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A Great Day for Trans Representation

According to Harpers Bazaar, a number of trans candidates made history by being elected to Office in the 2020 United States Election. Their article celebrates with large photograph and bio.

The wins of Sarah McBride, Taylor Small, Stephanie Byers, Brianna Titone, Lisa Bunker are all celebrated. Non-binary female and muslim Mauree Turner, gets a late-minute mention and no photo.

These aren’t the only trans representatives

Victory Fund is an organisation that is dedicated to increasing the number of LGBTQ representatives in elected office in the USA. Because, they say, representation is power.

Victory Fund maintains a database of LGBTQ office holders. You can look up their location, office, sexual orientation and gender identity are all available.

Self-Defined Gender Identity

There are 7 gender identities tracked in the database. This excludes Man and Woman, so I refer to this as the ‘TQ’ group. By far the most represented category is Trans Woman.

Names, sexualities, websites, and profiles are provided. This enabled me to break down each of the gender categories by biological sex.

Trans Women are of course male so this spike remains unchanged. However females dominate some of the other categories. Gender non-conforming and genderqueer/non-binary are majority female. Is it just me, or is no-one else surprised that the only two-spirits are male?

I have allocated the single intersex representative as a female. Her name is Betsy Driver and she is a lesbian. It is a fair assumption that she has many shared experiences with other women and lesbians and less in common with trans women.

Representation is power – So who is being represented?

Now we can answer the question of exactly who is benefiting by this increased representation.

The proportion of male TQ representatives is 63.9% the female proportion is 36.1%.

Representation of women

According to Represent Women, women are 51% of the population in the U.S. but make up only:

  • 24% of the U.S. Senate
  • 27% of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • 30% of statewide elected executives
  • 31% of state legislative seats
  • 23% of mayors in cities with populations over 30,000
  • 0% of presidents of the United States

So let’s say women have approximately 30% representation overall. How does this compare to the TQ representation of females?

The good news is that within the TQ cohort, females have a higher chance of being elected than if they compete as a “cis” candidate.

The ordinary news is that males have found a way to take advantage of funding and support networks in order to get themselves elected.

But it’s a great day for women

Out of 61 TQ representatives, 31 (51%) are trans women. Compare this to the 30% of female representation overall, and we start to have a good news day.

Just look at all that progress for “women”.

This victory for trans women adds more men into the halls of power. It also creates an illusion that women are actually winning victories when they still have a long way to go.

Representation is power

This might be a great day for trans representation, but it’s an ordinary day for female representation.

Sex Change Regret dot Com: your child is not transgender

People change their minds.

The dominant ideology is that when someone says they are trans, then they are trans. The first sign of being trans is questioning whether you might be trans. A pamphlet written “for and by” trans youth advises “a cis-gendered person will get up ready to walk out the door without really thinking about their gender and how the world see their gender”. They’ve clearly never met a woman going to a smart-casual lunch who agonises whether her clothes are too flirty or too frigid; or a man who just simply likes pink but leaves his pink shirt on the hangar in favour of blue, khaki, black and grey.

I Think I Might be Transgender – A booklet made by and for transgender
youth (pdf)
Published by The Gender Centre who receive funding from Sydney Local Area Health District & and the Department of Communities and Justice

This material calls out to children who notice gender. It separates them from cis-gendered parents and supposedly normal people. It puts the cis in a box labelled “others”. Forming relationships and separating a child from their supports is a classic early grooming technique.

It is normal for 3 year olds to assume a gender

Around age 3-5 children feel a strong urge to associated with others like themselves. The child sees gender and knows only girls wear pink. Wanting to wear pink, they are told “only girls wear pink”, so perhaps the boy is really a girl. Parents report strongly gendered behaviour in children of this age. It’s normal and it goes away again.

In 2016 Huffpost published an article by Jenni Fuchs entitled 8 Things Not to Say to Boys Who Love Pink. She starts with “Unnecessary gender stereotyping of children is a topic that always generates discussion, and recently, the boys’ side of the debate has been making itself heard more ― namely that it’s okay to like pink if you are a boy.

This is a measured response to gendered behaviour: pink is just pink. Unlink pink from sex.

Up to about 12, the physical difference in boys and girls is minimal. A child can reasonably assume that being the opposite sex is about clothes and activities. They do not yet know about menstruation, sexual desire, rampant inappropriately-timed erections and sweaty palms.

Gender ideologues want to strongly link pink to sex.

A 2016 article How to know if your child is transgender, according to an expert punches hard from the start: “Anti-transgender parents can damage their children — potentially for life”. It goes on to tell parents to take seriously any behaviours that deviate from “gender assigned at birth”, particularly a desire to go to school in a dress or cut off a penis. Instead of counselling a child who wants to amputate their penis, the article suggests seeking a doctor who affirms the child’s belief that this will turn them into a girl.

We have returned to Freud’s outdated image of females as simply neutered males.

Why does a child instinctively know they are born in the wrong body?

Yes that is why not how. The how is constructed. Children know they are born in the wrong body because of one reason: they are told so.

But why are they told so?

Because of Sissy Porn. Sissy Porn, also called “Forced Feminisation Porn” is often cited as a factor by males who develop autogynephilia. Love of the woman within. It sounds a bit kinky and it is. Sissy Porn features hypnotic imagery, and scenarios where males are forced to debase themselves either by women or men, forced to become female, subjugated to cock and even magically become pregnant.

The other males people tend to become trans is to be more accepted as homosexuals. In his video Shame, ContraPoints discusses his sexual journey. From uncomfortably feminine gay man, to uncomfortably fuckable trans woman, eventually finding his true self as a lesbian when he falls in love with … a trans woman. He’s found a way to be homosexual and accept his homosexuality by feminising it and removing it from his bodily identity. Sounds self-shaming.

But a child knows neither shame nor pornography. If a child declares they are trans, then this desire is pure. It is innate. The child washes clean the shame and kinky stink of transition. A child knows nothing of the consequences to this declaration.

At age 13, Jazz Jennings had no idea that at age 20 he would be the survivor of more than 4 genital surgeries and so fed up as to declare “I know I’ve already lost the aesthetics”. Going into his surgery he stated clearly that he had never had sexual sensation and had no idea what he might be losing.

A child like Jazz is an invaluable weapon against anyone who questions the trans narrative. “I always knew”. When you say “but… sissy porn, but internalised homophobia” they pull out Jazz Jennings who was “always trans” and who is so publicised that he cannot quit being trans.

Children are told to transition in two ways. Firstly, because they are told that linking pink makes a boy into a girl; secondly because they are told their sexed bodies are available for abuse.

This video is a well-spent 13 minutes of your time.

Walter Heyer has been transgender or living with the consequences of detransition since 1944. He saw the rise of early transgender starlets like Christine Jorgensen who transitioned in the early 50s. Jorgensen’s wikipedia article links to 7 contemporaneous male to female transgender celebrities. So it’s fair to say that trans was on the cultural map when Walter Heyer was a teen.

“I lived 8 years as a female named Laura Jensen after undergoing gender reassignment surgery in April of 1983. I started as a 4 year old kid in 1944”.

Walt Heyer is an author and public speaker who formerly identified as transgender.

He has some powerful statements, born out of pain. He acknowledges that he burned down his marriage and career. He acknowledges He was influenced by his doctor who literally wrote the book on transgender health, and who was wrong about him. He was influenced early in life by family members who dressed him in dresses to be like a girl. “I became addicted to the attention and the affirmation”.

Walter is a straight-talking 80 year old who knows what’s up. “The moment you affirm that person, you are telling them there is something wrong with them. That is child abuse.

We tell kids there is something wrong with them

Walter didn’t transition simply because Grandma put him in a dress. He was sexually abused as a young person. He was called a liar by his family, demolishing his self-esteem and family supports. He hears this story over and over again when people contact him through his website

Over 50% of the hundreds of people who contact Walter have been sexually abused.

In 2011 were able to publish a study that found high rates of child abuse in male to female transgender people. The 2019 Swedish documentary The Trans Train (vol 1, vol 2) clearly documents the link between gender dysphoria and anorexia and self-harm. Gender HQ breaks it down here. Children look for solutions for their real or even imagined problems. To transition is to cross a divide. To move toward a future.

To transition away from a past

In 1990, after extensive surgery and living as a woman for 8 years, Walter Heying was able to detransition with the help of psychotherapy. Extensive psychotherapy. What he asks people now is “tell me what happened to make you not want to be who you are” and 100% of the time there is an answer.

People change their minds.

For 500 points … who is the Queer Theorist that has spoken out strongly against paedophilia?

Who is no one?

Why is this important? The moral basis of Gender Ideology and transsexualism is ‘to relieve psychological suffering’. The intellectual basis of Gender Ideology lies in Queer Theory. A theory arising out of Post Modernism, that questions material reality. Queer Theory deconstructs reality, identifies binary power relationships and aims to “queer” or violate “normativity”.

Hetersexuality is “normal” as in, 90-95% of people are heterosexual. So homosexuality “queers” the normal. Male/female is a binary power relationship. Redefine the female so it can absorb the male and therefore “queer” the binary.

Can you see the resemblance to Gender Ideology?

Can you see the resemblance to Gender-Ideologue Andrea Long-Chu’s 2020 assertion that “barest essentials of “femaleness” as “an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes”. A pronouncement only a male could make.


When his lecture about climate change is interrupted by some Queer Theory-wielding activists, Derek Jensen decides to engage them a game of Jeopardy about their heroes.

Against a cacophony of jeers, coughing and insults, Jensen walks through quotes from Focault, Gayle Rubin, Pat Califa and Judith Butler. Casually calling up their words on his laptop he easily conjures their thoughts on violating children.

Judith Butler is the most mild, suggesting that yes, some incest becomes traumatic only because of the social shame it produces:

So I keep adding this qualification: ‘when incest is a violation,’ suggesting that I think that there may be occasions in which it is not. Why would I talk that way? Well, I do think that there are probably forms of incest that are not necessarily traumatic or which gain their traumatic character by virtue of the consciousness of social shame that they produce.

Judith Butler, quoted by Derek Jensen

Watch the clips

The left is the clip where we play Queer Theory Jeopardy. The right is the full talk about economy, rape culture and environmental conservation. Both are hard to watch because of the jeering and abuse, but they are rewarding. An essential transcript is available here on Ovarit.

FULL TALK – Derrick Jensen talk in Eugene, OR – March 4, 2018

Some background in this interview here

Jensen gives a bit of background about what lead to the above in this interview with Graham Linehan. He says that when organising a conference for Deep Green Resistance, they refused to allow a male to sleep in the female dorms. They offered him separate accommodations, but these were refused. Instead a bunch of angry activists turned up to disrupt the conference.

It’s nice to hear from an interesting pair of people (Derek and Lierre) without them being jeered at bu children.

TERF Wars (a few films to watch with friends)

I’ve just finished watching TERF WARS: The true story of the women fighting the transgender agenda (2021)

It came out 3 days ago on YouTube and already has over 440 likes. Add yours now!

The doco is a lot of spliced-together content that tells the story of women in the TERF War.

The narrative starts with Blair White’s introduction of the JK Rowling essay. Bringing us to the debate through the words of trans YouTube influencers. It reminds me of the moments I went through the looking glass, cautiously “listening to both sides”.

We go through the history of transgenderism, starting with the tragedy of the Reimer twins. Through the murky waters of misogyny, through the high waters of trans-racialism and ending with Jennifer Bilek who followed the money.

We hear from feminists and we hear from anti-feminist trans influencers. Their words are intercut with visual evidence that makes the case perfectly. Posie Parker saying “that man is going to win the women’s cycling race” over images of Fallon Fox, Hannah Mouncey, Rhys McKinnon towering over their team-mates.

Did people honestly think that all these liberal live-and-let-live people suddenly got up one day and said “that’s it I’m going to be a raging bigot”?

Posie Parker

Feminist logic and references to material reality smash up against Rhys McKinnon claiming feminists don’t think he exists.

Creation of the TERF

While you’re in the mood for a doco, the TERF Documentary comes together in a similar vein. It focuses more on the creation of TERF as a concept and a stick to beat women with. The cover image is where a young woman stands up to a transgender identified male on the Donnohue talk show.

TERF Documentary
Manipulative tripe

I first watched it at the same time as I saw the manipulative “Get Off My Turf!”

The contrast was striking to me. On the one hand, logical and evidenced argument. On the other disingenuous and manipulative staged drama. The transgender identified male playing the unappealing post-menopausal scold. A woman playing the transgender woman, because of course no one can tell.

Now that you mention it, the TERF Wars kind of are like the conflict in Palestine

Lastly, the movie where I first found out about the Mermaids transgender camps for children