Wear It Purple is a profit-taking enterprise

Source:  Wear It Purple 2020 Annual ReportAustralian National Charity Register, Wear It Purple Blog

Wear In Purple is an Australian Youth charity. Their main activity is promoting “Wear It Purple” day where people are encouraged to wear purple in support of queer youth, rainbow youth and youth “being who they are” (who else would they be?)

Wear It Purple is a profit-taking enterprise

In 2020, they took $195k net profit and paid no wages, yet they still prominently ask for donations and sell merchandise.

Their main ‘product’ is participation in grassroots events which WIP support with graphics. Remote workers are provided with slick backgrounds they can use for their Zoom calls. These cost almost nothing to prepare. In fact the money paid to “consultants” by WIP in 2020 was only $600.

Wear It Purple promotes mutilation of children

In the article “It Took A Long Time To Know I Needed Top Surgery”, Lu Bradshaw describes a double-mastectomy as something she needed to have.

“It’s not that I don’t want you to. It’s that I wish you didn’t have to.” 

Lu Bradshaw

During her mid-teens, Lu was romantically rejected by another girl and went through a depressive episode before coming out as Non-binary. She goes through several crises and considers self harm.

I did hate my chest, and I was definitely in pain. Everything about it hurt. Binding hurt. Dysphoria hurt. Trying to resist the mounting self-harm urges hurt. Thinking hurt.

The she surrenders:

Eventually, when I was tired and frustrated enough, I changed tact. I stopped asking questions

This content is for a youth audience. In this article WIP promotes “2 years” as being a long time to consider whether to get a mastectomy. They promote surgery as a cure for psychological distress.

Wear It Purple Promotes Sexualised Exploitation of children

Jack (Jackaranda) is an 11 year old “drag queen” who’s parents feel it is appropriate to exploit him on social media. Wear It Purple has made him an ‘ambassador’ alongside other young / underaged people.

Wear It Purple Promotes Erosion of Student/Teacher Boundaries

Meet 17 year old Jack and his “queer” teacher Alex. Alex is also Wear It Purple’s official School Liaison Officer and one of the WIP Board Directors.

It’s inappropriate for teachers and students (particularly underage students) to discuss sexuality as equals. They are not equals – the teacher is in a position of authority over the student. The adult is in a position of authority over the child.

Wear It Purple promotes pseudoscience at schools

In this article, young woman named Jacob sets out how the doctrine should be taught at schools, including the ridiculous Genderbread Person and a nonsensical venn diagram of gender:

Wear It Purple has government support

This image of grown ups wearing face paint is from the Ipswitch Police

Many businesses are on board. More concerning – many government agencies. . –

In government agencies across Australia people are wearing purple to work just as they wear orange on Harmony Day.

It’s supposed to be about showing support for youth.

In fact, WIP is leading parents and children down a path of self-destruction.

All these police think they’re just wearing purple to just support kids. I doubt any of them think about what it means to support a trans child.

This is the first twist of the screw on the gas lamp. This is the first rise in temperature in the frog’s bathwater.

When you wear purple to support trans kids, do you know what you are supporting? Do you know that this small act undermines your future right to say no when your child decides she wants a mastectomy at age 12? Who will you turn to for support, after you’ve convinced everyone that the child knows best? Who will help you save your perfect child from her own distress?

Wear It Purple doesn’t care. Wear It Purple is a profit-taking enterprise.

2 thoughts on “Wear It Purple is a profit-taking enterprise

  1. Reblogged this on Fraying the Net and commented:
    Wear It Purple is a member of ILGA, an organisation that lost it’s ECOSOC status for its ties to PIE and NAMBLA and as early as last year still pushed lowering the age of sex with minors though it’s ‘declaration of woman’ charter.


  2. Under clause 14 (a) the ‘feminist declaration’ promotes adolescents having no restrictions on their legal capacity on deciding to have sex or not. World Health Organisation considers an adolescent to be between 10 and 19 years old. Many other supposedly sensible organisations have also supported this ‘feminist’ declaration. We can write to them – e.g. LAGANZ

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