Show your support for Women’s Sex Based Rights IWD2021

The official theme of International Women’s Day 2021 is #ChooseToChallenge I #choosetochallenge an organisation and a movement that gaslights women into privileging men in the women’s movement. I stand with IWD Meanjin I stand with Women Picket DC I stand to #DefendWomensSexBasedRights. Show your support Use #DefendWomensSexBasedRights in your tweets and posts Post a solidarity […]

A Great Day for Trans Representation

According to Harpers Bazaar, a number of trans candidates made history by being elected to Office in the 2020 United States Election. Their article celebrates with large photograph and bio. The wins of Sarah McBride, Taylor Small, Stephanie Byers, Brianna Titone, Lisa Bunker are all celebrated. Non-binary female and muslim Mauree Turner, gets a late-minute […]

Sex Change Regret dot Com: your child is not transgender

People change their minds. The dominant ideology is that when someone says they are trans, then they are trans. The first sign of being trans is questioning whether you might be trans. A pamphlet written “for and by” trans youth advises “a cis-gendered person will get up ready to walk out the door without really […]

For 500 points … who is the Queer Theorist that has spoken out strongly against paedophilia?

Who is no one? Why is this important? The moral basis of Gender Ideology and transsexualism is ‘to relieve psychological suffering’. The intellectual basis of Gender Ideology lies in Queer Theory. A theory arising out of Post Modernism, that questions material reality. Queer Theory deconstructs reality, identifies binary power relationships and aims to “queer” or […]

TERF Wars (a few films to watch with friends)

I’ve just finished watching TERF WARS: The true story of the women fighting the transgender agenda (2021) It came out 3 days ago on YouTube and already has over 440 likes. Add yours now! The doco is a lot of spliced-together content that tells the story of women in the TERF War. The narrative starts […]