Why is ABC Wheest?

Scottish feminist Marion Millar has been arrested, charged and bailed pending trial, over her tweets (including a photo of a suffragette ribbon).

Marion’s organisation, ForWomen.Scot, use the slogan #WomenWontWheesht. Wheest is “be quiet” in scottish.

Women may not wheest, but our ABC certainly is. Global coverage on the left, ABC Australia on the right. Surely criminal actions over ribbon-tweets is news in any country?

Marion who?

3 thoughts on “Why is ABC Wheest?

  1. I’m not sure whether to be livid or jump for joy… This is such a blatant overreach that surely it should provide an embarrassment for the genderists and provoke a wave of public awareness of this cult. But like you point out awareness can’t come without reportage.
    I can only imagine that this prosecution is pushed by some AGP policeman engaging in vindictiveness that is so often comorbid in these people. A far-fetched scenario, but I can’t help thinking the reason this insanity has got as far as it has is due to a secret cabal of cross-dressing men in power aligning laws, regulations and enforcement to legalise the practice of their fetish.
    How quickly has western society moved from the inkling of “hate speech” to expanding the concept to effectively serve as a generic justification of censorship. The greatest prediction George Orwell ever made was that the threat of authoritarianism would come from the left, not the right; and under the guise of liberation. Imagine the scene of “how many lights do you see” in Room 101… with the dialogue replaced by “transwomen are women”.


    • I’ve never been very comfortable with the idea of “hate speech”. In an ideal world, the proper way to stifle hateful words is simply not to listen to them. Hatred, like fire, needs oxygen in order to burn.

      What we have now though, is not hate-speech but hate-thought. Not even that – it is the presumption that you are hate-thinking, no matter what words are said.

      The police in Scotland had stated that the ribbons *themselves* and the colours per se aren’t hateful, but they covertly convey a hateful message. Is this mind-reading now?

      Harking back to the days when I was hanging around the punk scene, we were always wary of men wearing boots with white laces because this was a neo-nazi signal. However we couldn’t just railroad them for this reason alone. We would ask. We would listen to them explain why they picked the laces. We would ask them about their views on race. If they didn’t check out, we would ask them to move along please.

      It’s scary that the police are now mind-readers. That they encourage the general public to believe in coded messages, and that they can’t trust the words being spoken by ordinary citizens.


  2. It has long been a standard component of the culture war (the Australian front) that complaints against the ABC being left-biased are just sour grapes by sad old reactionaries embittered they are losing… Followed smartly by rubbing their noses in all the diversity and so forth before returning to the chardonnay. What do you all think now?
    To use the progressive mot-du-jour the ABC’s bias is “systemic”. There doesn’t have to be an explicit policy to bias news presentation to support one political side… It just happens as a result of organisational decision making being dominated by a monoculture – the same dominating the tertiary sector. Diversity on everything except thought.


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