Australian Liberal Party votes that sex exists

Breaking News from Senator Claire Chandler (TAS)

This morning, the Liberal Party’s Federal Council passed a motion supporting female-specific sports, facilities, and services, and condemning the abuse and threats against women who advocate on these matters. I am so proud of our Party for taking a strong stance on these issues, and I was honoured to speak in favour of the motion this morning.

Senator Claire Chandler

This is what was voted on:

May be an image of text

Why do I live in a world where these statements need political agreement?

No matter.

While the traditionally ‘left’ parties are chanting the totalitarian refrain TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN, the traditionally right-wing party is enshrining the rights of women to define and speak for themselves.

This issue is not a party issue. It is not an issue of right versus left. This is an imperative fight for the future of women and girls. All hands on deck.

Thank you Senator Claire Chandler for having the courage and conviction to speak for women and girls. Thank you for your continued work to protect girls’ sports.

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