Once you stop

The problem of how to define the word “woman” is a thorny one. There are many varieties of woman & so many ways to become one. One may be born a woman, socialised a woman, feeling an essence of a woman, or surgically created as a woman. The tension between these types of woman is […]

How Many Transgender People Live in Australia?

Once, in 2016, the Australian Census asked a question designed to discover the number of transgender people who live in Australia. 1260 people chose to answer this question in a valid way. This means it can be interpreted by the readers. 17.3% of the 1260 identified themselves as non-binary. 5.5% and 7.5% were trans male […]

I’m a Man in a Men’s Prison

So why am I here? This is the question asked by cartoon-form Mara Ellis in the start of the web comic about his time in prison. The artistic graphic story by Sam Luke chronicles Mara’s experience spending 4 months in prison. It is hosted by ABC and was the subject of an article and a […]

Action! Support Coogee Women’s Baths (McIver Baths)

McIver Baths, better known to some as Coogee Women’s Pool are under attack by trans rights activists for their inclusive transgender policy. Yes, you read that correctly. Their policy was “Only transgender women who’ve undergone a gender reassignment surgery are allowed entry.” are allowed entry. This isn’t sufficiently inclusive for some activists, who attacked the […]

Sex is not a spectrum

I’d be happy to get feedback on this one. I’m not too sure it comes across. I am sure that sex is not a spectrum. When we hear “sex is a spectrum” you’d usually think of this a really nice even distribution of colours. All types of possibilities bleeding into one another. Males blending with […]

Urgent for Tasmanians & All Australians (Oppose “gender identity conversion” reform)

Urgent action required by 28 January 2021 – Complete the law reform survey to oppose this law reform In late November the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute launched a consultation period around reforms to laws relating to conversion practices. Conversion can be from homosexual to heterosexual, but also from transgender to cisgender. “…conversion practices are attempts […]

Are Trans People Excluded from Australian Sport?

A closer look at the claims The organisation Pride in Sport have released an advertorial promoting trans inclusion in sport. The video message emphasises inclusivity as a balm against the “higher than normal levels of harassment and exclusion” and discrimination faced by trans individuals in sport. Because trans inclusion in sport will mean males playing […]