6 Types of Sex

Why are we relying on the 3 least reliable sex markers to determine a person’s legal and social gender? Early proponent of sex reassignment, John Money, described six types of sex[1]. His aim was to tease out the ways in which one might “trans” or change sex by breaking sex into a number of negotiable […]

Bans on ‘Conversion Therapy’

Conversion Therapy. The backwards notion that you can “pray away the gay” in someone. Horrific practices have been recorded where people were subjected to fasting, extreme physical exercise, starvation, electric shocks and more. Also mild practices are recorded – counselling, group therapy and support groups. These practices have an association with some religious groups who […]

Testosterone Levels at Olympic Levels

Trans women are allowed double the testosterone as female athletes Males have a typically very high testosterone, in the range 8-30nm/L. This is the level that trans women are starting from. Women have a testosterone level of 0.5 to 2.4nm/L. Trans women desire to have a testosterone level of 2nm/L. This is comparable to (high) […]