Mad Doctors

Dr Johanna Olson-Kennedy

chest surgery for trans guys as minors is critical and it’s available it’s not nearly as difficult as general reconstruction because it doesn’t have anything to do with sterilization the difficulty of genital surgery is that it is surgical sterilization and people get super worked up about that 

Dr Will Powers

 …just give hem Lupron all you do is you press pause on puberty and it just stops they stopped growing breasts their penis gets no bigger their testicles get no bigger they don’t any facial hair it’s just you keep them in kids stage pause and you give them time the total risk of doing this is if they’re on Lupron for many years their end bone mineral density will not be as high as it would have been had they gone through puberty earlier but that’s about it that’s pretty much the risk the other risk is they kill themselves which to me is like you know man you know when you’re 70 your bone mineral density versus you die at 11 

His personal subreddit has 7.4k members

And he takes unprescribed meds for a lark …Cis doctor gives himself dysphoria after taking lupron

Michelle Telfer

Australia’s own gender doctor. Less nutty than those above but still claims she can “give” an opposite-sex body to a child. Threw a bit of a fit when journalised Bernard Lane dared to report on her activities. #MichelleTelford : pay no attention to the women behind the curtain!

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash