was 19, he initiated a sexual relationshi by informing her it was time to go on birth control. They married when she was 22 and he was 37. Before Mayte, Prince met “Anna Fantastic” when she was 15. At 17, she moved into his compound where they had a two year long relationship.

In 1991, 32 year old director Luc Besson met and eventually married model Maïwenn Le Besco when she was 15. Their relationship inspired his movie Léon: The Professional (1994), which followed an emotional relationship between an adult man and a young girl.

In 1993, Jerry Seinfeld picked up a high school student in a public park. He was 39 and she was 17. He and Shoshanna Lonstein dated for four years — through her college years.

Also in 1993, MC Ren of N.W.A. was accused of raping and impregnating a 16 year old girl in the group’s tour bus. The case never went to trial, however a paternity test showed that he was the father of the girl’s baby.

Noted pedophile R Kelley secretly married R&B singer Aaliyah in 1994 when she was 15 and he was 27. They met when she was 12 and he later helped write and produce her first album — “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number.”

In 1995, teen star Brandy (age 16) started dating 21-year-old Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris. Keeping their relationship under wraps due to her age proved too stressful for the couple and they broke up soon after.

In 1997, Woody Allen should have become notorious when he married his de facto step-daughter. Though she was 21 at the time of the wedding, the two met when she 8. No matter the spin, the facts are stark. This wasn’t the only time Allen dated a much younger woman. Actress Babi Christina Engelhardt began a years-long love affair with Allen when she was 16 and he was 41. When Allen was 42, he romanced 17-year-old actress and high school senior Stacey Nelkin.

It’s the early-mid 2000s and “That 70s Show” actor, Wilmer Valderrama, continues to date teenage girls in an effort to deny that he is now over 30. He dated 16-year-old Mandy Moore despite being four years her senior. At age 24, Valderrama dated 17-year-old Lindsay Lohan though they kept the relationship a secret until her 18th birthday in 2004. In 2010, the 30-year-old began dating 17-year-old Demi Lovato.

In 2001, Fast & Furious star Paul Walker (28 at the time) was dating 16-year old Aubrianna Atwell. This was not Paul’s last time to date a teenager. His girlfriend at the time of his death, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, was 23 to his 40. They met when she was 16.

Back in 2004, 26 year old Joel Madden and Hilary Duff did the familiar dance of being “just friends” until her 18th birthday in 2006. When asked about whether she was intimate with Madden or not in a 2015 interview with Cosmopolitan, Duff stated, “I had a 26-year-old boyfriend. So everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.”
In 2005, clean cut TV heartthrob Chad Michael Murray begins dating a girl in high school. They get engaged when she turns 18 and Murray calls her a “little sweetheart” and says they have been together “for awhile.”

Similarly, in 2006, co-stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia began dating. She was 17. He was 12 years her senior.

Actor Doug Hutchison married 16-year-old Courtney Stodden in 2011, when he was 51 years old. The dysfunctional pair became famous as reality stars, with Courtney undergoing extensive plastic surgery to maintain their image.

Rapper Tyga and Kylie Jenner began “hanging out” an awful lot beginning in 2014 when she was 16 and he was 24. They dated on and off after that, though they became a lot more openly “on” after her 18th birthday in 2016.

In late 2018, 44 year old Leonardo DiCaprio publicly reveals that he is dating 21 year old model Camilla Morrone. It’s not the age gap that puts Leo on our list, it’s the fact that he’s known Camilla since she was 11.

2018 — 14 year old Millie Bobby Brown innocently revealed that rapper, Drake, age 31, has been close friends with her, for the last year giving her advice about boys. He texts her, “I miss you.” This is the same Drake who has, more than once, skated around that “just friends until she turns 18” line — most recently with 18 year old model Bella Harris.

Guys, this isn’t a friendship. This is GROOMING. No one will stop it. They’ll “date.” He’ll have sex with her, probably in a couple of years. No one will care because he’s a man and a star.


Make them care. No free passes. No 2nd chances. A ruined career is the least they deserve. It’s not cute. THIS IS NOT OK.

~ Verity Violet

Grooming: Know the warning signs

RAINN – Grooming: Know the warning signs

Be fully who you are: The business of trans youth

Say ‘hello’ to the Gender Unicorn – a $5.2 Trillion startup who’s ready to disrupt the market

From United Nations online session called “Resisting Invisibility: Negotiating full participation in Australian Society” that was hosted by COAL. That’s the Coalition of Activist Lesbians.

Who is treating our children for dysphoria?

Dr Johanna Olson-Kennedy

chest surgery for trans guys as minors is critical and it’s available it’s not nearly as difficult as general reconstruction because it doesn’t have anything to do with sterilization the difficulty of genital surgery is that it is surgical sterilization and people get super worked up about that 

Dr Will Powers

 …just give hem Lupron all you do is you press pause on puberty and it just stops they stopped growing breasts their penis gets no bigger their testicles get no bigger they don’t any facial hair it’s just you keep them in kids stage pause and you give them time the total risk of doing this is if they’re on Lupron for many years their end bone mineral density will not be as high as it would have been had they gone through puberty earlier but that’s about it that’s pretty much the risk the other risk is they kill themselves which to me is like you know man you know when you’re 70 your bone mineral density versus you die at 11 

His personal subreddit has 7.4k members

And he takes unprescribed meds for a lark …Cis doctor gives himself dysphoria after taking lupron

Sex Change Regret dot Com: your child is not transgender

People change their minds.

The dominant ideology is that when someone says they are trans, then they are trans. The first sign of being trans is questioning whether you might be trans. A pamphlet written “for and by” trans youth advises “a cis-gendered person will get up ready to walk out the door without really thinking about their gender and how the world see their gender”. They’ve clearly never met a woman going to a smart-casual lunch who agonises whether her clothes are too flirty or too frigid; or a man who just simply likes pink but leaves his pink shirt on the hangar in favour of blue, khaki, black and grey.

I Think I Might be Transgender – A booklet made by and for transgender
youth (pdf)
Published by The Gender Centre who receive funding from Sydney Local Area Health District & and the Department of Communities and Justice

This material calls out to children who notice gender. It separates them from cis-gendered parents and supposedly normal people. It puts the cis in a box labelled “others”. Forming relationships and separating a child from their supports is a classic early grooming technique.

It is normal for 3 year olds to assume a gender

Around age 3-5 children feel a strong urge to associated with others like themselves. The child sees gender and knows only girls wear pink. Wanting to wear pink, they are told “only girls wear pink”, so perhaps the boy is really a girl. Parents report strongly gendered behaviour in children of this age. It’s normal and it goes away again.

In 2016 Huffpost published an article by Jenni Fuchs entitled 8 Things Not to Say to Boys Who Love Pink. She starts with “Unnecessary gender stereotyping of children is a topic that always generates discussion, and recently, the boys’ side of the debate has been making itself heard more ― namely that it’s okay to like pink if you are a boy.

This is a measured response to gendered behaviour: pink is just pink. Unlink pink from sex.

Up to about 12, the physical difference in boys and girls is minimal. A child can reasonably assume that being the opposite sex is about clothes and activities. They do not yet know about menstruation, sexual desire, rampant inappropriately-timed erections and sweaty palms.

Gender ideologues want to strongly link pink to sex.

A 2016 article How to know if your child is transgender, according to an expert punches hard from the start: “Anti-transgender parents can damage their children — potentially for life”. It goes on to tell parents to take seriously any behaviours that deviate from “gender assigned at birth”, particularly a desire to go to school in a dress or cut off a penis. Instead of counselling a child who wants to amputate their penis, the article suggests seeking a doctor who affirms the child’s belief that this will turn them into a girl.

We have returned to Freud’s outdated image of females as simply neutered males.

Why does a child instinctively know they are born in the wrong body?

Yes that is why not how. The how is constructed. Children know they are born in the wrong body because of one reason: they are told so.

But why are they told so?

Because of Sissy Porn. Sissy Porn, also called “Forced Feminisation Porn” is often cited as a factor by males who develop autogynephilia. Love of the woman within. It sounds a bit kinky and it is. Sissy Porn features hypnotic imagery, and scenarios where males are forced to debase themselves either by women or men, forced to become female, subjugated to cock and even magically become pregnant.

The other males people tend to become trans is to be more accepted as homosexuals. In his video Shame, ContraPoints discusses his sexual journey. From uncomfortably feminine gay man, to uncomfortably fuckable trans woman, eventually finding his true self as a lesbian when he falls in love with … a trans woman. He’s found a way to be homosexual and accept his homosexuality by feminising it and removing it from his bodily identity. Sounds self-shaming.

But a child knows neither shame nor pornography. If a child declares they are trans, then this desire is pure. It is innate. The child washes clean the shame and kinky stink of transition. A child knows nothing of the consequences to this declaration.

At age 13, Jazz Jennings had no idea that at age 20 he would be the survivor of more than 4 genital surgeries and so fed up as to declare “I know I’ve already lost the aesthetics”. Going into his surgery he stated clearly that he had never had sexual sensation and had no idea what he might be losing.

A child like Jazz is an invaluable weapon against anyone who questions the trans narrative. “I always knew”. When you say “but… sissy porn, but internalised homophobia” they pull out Jazz Jennings who was “always trans” and who is so publicised that he cannot quit being trans.

Children are told to transition in two ways. Firstly, because they are told that linking pink makes a boy into a girl; secondly because they are told their sexed bodies are available for abuse.

This video is a well-spent 13 minutes of your time.

Walter Heyer has been transgender or living with the consequences of detransition since 1944. He saw the rise of early transgender starlets like Christine Jorgensen who transitioned in the early 50s. Jorgensen’s wikipedia article links to 7 contemporaneous male to female transgender celebrities. So it’s fair to say that trans was on the cultural map when Walter Heyer was a teen.

“I lived 8 years as a female named Laura Jensen after undergoing gender reassignment surgery in April of 1983. I started as a 4 year old kid in 1944”.

Walt Heyer is an author and public speaker who formerly identified as transgender.

He has some powerful statements, born out of pain. He acknowledges that he burned down his marriage and career. He acknowledges He was influenced by his doctor who literally wrote the book on transgender health, and who was wrong about him. He was influenced early in life by family members who dressed him in dresses to be like a girl. “I became addicted to the attention and the affirmation”.

Walter is a straight-talking 80 year old who knows what’s up. “The moment you affirm that person, you are telling them there is something wrong with them. That is child abuse.

We tell kids there is something wrong with them

Walter didn’t transition simply because Grandma put him in a dress. He was sexually abused as a young person. He was called a liar by his family, demolishing his self-esteem and family supports. He hears this story over and over again when people contact him through his website

Over 50% of the hundreds of people who contact Walter have been sexually abused.

In 2011 were able to publish a study that found high rates of child abuse in male to female transgender people. The 2019 Swedish documentary The Trans Train (vol 1, vol 2) clearly documents the link between gender dysphoria and anorexia and self-harm. Gender HQ breaks it down here. Children look for solutions for their real or even imagined problems. To transition is to cross a divide. To move toward a future.

To transition away from a past

In 1990, after extensive surgery and living as a woman for 8 years, Walter Heying was able to detransition with the help of psychotherapy. Extensive psychotherapy. What he asks people now is “tell me what happened to make you not want to be who you are” and 100% of the time there is an answer.

People change their minds.