Certain words and phrases

Spare a thought for the parents who used “certain words and phrases” and lost their daughter as a result. Her health, fertility, and parts of her body are now in the hands of religious zealots.

Urgent for Tasmanians & All Australians (Oppose “gender identity conversion” reform)

Urgent action required by 28 January 2021 – Complete the law reform survey to oppose this law reform In late November the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute launched a consultation period around reforms to laws relating to conversion practices. Conversion can be from homosexual to heterosexual, but also from transgender to cisgender. “…conversion practices are attempts […]

Bans on ‘Conversion Therapy’

Conversion Therapy. The backwards notion that you can “pray away the gay” in someone. Horrific practices have been recorded where people were subjected to fasting, extreme physical exercise, starvation, electric shocks and more. Also mild practices are recorded – counselling, group therapy and support groups. These practices have an association with some religious groups who […]