Sissy Hypno Made Me Trans (Extreme NSFW and Trigger Warning)

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains porn, graphic descriptions of porn, words about and used in porn, ways of talking about porn you might not agree with but which are expedient to express the ideas I want to talk about

I decided to watch/listen to some Sissy Hypno Porn.

The courageous Genevieve Gluck has done recent research into Sissy Porn. Before her, Sheila Jeffreys uncovered the disturbing trend of sissification and bimbofication. See below for their videos if you want to skip over my experiences.

Possibly the worst thing is that we have the same haircut

Trans author/academic and all-round misogynist, Andrea Long Chu says Sissy Porn made him trans.

“The asshole”, he writes, “is a kind of universal vagina”. He also says that “the barest essence of female is an open mouth, an expectant asshole and blank, blank eyes”. That phrase has, I believe, made him the most-quoted man in history. Women everywhere repeat that phrase to demonstrate the contempt that autogynephiles have for women even when they pretend to be us.

What kind if asshole, I wondered, would say that kind of thing? Where on Earth would he get this idea? Like he said, he got the idea from Sissy Porn.

Lily Washarski says that porn awakened his desire to become trans. “I could take the leap where I felt that if I could be desirable, maybe I could be loved.” It is not a leap to think he could be talking about sissy porn.

What is Sissy Hypno Porn like?

It’s not like regular porn.

Sissy Hypno gives instructions to the consumer. It engages the consumer, lulls them into a hypnotic state, repeating mantras, implanting ideas and forging new neural pathways.

Whereas with ‘regular’ porn the consumer chooses from a menu – 2 asian girls – watches, masturbates, comes and turns off.

Sissy Hypno is a journey. I watched 3 examples of Sissy Hypno. They are all remarkably similar.

[brainwashing Loop] you want to be a Good Sissy Girl (pornhub)

There is little to no visual pornography in sissy hypno. Loading PornHub (for the greater good) I am confronted with GIFs of women sliding up and down monster cocks at record speed, breasts being fondled and glossy penises spurting semen.

Visual from [brainwashing Loop] you want to be a Good Sissy Girl

The sissy hypno is a reprieve from this visual assault. Just a spiral, swirling on a background of changing colour and light.

There is no fake ooh and ahh or staged penetration.

A breathy voice, alternating between the left and right speaker intones:

“You don’t want to think.
Thinking is for people.
You’re not a person right now”. Instantly, the consumer is called on to relax, turn off conscious thought and go with the flow. A yoga meditation would tell me I am a leaf in the stream. A prettier way to say – stop thinking, you’re not a person right now.

“Open your mouth. You want to be a good girl. A good little sissy right now”. Once the mouth is open, the consumer has consented to becoming a girl.

Over and over, swapping between messages, but always repeating the loop of misogynistic phrases. The loop lulls the consumer into a hypnotic state. It reinforces the messages – females do not think; if you abandon thought you can become female; by becoming female you can be the passive recipient of cocks; cocks will give you pleasure as long as you don’t think and keep your mouth open.

Easy Sissy JOI Game for F*gs (pornhub)

Visual from Easy Sissy JOI Game for F*gs

“Let’s play a game. It’s easy even for a sissy like you”.

The breathy voice counts down from 10 …… 5…4…3…2…1 and announces a number. “3 lick up the shaft like you are taking that cock out for dinner, you little sissy whore.”. The ‘cock’ is a dildo that the consumer has been instructed to provide. This is all being done by them, to them. Making themselves gag and tasting nonexistent pre-cum.

The consumer is constantly degraded. They are a whore, a sissy, a f*g.

They are trying to please Big Bubba, Goddess, Daddy or anyone with a big cock. They will be pimped out and made available for lots of men to “use” because they are now “a sissy whore”.

Sissy Hypno Day 1 – Renaming (YouTube)

Visual from Sissy Hypno Day 1 – Renaming

This is part of a series by “your Goddess” on becoming a sissy. I thought “renaming” was choosing a new sissy name. It is not.

She takes the consumer though breathing exercises. Inhale 2, 3, 4, exhale 2, 3, 4. Interspersed with statements telling the viewer they need to “stop thinking, it’s all about pleasure now”. It plays into this male misunderstanding that women have no responsibility, that we dress in an alluring way to become the passive recipients of pleasure. Cocks are the magical and active creators of pleasure. Only by becoming a sissy, can a man truly relax and have pleasure given to him (by cocks).

The renaming ritual is frankly scary

“You don’t have a dick. Girls have a clit. You have a clit. You are a girl. Say ‘I have a clit’. Don’t mess this up, you silly sissy slut”. Constantly swapping from the male anatomy to the female by taking insane logical leaps.

“Touch your chest. Boys have a chest. Girls have breasts. You have breasts, you are a girl. Squeeze your nipple, girls like that. You like that.”

I am an imaginative person, and I enjoy imaginative journeys. Getting into character, I nod along with this absurd logic.

Imagine cupping the fatty cushion of male breast. I imagine feeling it fill my hand as I squeeze and note it’s fleeting similarity to a female breast. Transfer focus onto the nipple – the anatomy we have in common with men, and zooming out to the feeling of a breast. Hey presto, a female breast.

Not quite. But then I’m not a self-centred male, desensitised by pornography who is desperate to come.

The narrative easily slips from male reality to fantasy female. It links the breathing exercises with the mantras, encouraging the consumer to repeat them, even silently.

During the renaming ritual, the male body is progressively recreated as a fantasy female body. This culminates in the instruction that the consumer is a girl and “needs to take cock” because that is what girls do. Their asshole must be a vagina because that is where a girl “takes cock”.

My silly side wants to know whether these cocks are being taken shopping or perhaps to the beach.

The narrative splits the consumer into two. “You have a boy side and a girl side. With me you are a girl.” The consumer is instructed to wear “panties” outside, but to lock “herself” away until the next hypno session. An exciting secret is created. Sexual tension that has to be suspended and savoured until next time.

There is an extreme devaluation of women. Women are sluts, pleasure objects without thoughts. The consumer is instructed to abandon thought because thought gets in the way of pleasure.

The object of this fantasy is the consumer himself. He is turned into a sissy. By the power of his thought, he turns himself into a sissy.

Vaginas are holes to be fucked, and receptacles for the semen of anonymous cocks. Of course, there are no male identities in this fantasy either. Simply “cocks” to be “taken”. There are no identities to interrupt the flow of fantasy, or to break the focus away from the consumer. He is the subject and the object of the fantasy. He is the male and the female, the fucker and the fuckee.

My thoughts on Sissy Hypno

Ultimately I can see several appealing aspects to Sissy Hypno. It is degrading, misogynist pornography, so I am not interested. But I can see why someone might be.

Sissy Hypno is easy to consume all day long. You could easily have this on while on the train, or even at work. There’s no real visual element, and the content isn’t challenging. On an easy day at work, I will often listen to a podcast or my favourite music. I could easily see this being consumed all day by someone who is otherwise bored.

The hypnotic rhythm makes it easy to nod along to in the background. It could become addicting very easily.

It’s a bit relaxing. Like a meditation narrative, the first instruction is to abandon conscious thought.

It is ASMR. (Autonomous sensory meridian response). For some people this is highly arousing. The play with sound and direction makes it interesting and appealing to listen to. Sometimes the way words are pronounced or phrases delivered gives a musical or percussive quality to the words. This holds interest.

It’s on YouTube. You don’t even need to go to extreme sites like PornHub to get it. Feminists get their content taken down, but you can have a disembodied voice whisper that you “want to take cock after cock after cock”.

There’s no nudity. For a porn-saturated world, Sissy Hypno is a relief from the over-stimulating visual porn. It escapes from the weight of choosing from a menu of performers – female, male, blonde, asian, 2 girls, fat girls etc. The voice is whomever you want it to be. In fact, the voice does not matter. You are your own porn star.

It’s cheap. All it costs is a performer, a recording set up and a script. There is no set, no ‘stars’, no STI checks, no camera guy, no fluffer, no waiting for the male performers to get an erection. You can produce hours of hypno content for a fraction of the cost of filming live action porn. The performer doesn’t even have to be an ‘adult’ performer. They deliver a narrative.

It is delayed gratification. More and more men are experiencing sexual dysfunction as a result of porn, over stimulation and masturbation addiction. For a man who has masturbated himself out of normal sexual function, Sissy Hypno provides a calming path to satisfaction. The sessions are long. Some are in parts to consume over the period of days. It represents a process of becoming a sissy before satisfaction can take place. Sissification can arouse and tease and the controlling voice can give instructions that allow/disallow masturbation or orgasm. For someone who finds it hard to become aroused or to come, this slow burn would provide a path to orgasm.

Sissy Hypno centres men. Only men can consume Sissy Hypno. The voice needs to be pleasant, but does not actually matter because the object of the pornography is the man himself. He becomes the female and the male performer in his mind. He is the dominant and the submissive. As much as he wants to fuck, he is also the fuckee.

More palatable ways to learn about Sissy Hypno

If you have the time, these are excellent resources for you to look at. Especially Genevieve Gluck on Whose Body Is It.

The Truth About Sissy Hypno Porn

If you only watch one of these videos, make it this on. Just keep one eye Isabella’s face during the presentation.

A woman’s story of the havoc that Sissy Hypno wrecked on her marriage


Sheila Jeffreys, professor of political science, has studied transgender pornography and here she describes Sissy Hypno among other types of transgender pornography.

26 thoughts on “Sissy Hypno Made Me Trans (Extreme NSFW and Trigger Warning)

  1. Not all of us were transformed into sissy’s or transsexuals. Been trans since young age. Long before I got addicted to these sissy hypnos. Been cleared twice by licensed medical board for SRS as do I see a gynecologist 2 times a year for check ups n blood work. Hypnos didn’t do this to me. There are things I do question by hypnos.


    1. Interesting. Tell me more.
      Did being trans make you addicted to sissy hypno? Do you percieve a causal link between being trans, discovering sissy porn and then having the courage to manifest your trans identity?


      1. Was trans longer, way longer, decades, before I even got online. Went thru Harry Benjamin Standards of Care before I ever got prescribed HRT. But that was in the 80’s, I love the HRT of today way better than the straight Premarin of days gone by. Just puts us girls in a more positive n better outlook.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Been MTF guessing more years than I care to admit. Like had surgery offered back in the 80’s n few girlfriend’s told me to hold off till surgery got better. Had no idea it would be life long. Ugh.

        Still confused how I ever got turned into sissy hypno or why I find it impossible to stop watching.


      3. Lived some 14 yrs full-time. But long before I ever got addicted to sissy hypnos or even online for that matter


      4. I do think sissy porn is hard for trans girls to stop watching because it’s not like we were ever straight in the normal sense of the word. So I think that’s what makes it hard to stop it maybe.


      5. I’m interested in how sissy porn changes (or reinforces?) the idea of what is feminine and what it is to be female. It seems to split the self into halves – the masculine and feminine, giving all pleasure to the feminine but robbing that side of agency.

        As a woman, I’ve had that idea pressed upon me – the idea that I should be a fuck-toy and grateful for it. Men have these misconceptions of women because they don’t see women as full humans. Why? Probably because they never bother to ask. The lack of communication between the sexes leads to us making assumptions about one another. It leads to us competing for who has it better.

        Why would you pursue the mystery of what it means to be female? I say mystery because in one sense it is ineffable for a man to know. In another sense, it is unknowable because there is nothing to be known. The truth of being a woman is mundane: we just are.

        I hear that sissy porn didn’t make you trans. But you also say it caters to you. Do you think it captivates some people, perhaps in a different way, but then draws them into pursuing trans?


  2. Have to get back to you on this one. Just sat down for a minute n saw the post. Just got in from work n lawn needs cut before the rains come once again. But all very good questions, as well as thanks for taking the time to ask. Very thoughtful

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I believe that if you have a predisposition to femininity then sissy hypnosis can definitely lead you into being trans. However, I certainly consider my experience with hypnosis a positive in my life.
    I was a lifelong cross dresser (heterosexual) who was always interested in femininity. About seven years ago I was on the internet and discovered some articles about certain types of hypnosis that enhanced femininity in men. So I did some research and decided to try a few hypnosis programs that I considered to be appropriate (whatever that means). Over the next two months or so I watched the hypnosis programs for about 2 hours per day. They definitely had an effect on me where I felt my psyche changing and wanting to become more feminine and having a need to dress in sexy lingerie every day. The interesting thing was that even though I knew my mindset was being affected and becoming more feminine, I really felt wonderful and enjoyed the whole process and very much wanted to continue with different and more intense sissy hypnosis. So over the next 5 months I ramped up my commitment to watch more extensive hypnosis up to four hours each day. This resulted in my psyche being changed to where I now considered my normal self to be a feminine sissy slut with a deep need to embrace my femininity and a craving for cock and cum.
    Since that time, I have continued to use hypnosis videos and I have experienced and grown and thoroughly enjoyed a more fulfilled and complete life as a sissy slut. Overall, I consider myself very fortunate that my “curiosity” seven years ago turned out to be the best decision for my life. I don’t know how typical my experience of becoming a trans sissy is but I do know that I would never want to return to my former lifestyle and I seriously doubt that I could even if I wanted to!


  4. Its very good if it works, And it works, I start to like cocksucking more and more, and i have learn to get sissycasms too 🙂


    1. I was MTF on HRT, long, long, decades, before I got addicted to sissy hypnos. Cleared for SRS and HRT, clear back in the 80’s, for SRS.

      But regardless, love your blog

      On Thu, Feb 10, 2022, 6:43 AM The Lady Kit Kowalski wrote:

      > Analia sissy commented: “Its very good if it works, And it works, I start > to like cocksucking more and more, and i have learn to get sissycasms too > :-)” >

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  5. this is THE MOST disgusting and transphobic article i’ve ever read in my life. Let people just fucking be themselves. I hate TERFS. Like you have no idea what it’s like being the wrong gender. Let people have the LITTLE THINGS THAT THEY DO HAVE. Why are you writing ARTICLES SHAMING TRANS PEOPLE FOR WATCHING PORN



    1. Why are you leaving messages of hate? If this is something you’re not ashamed of, then educate. However I suspect you’re unable to make the arguments to support sissy porn as a mainstream pass time.


      1. I think before you make replies and create an article it’s better to understand the human biology. Saying that feeling like a woman is just feeling like a woman means you had been given the right amount of estrogen in your mother’s womb. Take girls who behave like a man tomboys they received a bit too much estrogen and there’s imbalance. Go read Dick Swaab book we are our Brian. He is a Dutch neurologist and a very good one his book will not only explain how people became who they are it will learn you that men and women are not so different and we can copy each other because certain chemicals in our brains can be released. For instance during pregnancy a woman and man can both have a chemical being released which make them care more which prepares them for their upcoming child.


      2. Are you trying to say that indulgence in sissy porn is caused by a hormonal imbalance in utero? Or that gender identity is not real and is in fact caused by material hormonal factors?


  6. I think Chu is not really talking about gender but how female gender roles are sometimes performed in sexual relationships. Her assumption is that female sexual identity is performed and confirmed through vulnerability, weakness, submission.
    This is obviously a very narrow (and perhaps misogynistic) interpretation of what feminine identity is. There are certainly many more ways of being a woman than this. So on this front I think that Chu has overstated her case, perhaps for the purposes of provocation.
    I do think that there is something in the idea that many men see femaleness in the terms that Chu makes explicit. And that sometimes women do perform femininity in this way. This in many ways goes to the heart of why porn generally is creating a variety of social ills.
    The problem is that she is defining femaleness exclusively in term of sex and desire but in fact gender and sex are performed in many other areas of life and in ways that are not submissive, weak and credulous.


    1. I find it very misogynistic that we have male who has come to a definition of “female” through degrading porn. He wants to be degraded and chooses becoming a woman as the way to accomplish this.

      I find it misogynistic that the world listens to a man about what a female is, rather than appeal to an objective definition. Chu’s actions and words have shown that he is in the role of a coloniser.

      I’m a woman. It doesn’t matter what roles I perform. I’ll still be a woman. I can be passive or active. Every thing I do is something done by a woman. Chu has taken his limited, single view into womanhood and declared it to be universal.

      Chu is not a woman. He is a man who’s watched too much porn and subsequently altered his body. If there’s something in Chu’s writing that resonates with men, it’s probably related from the fact that his understanding of women stems from porn. He is a man with a twisted view of womanhood. It’s misogynistic that leaving the world of men is seen as such a sacrifice that only a genuine person would wish to. Therefore Chu is taken seriously with his porny ramblings, while the rest of us women are pretty much ignored.

      A reasonable person might look at Chu and think that he meant to put bounds around his definition of female. But he didn’t put them there. He’s not a reasonable person. This happens more generally with the gender debate. A reasonable person mentally sketches in the reasonable guidelines around women’s sport, women’s prisons, around lesbian autonomy and children’s bodies etc. But those guidelines are simply not there, and there is no intention of drawing them in. We have to stop propping up these lazy, dangerous thinkers.


      1. I think your right that Chu’S is a distorted and dehumanising conception of womanhood but I think that the way that he has articulated is useful in a way because it makes it explicit and in the open the way that porn portrays, and that some men understand, femininity.


  7. I think it is potentially better that this way of seeing the world is made explicit so it can be challenged rather than going unsaid and continuing…


  8. Did you even think to consult an actual psychologist trained in hypnotherapy or do any research on real hypnosis, or did you just watch some hokey horror stories about nubile women getting brainwashed
    by vampires and projected that onto transwomen who like gifs and ASMR? If you think Chu is right about hypnosis and wrong about being a woman, you’re just as delusional.

    I don’t even know who you’re trying to protect, here. Are you really so concerned about the dicks of confused misogynists being chopped off? Still sounds like a good thing, if that’s what you believe it is.

    Maybe do something constructive, like analyze gang rape porn and how like 99% of the people who watch it are racist incels who want to watch women get raped but are too cowardly to shoulder the guilt so they need another race to blame for it. They literally get jealousy rage about raping white girls because they want to do it themselves, and you’re worried about Chu?


    1. Interesting comment.

      You seem to have missed the point of this article, and headed straight for Misogynist Rage Junction.

      When will we expect to see your treatise on gang rape porn? If you see a problem, do feel free to do the work yourself.


      1. Nice deflection. Interesting thinly veiled hate article. It’s interesting to note how, for all of your dismay and hatred you couldn’t be bothered to even educate yourself fully on the subject, a trait shared by those who are miserable in life and only seeking to abuse. There is much sissy porn with actual porn. The idea that most is just audio with text shows an elementary understanding of the subject matter. As expected…. Also… The vast majority of “sissy porn” is consumed by “straight” white men and is racially charged. Most trans people don’t interact with it, in fact.

        Just say you don’t think any trans woman is ACTUALLY a woman. You sure beat around the bush a lot for a narcissist…..
        All this talk of respecting them without “devalidating” women, how do you propose that? It’s almost like you want to respect their identity but also completely not? A writing trick to pursue honest conversation while thinly masking your true process?

        I am so incredibly curious to know your fleshed out thoughts on trans-men. Probably you’ll call them abuse victims of the patriarchy whereas of course all transwomen are simply porn-addled perverts.

        Anyway, to witness the vitriol that you speak of trans people with when you are not carefully selecting your words would surely be something to behold I am sure. (=


  9. I began watching sissy videos after divorcing my ex due to her being disloyal. I was in a dark place and felt humiliated by the two of them already. I fell right into it. Sexualizing my humiliation somehow made it easier to deal with. I felt like I fit into society again even if it was secretly. I began dressing and then finally having sex with men. Honestly I do enjoy the sex. It’s exciting and there was no more performance anxiety. I will go on living my private life the way I do. I have a single man that has been my lover for 3 years. I have no issues with being his sissy girlfriend


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