Who’s Fighting Back?

(And how YOU can help them)

Australians & New Zealanders

https://fullyinformed.nz/ – Very factual information about puberty blockers, backed by research, and run by a clinical pharmacist. See her talk about her work during this session of the WHRC Australia.

Coalition for Biological Reality – We are concerned with the protection of women’s sex based rights, appropriate care for children with gender dysphoria and the human rights of LGB people.

Critical Thinking in a Passive World – critical thought and analysis. A voice of reason!

Holly Lawford-Smith is a feminist academic

Kath Deves – an Australian lawyer who’s spreading the word.

Save Womens Sports Australia New Zealand and Save Womens Sport (USA) / Tulsi Gabbard (USA)

Feminist Legal Clinic in Sydney Australia. Subscribe to the email alert for up to date feminist stories from around the world.

Single Sex Prisons WA – A coalition of WA residents who support keeping WA penal facilities single-sex.SSPWA is concerned with the WA Department of Justice’s recent passing of COPP 4.6 (Trans, Gender-Diverse and Intersex Prisoners) policy, announced on November 24th 2020.

Politicians – Australia

Louise Staley MP (VIC) – National-Liberal Party

Senator Claire Chandler (TAS) – Liberal

Women’s Human Rights Campaign

Sign the declaration

Hear women talking to women about women’s issues

No Conflict, They Said

If you have an experience where your female-only space was invaded by a trans-identified male, post it here – https://www.noconflicttheysaid.org


https://ovarit.com/ – like Reddit.com, but for women, by women and pr0n-free